Yes, we goofed . . .

The 2009-2010 graduating class of the Leadership Magnolia Program met at the Ole Feed House on Tuesday for their graduation ceremony with special guest Corbet Lamkin, SAU-Tech Chancellor, as guest speaker. Leadership Magnolia 2010-2011 is currently accepting applications. More information is available at the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce.

A test caption was inadvertently used for the Leadership Magnolia photo on today’s front page instead of the correct caption. Yes, we know – it’s irritating and embarrassing, but accidents do happen, in spite of our best intentions. The caption, if you haven’t noticed already, is for the Leadership Magnolia Class of 2010 photo. We’re re-publishing the photo on tomorrow’s front page with the CORRECT caption and of course, our sincere apologies – both to the Leadership program and to its outstanding 2010 graduates. We’ve also re-published it above, complete with the CORRECT caption.

The Class of 2010 graduates included:

Sheri Adams- Adams & Associates, Ameriprise

Matt Cheatham- C.S. Kincaid III, CPA

Hannah Ely- Albermarle

Judy Hudman- CMC Steel Arkansas

Jeremy Langley- SAU

Megan Machen- Adams & Associates, Ameriprise

Gayla May- Farmers Bank & Trust

Ronnie Sanders- Magnolia Youth Traveling Association

Angela Sherman- Bancorp South

Felicia Simmons

Alisa Ward- Peoples Bank

Angie Waters- Magnolia School District

Lance Wooldridge- CMC Steel Arkansas

William Wright- Albermarle

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