Treasure Hunt Clue Maker shares clue meanings

The 2012 Magnolia Blossom Festival Treasure was found on a light pole at the Magnolia Regional Medical Center employee parking lot on the corner of Jackson Avenue and Columbia Street. It was a magnetized grey “cover” with arrows on the front.
The official clue maker has shared the meaning of the clues with the Banner-News below:


Clue #1:

Don’t dig, don’t destroy, is BancorpSouth’s urgent plea
As sponsors, they say, “No place but public can this treasure be!”
Festival participants may pass me by and never glance my way
You can see me in the night time, or in the light of day.

Clue #1 Meaning:
“Urgent” is used as a very vague reference to the urgent care Magnolia Regional Medical Center provides. Participants in the Blossom Festival 5K race would run by the treasure’s location, and because it was on a light pole, it could be seen day or night.


Clue #2:

I’m out in the open and not really square
See the arrows pointing up in the air

Clue #2 Meaning:
“Not really square” refers to off the Magnolia Square. Also, the “icon” was rectangular and had arrows pointing up on it.


Clue #3:

Life is not always black & white but somewhere in the middle
So look a lot and solve these daily riddles

Clue #3 Meaning:
This clue refers to the color of the icon and its location: Black and white combine to make gray, and “look a lot” referred to the employee parking lot.


Clue #4:

New beds near make us proud
Usually quiet but sometimes loud

Clue #4 Meaning:
“New beds” refers to hospital beds, and not flower beds. “Sometimes loud” is a reference to ambulance sirens.


Clue #5:

Red, yellow, green…find your favorite collection
Then count ninety-three in the right direction

Clue #5 Meaning:
“Red, yellow, green” refers to the traffic signal by Treasure Hunt sponsor BancorpSouth. Ninety-three is the number of yellow traffic lines that lead to the employee parking lot driveway.


Clue #6:

JFK, Jr. and a former symbol of our country share a link
To find the treasure, about this you should think

Clue #6 Meaning:
“JFK, Jr.” is “Jack’s son” or Jackson Avenue. “Former symbol of our country” refers to Columbia, the feminine personification of America widely used in Colonial America, which was derived from Columbus’ poetic name for America. The corner of Jackson Avenue and Columbia Street is the link.


Clue #7:

If you found the spot in clue number five
Latitude yourself into the treasure hive

Clue #7 Meaning:
This clue goes back to Clue #5, telling you to travel north with the count given. “Latitude” coordinates run north and south, and longitude coordinates run east and west.


Clue #8:

It’s the pits to search and never uncover
Think chameleon to really discover

Clue #8 Meaning:
“The pits” refers to Mike’s Pit Stop on Columbia Street.


Clue #9:

Look Hard but Hardly High, but Hesitate Here
It Helps to Have the Hints so Hold them near

Clue #9 Meaning:
All nine words beginning with “H” are capitalized, in reference to blue and white hospital signs that have an “H” on them.

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