City of Magnolia has a message for residents and visitors: Don’t litter!

Dozens of Magnolia residents stand with the litter they spent the morning picking up around the city. The city-wide clean-up was a combined effort of the City of Magnolia and the Magnolia Ministerial Alliance. (Photo by Banner-News/Jamie Davis)

The crowd that appears in the photo above is only a very small representation of the numbers of city residents, organizations, businesses, churches and non-profit groups that came out Saturday morning to participate in a city-wide clean-up project created by the City of Magnolia and the Magnolia Ministerial Alliance. Organizers tell us that more than 200 individuals participated, and the trash you see in the photo above is not all they picked up in the city’s streets. (Several groups had already disposed of the litter they gathered when we took this photo at noon.) We commend those who participated, and ask that those who live in our wonderful community – along with those who visit it – remember the hard work of this morning’s volunteers before “trashing” our streets. And from those who spent the morning working hard, we pass along the following message: Please don’t litter!

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