The average retail price for a gallon of gasoline in Arkansas decreased 6.5 cents in the past week to $3.24 per gallon. The national average decreased 5.6 cents to $3.51 per gallon.

Prices in Arkansas are 30.5 cents lower than one month ago and 3.1 cents lower than a year ago. Nationally, prices are 28.4 cents lower than one month ago and 7.0 cents higher than a year ago.

Gasoline prices have continued to fall across the nation despite the impact of Hurricane Sandy on refineries and infrastructure in the Northeast. Supplies remain tight and demand high in that region of the U.S., but higher prices remain localized to that area. Analysts say this points to the Gulf Coast's significance to the nation's energy backbone.

Average prices are expected to continue to decline, perhaps to a national average of $3.35 per gallon by Thanksgiving.

Local & Regional Prices

Magnolia    $3.28

Springhill, La.    $3.12

Camden    $3.19

El Dorado    $3.24

Hope    $3.14

Texarkana    $3.06

Shreveport-Bossier City    $3.09

Malvern    $3.11

Hot Springs    $3.07

Little Rock    $2.94

Jackson, Miss.    $2.87

Fayetteville    $3.18

Dallas-Ft. Worth    $2.95

Memphis, Tenn.    $2.96

Jonesboro    $3.02

Published: 11/14/2012