Keet endorses Beth Anne Rankin for Fourth Congressional District

Today former Gubernatorial candidate and Republican State Senator Jim Keet endorsed Beth Anne Rankin in the race for the Republican nomination for the Fourth Congressional District.  In front of an enthusiastic crowd of friends and supporters at the Garland County Courthouse in Hot Springs, Keet touted Beth Anne’s convictions and service to the State and Republican party as main reasons why he is endorsing her.  He urged the voters in the Fourth to send someone who not only knows the Fourth District, but has lived and worked in the District. 

“Beth Anne is a woman of courage.  She demonstrated that in 2010 when she was willing to get in the Congressional race against an entrenched incumbent with a $3 million war chest.  Although she did not prevail then, she ran an enthusiastic, issue oriented campaign.  In the process she represented our party and state well, ” Keet said.

Keet added, “I rarely endorse candidates in primaries, but Beth Anne is the exception.  She brings guts, ideas, passion, and determination to the race.  She will take those same qualities to Washington and will be an extraordinary voice of reason and vision for the Fourth District, our state, and nation.”

“I am honored to have Sen. Jim Keet’s official endorsement and to welcome him as a valued part of our campaign. Jim has a time-honored legacy of  serving the people of Arkansas as a respected leader in the Arkansas legislature and has always fought for the conservative principles and values in which he believed to be best for Arkansas and America. I deeply appreciate his service in the state legislature, his courageous leadership, his commitment to constitutional principles and his faithful friendship.

Together, we will continue articulating a jobs-focused conservative message of a Balanced Budget Amendment, simpler and lower taxes, less government and real regulatory reform. I am honored and humbled to have the official endorsement of this tremendous Arkansas statesman, and I look forward to campaigning with Sen. Keet across the thirty-three counties of the Fourth District,” Rankin said.

Keet joins former Governor Mike Huckabee in endorsing Beth Anne’s campaign for the Fourth Congressional District. Huckabee endorsed Beth Anne in February saying, “Beth Anne is prepared and capable of being a great member of Congress who actually represents the people of the Fourth District instead of Washington special interests.  Her time has come.”

Rankin is an entrepreneur, small business owner, professional speaker, teacher, and a former Policy Advisor to Governor Mike Huckabee.  While working for Huckabee she was the advisor to Capitol Hill, the White House, the National Governors’ Association, Southern Governor’s Association and other gubernatorial associations.

Rankin attended Southern Arkansas University and Ouachita Baptist University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1994. She is a Life Member of the National Rifle Association and member of the National Federation of Independent Business.

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