Do you know a victim of domestic abuse?

Photo by Banner-News/Jamie Davis

Dozens of women stand on the lawn of the Columbia County Courthouse. They are silent, these cutouts representing those who have fallen victim to domestic violence, but today, they have been given a voice. On each cutout are plaques that share the story of violence that led to their deaths. We wandered through the display this morning, and have shared a photo (above) of a cutout that represents the “unknown victim.” We urge you, if you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse, to visit the courthouse today. Not only is the display extremely thought-provoking, but victims and their family and friends will find on hand representatives of local organizations that deal with domestic violence and its effects. Please stop and visit with them, whether the information they can provide is for you or for someone you love.

We also want to draw visitors’ attention to a table set up at the display – it features pamphlets, cards and brochures from any number of organizations that can help abuse victims, but the table also prominently features an edition of the Banner-News in which the headline story was the tragic tale of Donald Hux, who killed his ex-wife, Amy Huckabee, and her husband, Sandy, in January before being shot down by law enforcement in Union County. To us, that story is a tragic reminder of just how badly stories of domestic abuse can end.

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  1. name withheld-amy's friend says:

    amy huckabee was my friend, i was friends with donnie and amy when they were happily married. donnie got out of jail on thursday (if i remember correctly) and killed sandy early sunday morning and kidnapped amy and the kids from their beds and killed amy on sunday night, my 35th wedding anniversary. we didnt celebrate our anniversary because we were caught up in the drama of what donnie was doing all day and night on sunday. amy and i talked after she married sandy, she was so happy and the kids were happy. she had a few months of happiness before donnie took her life. i cant help but think why did donnie choose sunday, january 22 to do all this, donnie would grill ribeyes for my anniversary, i was living in my grandparents house and working in el dorado with amy, we developed such a great friendship, i have wondered many times why donnie chose the 22nd to do all this. i would have never thought donnie would be capable of doing such horrific acts. i know amy stayed in contact with law enforcement and made sure they knew of her deep and very real concerns, why didnt the police do something to prevent this? she was scared, very scared. i would see donnies inmate pictures online, from texas to louisana, his eyes had changed, they were darker, distant and it no longer looked like donnie. i wish the police had provided protection for amy…just one officer could have saved sandy and amy and the kids from all that turmoil. domestic violence should never be taken lightly, all concerns should be followed and protection provided. many lives could be saved. if i could see the changes in donnie, just by looking at his eyes, why didnt the psychiatrists in jail note how dangerous he was, why didnt they hold him longer? crowded jails is not a good answer, criminals get out much too early! we have read article after article in the newspapers, we have seen this many times play out on the TV news…we know what happens beforehand, we know what happens after they get out, the problem is the middle, there is nothing done in the middle!! the jails have a responsibility to the public and most importantly to the ex’s or present spouses/girlfriends to take this seriously…..i think this a wonderful idea placing these cutouts at the courthouse, but will the public stop and think? will people who are being terrorized by a spouse seek help? i certainly hope so. there were many times and many people that could have saved amy’s life and sandy’s life……i think their (jail)policy and procedures needs to be revamped. because i believe had donnie been evaluated to be unstable and liable to recommit crimes, he should have been kept in jail longer, he only got a slap on the wrist and served very little time for all his crimes…..i see a huge problem with the sentences that criminals are given, the time served does not equal the crimes they committed. sandy and amy were both very well educated and both chose a profession to help children. they both were hard workers and made a difference in many children’s lives….but that was all taken away. i hope and pray that the cutouts do make a difference and make people think and seek help. death is permanent. my thanks to the person/persons that came up with this idea……i think it is much needed and appreciated.

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