MEDC finalizes purchase of transload facility

Magnolia Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) recently finalized the purchase of a transload facility on Arkansas 19 . The site was previously owned by RockTenn, CP and operated by Del-Tin Manufacturing.

“This transload facility provides companies who ship raw or finished product to, from, or through this area with an alternative form of delivery. At our location, materials may be loaded onto or off-loaded from railroad cars for more economical and efficient transport. This method of transport is desirable for a variety of industries and businesses in the region, and provides MEDC with another value-added offering for Columbia County’s existing industry, as well as new industry prospects,” said Cammie Hambrice, Executive Director for MEDC.

On August 1, 2012, MEDC will begin accepting bids to operate and manage the facility. Bidding will close on August 31, 2012. To obtain bid specifications and/or submit a bid, please contact Cammie Hambrice at (870) 234-4352 or by email at:

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