The average retail price for a gallon of gasoline in Arkansas decreased 1.4 cents in the past week to $3.11 per gallon. The national average decreased 0.6 cents in the past week to $3.26 per gallon.

Prices in Arkansas are 6.0 cents higher than one month ago and 8.5 cents lower than a year ago. Nationally, prices are 1.4 cents lower than one month ago and 8.7 cents lower than a year ago.

Analysts say the holiday buzz is wearing off and wholesale gasoline prices have fizzled, making it appear that there will be little change in prices between Christmas and mid-January, something that has only happened once in the last seven years.

Large increases in gasoline inventories have also been a major factor behind the relatively stable gasoline prices over the past several weeks.

Analysts' 2013 forecasts currently predict a peak in gasoline prices in March and April, when refineries begin switching to summer fuel blends. A rise in prices to between $3.85-4.05 may be seen.

Local & Regional Prices

Magnolia    $3.19

Springhill, La.    $3.18

Camden    $3.15

El Dorado    $3.21

Hope    $3.07

Texarkana    $3.06

Shreveport-Bossier City    $3.09

Malvern    $3.08

Hot Springs    $3.02

Little Rock    $3.02

Jackson, Miss.    $3.05

Fayetteville    $2.94

Dallas-Ft. Worth    $3.00

Memphis, Tenn.    $2.97

Jonesboro    $3.07

Published: 01/24/2013