Albemarle Foundation gives grant to local school district

The Albemarle Foundation recently awarded the Emerson-Taylor School District a $38,450 grant.

Each teacher in the district will receive an iPad 2, $50 of educational downloads and hardware that links the iPads to the district’s network.

Additionally, grant proceeds will be used to purchase equipment that will increase the district’s broadband connectivity up to 100 Mbps. Southwest Arkansas Telephone has already installed the fiber at both Emerson and Taylor campuses. This will increase speed and capacity over the current system almost 20 times.

Emerson-Taylor teachers will receive professional development training in the use of the iPads to increase and improve their instructional technology. This is designed to prepare teachers and students for the electronic assessments that will be required by the state in the next few years. This technology infusion is part of a long term district goal to replace written texts with electronic readers.

Once textbooks become available in a downloadable electronic form, the Emerson-Taylor School District plans to convert over to electronic devices such as Kindles or other e-readers.

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