La. inmate sentenced for threatening letter to Obama

U.S. District Court Judge Patricia Minaldi has sentenced a federal prison inmate to five years for writing a threatening letter to President Barack Obama, the AP reports. Federal court documents say Carlton Neil Norah was incarcerated at the Oakdale Correctional Complex when he wrote the letter.

The American Press reports Norah’s defense attorney asked the court Thursday to consider the “bizarre” nature of the letter. She said Norah is mentally ill, and wrote the letter knowing he would not be able to act on any of the threats since he was incarcerated. 

Norah apologized to the court for his actions, and for “wasting time”.

Minaldi asked what it would take to stop Norah, who has made similar threats before, from doing it again. He said he thinks he is done, but he doesn’t “know what tomorrow holds”.

Assistant U.S. Attorney John Walker said it was the most disturbing letter he’s ever read.

“While he’s in prison his letter can’t get to the president, but when gets out his mail won’t be monitored,” Walker said.

He said Norah is a threat to the community and needs to be in a place where he can be supervised at all times.

Minaldi agreed that the letter was “deeply disturbing”, and Norah needs to be locked up for his own good.

“This may seem like a punishment, but I’m trying to help you,” Minaldi said.

Norah said he didn’t understand why he was a danger to the community.

“The worst things I’ve done is steal my aunt’s car and threaten the president,” Norah said.

Minaldi sentenced Norah to serve 5 years, with a three-year term of supervised release.

A condition of that release is that Norah is to have no contact with and past, present or future president, his or her family members or staff members.


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