Magnolia Junior Charity League hosts Follies Talent Night

Steven Souter, left, and Jamie Waller, right, perform a dance routine Tuesday at the Magnolia Junior Charity League's Follies Talent Night at the Magnolia Arts Center. (Photo by Banner-News/Jamie Davis)

The Magnolia Junior Charity League’s Follies are scheduled for March 8-10, and if the ‘Talent Night’ event hosted Tuesday evening at the Magnolia Arts Center is any indication, this year’s Follies promises to be among the best ever! We had a wonderful time watching the skits and song performances, and are excited to be able to bring you a few photos so you can enjoy them, too! (Of course, you’ll find our absolute favorite photos in today’s Banner-News!) Read on for more photos . . . 

Gail Walthall entertains the crowd with a song-and-dance routine. (Photo by Banner-News/Jamie Davis)

Joanna Smith, left, and Rachel Gore, right, perform a duet as the Good Witch and the Bad Witch. (Photo by Banner-News/Jamie Davis)

Jamie Waller performs a 'Risky Business' style dance routine. (Photo by Banner-News/Jamie Davis)

Steve and Deborah Nipper, playing the role of Waller's parents in the 'Risky Business' skit, surprise Waller with a dance of their own. (Photo by Banner-News/Jamie Davis)

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