Jaci Jackson scheduled for March hearing

Oklahoma District Attorney Mark Matloff heads to the courtroom at the McCurtain County Courthouse Thursday morning. (Photo by Aaron Morris)

We visited with Oklahoma District Attorney Mark Matloff, who serves McCurtain, Choctaw, and Pushmataha Counties, this morning concerning the prosecution of Jaci Jackson. Jackson, 19, of Broken Bow, Okla., a former Southern Arkansas University student and rodeo team member, is facing multiple felony charges in the theft of five horses and other equipment from her rodeo teammates. One of the stolen horses was eventually found dead. She also faces arson charges from a separate incident in 2010.

Matloff stated a preliminary hearing conference took place over the phone yesterday afternoon with Jackson’s attorney.

“[Her] attorney contacted me yesterday and basically stated, ‘Is there any kind of offer?’ And there was no offer to be given.”

Matloff explained the preliminary hearing conference is a meeting where the district attorney and defense attorney meet to exchange discovery evidence if they haven’t already done so and discuss any plea agreements that may be made.

“This conference doesn’t really have a whole lot of importance if there’s no offer. There’s simply nothing to discuss. I’m not making an offer in this case. I’m going to let a jury decide what to do with [Jackson],” Matloff said.

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for March 13. Matloff explained, “A preliminary hearing [is where] we will actually put on evidence. The burden of proof is probable cause. And we have to put on evidence to show that a crime was committed, and that more than likely she committed it.”

The March hearing will cover both the theft and arson charges.

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38 Responses to Jaci Jackson scheduled for March hearing

  1. Lisa says:

    She needs to face the toughest sentence,i think if a person can do that to a horse they could do the same to a person and not even blink an eye.

  2. Interesting, cant wait to here how it goes!

  3. Nona says:

    Thank you for not offering a plea. This is a disgusting and horrible crime that should receive the stiffest sentence. I pray that Jaci grows old in prison. She has no remorse and it wouldn’t surprise me that she would be capable of killing a human being.

  4. Jodie Harmon says:

    THANK YOU, and Praise GOD you did not offer her a “deal”. This event and crime is much bigger than killing your neighborhood cat. She does not have remorse, and has NOT shown any, in fact her mug shots indicate she is less than happy being caught. I would be scared to have her around any human or animal ever again. If she is that capable of standing BY and WATCHING someone cut up a Horse with a CHAINSAW… There are BIG ISSUES here. Please see that she is prosecuted fully. The Horse world and Industry await. We need MUCH tuffer laws and Justice for things like this. Senseless killing of innocent animals. We need Justice for Credit Card and the other Thefts. Thank YOU SO MUCH and Please keep us posted on any details. Regards, Jodie/Nevada

  5. Rebecca Allen says:

    Thank you so much sir for not taking any plea bargin. there is still a piece of this puzzel missing, Billy Hamilton. Jaci Jackson need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law, And needs prison time also

  6. BB Zoo says:

    { JRJ’s attorney contacted DA yesterday and basically stated, ‘Is there any kind of offer?’ }
    GEEZ — I guess that means … She’s GUILTY ! If her Lawyer is going to ASK for a Plea Bargain !
    & BRAVO to the DA….. No Pleading, PLEASE!

  7. JUST JULIE says:

    Plea bargain? No way!! Jaci deserves to experience the consequences of her actions. She showed no mercy to Credit Card and is not remorseful for what she’s done. I hope the jury and judge give her the maximum sentence.

  8. Julie says:

    Great job on not offering a deal!

  9. Al says:

    I thought Jaci was being tried in Columbia County for the theft of the horses and in Oklahoma for what took place there? Hope we’re not shipping her out of state where the “good old boys” in Oklahoma will help ease the trouble she got into here in Magnolia. McCurtain County has a long history of horse thievery and I doubt they look on it as seriously as the folks where the theft actually took place. Just saying, I hope the justice system in Columbia County follows through on their side of the deal as well and doesn’t just ship her home where it can be handled out of sight by a couple of good old boy lawyers. Notice that nothing was done in the public eye and you have a lawyer’s word for what happened? I think I would be asking tougher questions, if I were the Banner-News reporter. You know how you can tell when a lawyer is lying? When his lips are moving….

  10. Karen says:

    Thank You For NOT Offering a Deal. She Needs The Max on ALL Charges.

  11. Melisa says:

    I hope to God, they find every single loop hole in the law that they can, that will help them give her and all the others the absolute harshest punishment possible. This human does not need to be in society for any reason what so ever.

  12. HayLaura says:

    I agree with most of the comments on here. This story broke my heart. How sad that someone would steal someone’s horse and then kill it. These people do not have a heart and if there is a Hell, that is where these people involved will go to. God would not forgive anyone for this crime. How could anyone do such a thing and then be able to Sleep at night. They have no conscience. Thank you so much for not offering a deal. I really believe the jury should make everyone involved go to prison for a very very long time. It is a good lesson to teach people that killing an animal is like killing a person and it is a crime that is not taken lightly. :(

  13. Wanda says:

    Mrs. Jacksons actions are horrible, unspeakable. I couldnt imagine doing such a crime, but lets not go to extremes here. Sending someone so young to prison for life over the killing of a horse?! .. i wouldnt even send her for years, thats ridiculous. She defnitely has to pay for her crime, as well needs a mental evaluation… pretty sure there are worse crimes committed that deserve lengthly sentences, this not being one.

    • NanC says:

      Wanda…….seriously ? Have you not been keeping up with the crimes this young girl has committed ? Not only did she have horses stolen, as well as tack and a horse trailer…..she had those horses tied to trees to starve and die. You obviously know she had a horse killed. Go back a year or two and you will find that she helped her mom burn the family home down for the insurance money !!!!!! This is not a girl who, on a lark, committed one crime….she is habitual and sees nothing wrong with breaking the law. For the crimes she has committed and has been charged with, one can only wonder how many others she has gotten away with. My suspicion is there are quite a few !!!

      • Beth Shirley says:

        Wanda, maybe you could offer to let her spend her sentence with you, in your house, with your family and animals. Just keep her away from all the sane people that want her to be locked away in a manner to protect society!

    • Julie says:

      Do I think she will or should serve a ‘life’ sentence? No, but she should certainly spend a considerable length of time behind bars for her heinous acts against a defenseless animal and other crimes she’s committed. From your comments I don’t think you’ve ever felt the love and devotion of an animal who depends on your for it’s life. She took a life, even if it wasn’t a human one and should have to pay the consequences to the fullest extent of the law. Good thing it wasn’t my horse–even so, in my opinion we should still hang horse thieves.

    • Maria says:

      Wanda,,,Give your head a shake,,wake up and smell the coffee,,,,,unless your a friend of hers or the family,,,even then sorry You must be as low as she is,,and that doesn’t say a whole lot for you!!!!!!!! Obviously,,You were not brought up with morals,,,,Do unto others as you would have done to you!! Animals depend on us to survive,,not to be tortured and killed,,,wut are you thinking,,,but I guess your not!!!

    • Joan Eisemann says:

      Wanda Really. It is a hanging offense in Wyomingfor Horse theft… I think this would be an easy way out for her, Not only did she steal a Horse trailer Horses and tack she Starved, and Mutilated what knida a person with any ethics at all is she and also look at her raiseing and the help she recieved from her mom …. EXCUSE Me you think this is a light offense and she will change not in the LIFETIME a Leopard does not change it’s spots,.
      Most of the people that Prayed for a safe return of CC were appauld at the
      treat ment of all the poor horses. And We in wyoming would love to be able to deal with this kinda trash. RIP Credit Card.

    • ESG says:

      Okay – just sentence her for the five counts of grand theft for the horses, another one for the theft of the trailer, and then transporting said stolen horses and trailer across state lines. That should put her away for a good stretch.
      Wanda, she’s a thief, an arsonist, and a killer. Just how much leeway does wittle Jaci deserve? You want to give her the benefit of the doubt long enough for her to graduate to killing people? Because she will.

  14. Billie D says:

    There were plenty of horse thieves in Arkansas as well, but they did not cut the throats of good horses. This woman is without remorse because she does not believe she did anything wrong. Slapping her wrists will only make her feel like a victim. She is a sociopath who needs to be locked up to protect society and heaven help her children if she has any.

  15. Kathy says:

    Sorry, Wanda. I don’t agree with you.

    This is a horrific crime. I don’t care if she’s insane, sane, cruel or whatever. Even better reason to keep her locked up. “i wouldnt even send her for years, thats ridiculous” Seriously? She belongs behind bars for the maximum sentence for every charge they can get her for, in addition to every dime that each crime is fined. The maximum!

    I don’t care how she got so “bent”. I don’t care if she was raised “bad”. I don’t care what drove her over the edge to do something so evil. She’s an adult who should know right from wrong. Her actions were:


    That doesn’t warrant jail time? Holy Hannah! In my world it most certainly does.

    The MAXIMUM.

  16. Michelle Engle says:

    There is a GOD!!!

  17. linda says:

    That Wands person must be nuts. Oh I agree that Jaci and her partners in crime should not go to prison for life, we will have to feed them. I think the PUNISHMENT SHOULD FIT THE CRIME.

  18. Patty says:

    Personally, this is the worst case of horse cruelty that I’ve ever heard about. Jaci Jackson is a manipulator in more ways than one. She deserves full punishment for her evil ways. Maybe when she ends up in prison they will give her a good taste of her own medicine!

  19. Wanda says:

    Although I feel for the boy whose horse was involved, my opinion doesnt change. And no I’m not “nuts” ( lets be mature), just have a different point of view.. Fact of the matter is, not that any of our input matters, she’ll serve time for arson, but not a lengthly sentence for animal cruelity.

    • Mark L. says:

      ………….. as much as I want to disagree, your probably right. I’ve dealt with my fair share of horrifying animal cruelity cases, it’s always one of two things: probation and/or no longer then 2 years prison term.

    • ESG says:

      Maybe she won’t get the appropriate sentence for animal cruelty, but several counts of grand theft, as well as transporting stolen property across state lines will land her in jail for a looooong time. If I’m not mistaken, intrastate transport of stolen goods lands the perpetrator in federal court,…………with harsher sentences.

    • stayceem says:

      You may be right about her not getting a lot of time for animal cruelty but doesnt change the crime. You’ve now argued two separate things. She premeditated this act, these are not crimes of passion. These are crimes, she plans and executes. Where/when will she stop? She’s a dangerous girl and I wont be surprised to see her on the front page 10 years from now for a more heinous crime. You cant fix sociopaths.

  20. Ina says:

    She will be sentenced and will serve a life sentence of regret. This horrific act has become part of her life story and will follow her the rest of her life. Can you imagine living with yourself knowing you are despised? The sentence she receives won’t be enough to satisfy us, but she will not get off so easy. I know she appears to have no remorse but as she reaped the consequences of her actions she will surely begin to realize just how she has ruined her life and caused grief to others. I am very glad they didn’t offer her a deal. My heart aches for the owner of Credit Card. May justice be done.

  21. Nikki says:

    Difference of opinion! To say the least! Don’t go overboard really! She stole horses and property then tied up them up and left them to STARVE! I’m sure you wouldn’t want to go without a meal! Oh did you not read that she had one cut into pieces with a chainsaw and watched! That is beyond animal cruelty, beyond inhumane, beyond sick and twisted. It is beyond comprehension that a human being could not only steal, not only starve, not only kill, but have something that lived and breathed dismembered! Her age is irrelevant she is an adult just a sick one. Maximum wouldn’t even cut it for me. She is bankrupt of all morals and sense and needs to be out away from the rest of society!!!

  22. amanda says:

    Wanda~ if u belive she should have a light sentence because there crimes are not serious then may you be the one she attacks next. People don’t change unless they believe what they did was wrong & want to change. Someone smirking in the mug shot should be someone who gets punished to the max. Take a good look at her smirk. Maybe you will get to see it upclose & personal.

  23. ESG says:

    Wanda, you’re wrong. This girl is a monster, and she deserves to be treated like one. She’s a serial killer in the making if ever there was one.
    Honestly, the thing that horrifies me the most is that she tied those four horses to trees for them to starve to death. And went happily on her way. What nominally sane person does something like that?
    God bless the DA, and please may he stick to his guns,………..and turn them all on Jaci.

  24. Mary says:

    A big Thank You goes out to the DA for not offering a plea deal!! I say lock her up and throw away the key!! She is despicable human being and doesnt deserve to breath on this earth! What she did was just sickening, i could never imagine what kind of person would do what her and her trashy family has done! She is a serial killer in the making and i wonder what member of the rodeo team she was going to go after next since this was all about jealousy. All i can say is that little winch better be thankful it wasnt my horse that she killed!! As for Wanda she must be a family member because i dont anyone in there right mind who would think that her actions are ok. It just shows that they are no better then she is!! May Justice be served for Credit Card who didnt deserve to be killed the way he did!!

  25. PL says:

    Obvisiously Wanda is not a animal lover-
    Wanda you should be very happy that it wasn’t your beloved horse or any of animal…that she left to starve and kill.
    Wonder why PETA is not on this like flys to chit! Now that is -animal cruelty!

  26. Mariah says:

    Obviously Wanda doesn’t understand the severity of her actions. Each one of those horses was not just a pet they were someones family,a part of their riders/owners heart and soul. There’s no excuse for her jealousy and despicable acts. I’m very happy there was no plea deal she doesn’t deserve one!

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