New police chief speaks to Magnolia Rotary Club

Glenn Maxwell (standing), who will assume the position of Magnolia Police Chief Jan. 1, 2012, spoke today to the Magnolia Rotary Club about his plans for the department. Several members of the Magnolia Police Department attended the speaking engagement with Maxwell, including (left to right) Todd Dew, Mark Bridges and Robert Philson. Also present, but not pictured, were Michael Caldwell and Interim Police Chief Glenn Proctor.

Soon-to-be Magnolia Police Chief Glenn Maxwell regaled the Magnolia Rotary Club today with his philosophies on law enforcement (professional, but strict), his plans for the department after Jan. 1, 2012 (lots of community involvement, including an MPD-sponsored Little League team) and controlling gang and drug activity in the city (interdiction, awareness and intervention). You’ll find all those details in tomorrow’s Banner-News, but we wanted to share a few of our favorite comments from today’s speaking engagement a little early!

Most Columbia County residents have long heard the legend that Maxwell “would give his own mother a ticket,” and today, one of the Rotary Club members couldn’t resist the opportunity to ask Maxwell if the legend is true. His response – our choice for comment of the week – was, “I did stop my mother – (long pause) – but I didn’t give her a ticket.”

Another favorite quote from today’s Rotary Club meeting was delivered when Maxwell was asked whether or not bootlegging is a problem in Columbia County. He replied, “I live on Smith Street, and you know, we don’t have any liquor stores on Smith Street. But somehow, I keep seeing people walking around with liquor . . . Yes, I’d say bootlegging is alive and well in this area.”

And finally, we wanted to share, too, Maxwell’s response to the question of whether or not the county should be made wet: “As a minister, I am not in favor of going wet. As a law enforcement officer, I’d love to see it wet because that’s an increase in the number of DWIs we can give out.”

Be sure to see tomorrow’s Banner-News for more on Maxwell’s remarks!

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