Jaci Jackson makes court appearance

Jaci Jackson, 19, made a court appearance this afternoon in the theft of five horses from the Southern Arkansas University rodeo team last year. Jackson, a student of the university and member of the rodeo team at the time, is charged with numerous counts in both Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Jaci Jackson leaves the Columbia County Justice and Detention Facility Thursday, March 1, 2012, after a court appearance in the trial of the theft of five horses from a university rodeo team. (Photo by Aaron Morris)

Jaci Jackson's mother, Wendie Cox, and people believed to be her parents, enter the Columbia County Justice and Detention Facility Thursday, March 1, 2012. (Photo by Aaron Morris)

In this composite photograph, a man believed to be Jaci Jackson's grandfather shoves a camera away as he enters the Columbia County Justice and Detention Facility with Jackson's mother Thursday, March 1, 2012. (Photo by Aaron Morris)

Michael Lusk, attorney for Jaci Jackson, arrives at the Columbia County Justice and Detention Facility Thursday, March 1, 2012. (Photo by Aaron Morris)

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19 Responses to Jaci Jackson makes court appearance

  1. Hank Ward says:

    There is way more to this story than is being reported. I would imagine that those guys on the rodeo team had to do something to this girl to make her feel that retaliation on the level that she did was warranted. I would personally love to meet this girl and maybe even take her out on a date.

    • Jennifer Fletcher says:

      Well hopefully you will get your chance on a conjugal visit behind the walls of a prison. Good luck, stud.

    • alm says:


    • Beverly Davis says:

      Good luck, buddy, on coming out of this “date” alive! Hell, she ordered this poor defenseless creature of God to be mutilated and watched! And some poor SUUUCCCKKKERRR obliged her.

    • Nona Yaron says:

      Let me guess. Your parents were born with the same last name, you live alone in your trailer, you have no friends, you eat roadkill and are missing teeth.

    • Me myself and I says:

      Wow you are as stupid as she is. It dosnt matter what happened to her. What she did has no excuse.
      You two deserve each other.
      I can see where one may want to ask her why, But anything more then that shows your own depravity.
      Before you open your mouth and make yourself sound so ignorant, do some research.
      Before blame is put on outsiders, the horses and their owners for “causing her to do this” try looking at her DNA and what she was spawned from.

  2. lort says:

    you just want cheap sex!

    • Paula Davis says:

      Well I hope you don’t own any horses,dogs,cats or whatever if you have disagreement,or something, That nice family will be at your door!!! Good Luck with that.

  3. Beverly Davis says:

    She and her crazy momma need to be put away for a long time. Remember, they burnt their house down for the insurance and then they resorted to the ultimate!!! DEPRIVING AND THEN HORRIFICALLY MUTILATING CREDIT CARD! HANG THE HORSE THIEVES!!

  4. rebecca says:

    there may be more to the story, and some might not mind meeting her to hear her side of the story, but what she did to those horses especially credit card was sick and so is she.. But we all have a judge and He knows both sides of the story.. HIS will be done in this whole case

  5. noone inparticular says:

    shelly ward?

  6. nelda says:

    i hope justice will b served to her an all involved an her parents 2 they r just as sick as her lo.

  7. Basinger says:

    Actually, Hank Ward is extremely intelligent and isn’t stupid enough to believe what is just written in news papers and on TV. He makes a valid point. You ever wonder why these kids go into schools shoot their classmates and teachers????? Because they were picked on to the point of psychological breakdown, and they get no assistance from teachers now days. The teachers are almost as bad as the students. Otherwise mentally sane people don’t do things like this, unless they are pushed to their breaking point, and nothing could have hurt those goat ropers more than killing or taking their horses.

    • Emily says:

      Ah. It takes a real “victim” to exact their revenge on an animal for something a person did. If she had stood up to her “persecutors” – and I say that hypothetically, since your claim is pure speculation – one might very well give the girl a pat on the back. Instead, she participated in the starvation and mutilation of defenseless animals to “get back at” a boy after a failed romantic entanglement.

      Good luck justifying that.

    • Concerned says:

      She will have to be proven guilty, but cmon, let’s not make excuses. Let’s let the trial happen in the courts. You show your bias with your comments.
      “nothing could have hurt those goat ropers more than killing or taking their horses.” Goat ropers? Really … are you related to Jaci?

  8. rebel_barrelracer says:

    I think that anyone who would harm an animal to try to get back at a human is sick. I dont care what, ( if any) things the people done to her the horses done nothing. How could you harm a horse like that. An athlete, partner, and a part of people lives. I think that all her statements are false, she keeps turning them around and around. She needs to pay for what she done. She killed a nice horse and almost 4 more. I understand that people think that we are being to harsh but if you knew anything about a horse ( or animal) youd understand the bond you get and that you cant replace that. i think she and whoever was involed should be killed like Credit Card was.

  9. Bronco shane says:

    Hope Wendy likes that razor wire she’s walking past in the pic cause that’s where she needs to b for a long time behind that wire along with that Nasty selfish daughter of hers

  10. Takes a very educated person to try and belittle people that have a love and passion for rodeo. A rodeo family is a family you don’t want to mess with because it’s a very large family and nation wide. Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean you call them names. Goat Ropers??? Seriously??? How childish!!!

    Jaci tried crying rape and then she has to recant that because it was false. She was never in a relationship with any of the people she caused harm to. Please try to make up some more excuses for her. How disgusting can one be?

    Hope she enjoys prison and I hope her mother does too. Can’t wait till they catch her mothers boyfriend that helped to brutally kill and mutilate Credit Card.

  11. Jam says:

    WOW…a DATE? With a girl that steals-mutilates and tortures animals? I think it’s wrong to make excuses for this sorry excuse for a human being. Let’s pray she doesn’t SPAWN any children to be raised by her or her sorry excuse for a family. Her family is involved in Insurance fraud and a host of other fun activities…after all a family that plays together should do time together, right?

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