City Hall releases statement on sales tax

The following is a Friday afternoon press release from the Magnolia City Hall on the proposed sales tax to be voted on June 26:

In April of 2012, the [Magnolia] City Council voted unanimously to call for a special ΒΌ of a cent sales tax election to help support the general fund. The general fund operates city hall, police, fire, park and animal control departments.

The passage of the tax should generate approximately $500,000 annually. Approximately $200,000 will be used to balance the budget. Over the past few years, revenues have declined due to decreased fine activity and expenses have increased due to inflation and state mandated pension costs. Approximately $150,000 annually will be put into a street repair and paving program. Another $150,000 will be set aside for fire and police. The fire department needs to replace a 40-year-old fire truck that cannot handle the current needs of the city. The police department resides in an aging, leaking outgrown building. The city also needs to think about fire/police protection in the recent annexed areas in east Magnolia.

You ask how much will this tax cost. Spend a $1.00 [and there will be] no change, spend $10.00 [and there will be] a 2 cent change, and for $100 [there will be] a 25 cent change. This seems a small price to keep Magnolia moving forward. The City of Magnolia would appreciated and benefit from your support of this tax.

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