Kids love dinosaurs (and science, too)

More than 530 students in grades 3-12 attended the 2012 Southwest Regional Science Fair Friday at Southern Arkansas University. One of the most popular attractions for the students at the science fair was a display of dinosaur fossils, which particularly delighted Alisa Smith, of Smackover, and Ty Martindale, of El Dorado. The display was made possible through a donation from the families of Saundra Lewis and Dr. Charles McGahey, and was presented by Dr. Jamie Brandon, SAU research station archeologist for the Arkansas Archeological Survey. (Photo by Banner-News/Ashley Whitelaw)

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  1. jeri clawson says:

    SAU did a wonderful job keeping these children interested in science! The dinosaur exhibit was very awesome and the girls loved it! We also watched the chemistry and physics show! Great job SAU!

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