Official list of 2010 municipal candidates released

All candidates listed below have been certified by the Columbia County Clerk’s Office, which released the following official candidates list just moments ago. (New additions are in bold print.)

• Magnolia:

Mayor: Bob Flaherty, Sam Whitelaw, Parnell Vann, Romerse Biddle and Danny Layton.

City Clerk: Rachel L. Waller

City Attorney: Ronny J. Bell

Alderman: Larry Talley, Ward 1, Position 2; Leslie R. ‘Les’ Kent, Ward 1, Position 2; James N. Moore, Ward 2, Position 2; Gary H. Farrar, Ward 3, Position 2; Zachary Talley, Ward 3, Position 2; Neil Cheatham, Ward 4, Position 2.

• McNeil:

Mayor: Rhonda Rawls, Glen Tate Taylor (incumbent), John Paul Vaughn and Henry Warren.

Alderman: Carl Bailey, P1; Akari Alexander, P1; Regina Wood, P2; Kim D. Muncrief, P3: Pamela Vaughn, P4; and Shirley Hunter, P5.

• Waldo:

Mayor: Howard A. Copeland and Kenneth E. Haupt

City Recorder: Ora L. Radford

Alderman: Lysandra Curry, W1, P1; Debbie Neill, W1, P2: Bobby R. Young, W2, P1; Rickey L. Lambert, W3, P1; Kenneth Young, W3, P1; Lynda K. Blakely, W3, P2; and Darryl Witcher, W3, P2.

• Taylor:

Mayor: Charles Matlock

Alderman: William Mark Smith, W1, P1; Mary Sue Slack, W2, P1; Steven Dewain Glass, W2, P2; William Charles Stuart, W3, P1; and Bobby J. Woods, W3, P2.

• Emerson:

Mayor: Terressa A. Curtis

Alderman: David Cunningham, P1; Talmadge Faulk, P2; Willie G. Franks, P3; Larry W. Waller, P4; and Jimmy Hughes, P5.

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