Affidavit sheds some light on Credit Card’s death

Jaci Rae Jackson, 18, remains in custody at the Columbia County Detention Facility where she faces six felony charges relating to the theft of five champion rodeo horses from Southern Arkansas University. Jackson, a freshman at SAU, was also a member of the rodeo team.

Editor’s Note: The following is an advance story from tomorrow’s more in-depth article about the arrest of an SAU student in connection with the theft of five champion rodeo horses – one of which was found dead last week. Much of the information presented here is included in the probable cause affidavit associated with the case. Please be sure to see tomorrow’s print edition of the Banner-News for additional details and information.

Jaci Rae Jackson, of Buckner and originally of Broken Bow, Okla., will celebrate her 19th birthday tomorrow with a first appearance in Columbia County Circuit Court on six felony charges related to the theft of five beloved champion rodeo horses, a horse trailer and several pieces of riding equipment from Southern Arkansas University’s Mulerider Stables in early November. Four of the five stolen horses were found and returned, and though they were malnourished and dehydrated, at least they were alive – and that’s more than can be said for the fifth horse, Credit Card, whose remains were discovered last week in McCurtain County, Okla. 

A probable cause affidavit released in the case states that Credit Card’s remains were mutilated – “quartered,” in fact – after the horse had been shot in the head and had its throat slit. The reason, according to information provided to investigators by a confidential informant, was that Jackson, a freshman at SAU and herself a member of the rodeo team, “wanted the horse killed,” the affidavit states.

The other four horses were tied to pine trees and left without food and water in a rural area of McCurtain County – one had even been spray painted camouflage, according to its owner – where they were later discovered by SAU Rodeo Coach Rusty Hayes and rodeo team member Ashley Mills.

Jackson is slated to appear in court tomorrow, and a formal arraignment has been scheduled for Dec. 15. Other arrests are pending, and two warrants have been issued for suspects in Oklahoma, though officials are declining to comment on information pertaining to those suspects at this time. As of 4 p.m. this afternoon, no other arrests had been made, SAU Police Chief Eric Plummer said.

Additional details and information will be published in a more in-depth article in tomorrow’s print edition of the Banner-News, and that article will be followed by a ‘Breaking News’ update after Jackson’s first appearance.

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666 Responses to Affidavit sheds some light on Credit Card’s death

  1. cody says:

    she should receive wat she did, spray paint her, tie her up, let her get thirsty, let her starve…

    • helen underwood-thomas says:

      what did the horses do to her, they were only doing what they had been trained to do, if they had talent and hers didnt thats not their fault. she should be tied up and left alone and see how she likes it. may she rot in hell.

      • Jerri says:

        Here in West Virginia, the old law to hang a horse thief is still on the books. Bring her here, I got a tree perfect for that in the horse pasture. And I’d make sure it took a while……..

        • Renee says:

          Amen Jerry! Honest to goodness, how do you do this to a horse?? If she can do this to an animal, think about what she could do to a human.

          • tessa says:

            I fully agree with you. Hanging a horse thief should still be allowed if you do what she did.

          • Katie says:

            Renee- you are so right! All mass murderers start somewhere, and there is evidence supporting that serial killers start out with small animals, then go to larger animals. Sin always starts out small, then its not enough, they have to do bigger things to get that “thrill”. Its really sick. Im afraid if she gets out too soon, she will do it again, and it will escalate if she doesnt get real help.

        • Mary says:

          It is hanging offense here in WV and we’d be more than happy to bear the burden of finding a “proper” venue for her display to the general public. FYI Upon close inspection of her posted picture, yes the smirk is on her lips but her eyes are already dead.
          However, if she didn’t die while hanging we could always draw and quarter her while still alive and practice the old “lamp shade” trick from the concentration camp days of old. It’d give all of us some satisfaction but I doubt very seriously that she’d learn anything from it. People like her just don’t have feelings, emotions or a heart with a soul.

          • Scobey Slim says:

            Really “Mary”? You would advocate for the torture and murder of another human being to repay in kind for the same treatment of a beast of burden. The same shame on all of you as the girl who did it to the horse.

        • Terri Greer says:

          I agree with you, but hanging may be too good for someone like this. I wish they had the death penalty associated with crimes such as this because if you can do this to an animal, you can do anything. This little creep probably just can’t ride good enough to compete, so she takes it out on a horse. I truly hope this follows her the rest of her life.

        • Kelli says:

          I’ll get the rope.

        • Amanda Flintoft says:

          absolutely perfect !!!! I agree

        • Lou says:

          I agree with you !

        • Emily says:

          Here in Oklahoma it is still legal to hang a horse thief.

      • Jennifer says:

        I guess you havent read any of the stories she didn’t do this because the horse was more talented than gets she did it because she had a romantic relationship with the owner of the horse.

    • Patt Dempsey says:

      I agree that she should rot in hell for what seems to be jealousy maybe of the other guys. It’s so damn sad that lots of times our beloved animals suffer through our ignorance and jealousy. Hope she gets the maximum time for causing so many people misery for what she did. I feel for Credit Card’s owner;
      may she find some shred of the great memories she had while her beloved horse was on this earth.

    • Mary Pannemann says:

      How terrible to kill an innocent animal, not even yours!!! To starve the other horses just turns my stomach!! What is your problem Lady??? i hope you rot in jail for a very long time!

    • stacey says:

      all you people that say she should be killed are way outta line, there are actual people in prison and some not even caught yet that have killed real children and adults that are alive and well, and you think she should die for killing an animal? maybe you all need a therepists help also. i totally think shes a horrible person and this was probably the beginning of a more gruesome future and she needs to be punished..but death, really? people kill animals all the time and even the president said he may pass a bill to allow slaughter of horses, grow up people and think before you type this crap about her being put to death cause at the end of the day those comments make you no better than she is

      • Momof3 says:

        There is a huge difference in killing animals in cold blood and killing say, a deer, that you will eat! Lady, if you do not feel this woman is in the wrong then it just goes to show the type of person you are and what you could be capable of. Animals are Gods creatures too and he did not put them on Earth to be brutally murdered and left to rot. If you kill it, it better damn well to be to feed you and your family or because the son of a gun was attacking you, otherwise, it’s murder. Don’t give me this crap about ‘it’s just an animal” Sometimes an animal can be someones child or best friend in a sense.

        • Tammy says:

          Thank you for making this statement. Stacy needs to GET REAL!!!!

          • CAROLYN says:

            STACY MAY BE KIN TO HER.

          • amy says:

            Stacy stated she agreed the woman did a horrible thing and nobody debares that. I think the message she was trying to get across was, killing her is not the answer. I agree that killing this “sick” woman isn’t going to change the horrid facts. How about life in prison and every day is spent sorting trash, cleaning septic or sitting in a cell with no communication. That would be a punishment that would last a long time, Once she dead its over, no more suffering.
            There is to much killing in the world on every level, most every one wants world peace, statements that are being made in regard to this horrific act will never bring peace, think about it’

        • NINA says:

          YOU ARE SO RIGHT

          • Lee says:

            Agree! She should be hung. She pre-planned this and Arkansas now has an animal cruelty law. She will now waste away in jail!!!! Thanks for costing the tax payers more money!

        • Anonymous, too says:

          AMEN !
          MURDER is MURDER … no matter if Human or Animal – & if it’s not going to feed you; or suffering in pain – you shouldn’t be killing it & ALL MURDERERS DO NOT DESERVE TO LIVE till the end of their days in prison ; ON OUR DIME to boot !

          • Blah says:

            You cant murder an animal, THEY DO NOT HAVE A SOUL

          • Kris says:

            Death would be too kind… She at least needs to be tied to a tree, starved, and maybe hit a few times first….

          • Anonymous, too says:

            @ BLAH ….. BULLSH*T – you are clueless; most animals have more SOUL than people & they’re not cruel to their kill, they only kill to EAT !

          • Anonymous, too says:

            @ Blah – BTW , what the heck has them having a soul or not – got to do with it being Murder ? Murder – is a senseless killing, that’s not an accident , not self-defense & not for food.

          • Amanda says:

            @ Blah…. Clearly you have never looked into the eyes of an animal, be it horse, dog, cat, bird, hell even a snake or a tortoise, they all have souls. I have, and I can tell you it is far easier to see an animals soul through their eyes than a humans. Animals all have emotions, answer me this…… How can an animal have emotions if it has no soul? Just because they don’t have the ability to physically cry does not mean that you can not read their emotions in their body language.

          • Ltl Twister says:

            @BLAH: Wow! I agree with ‘Anonymous, too’ – you don’t have a clue. Do you know what a soul is?? It is mind, will and emotions. And I don’t know about your horses, but all the ones I’ve worked with have all three!! If you meant they don’t have a ‘spirit’, well, sorry to say – you are wrong again!! Might want to check out your Bible (if you have on)! If you’ve worked with horses long enough and allow yourself to, it isn’t very difficult to connect with them on a spiritual level, too. Although, I am a spirit-filled believer; I’m not some crazy, out of control, spiritual freak, just a person that has loved and connected with horses since I was young and now professionally trains and videos them. Sorry you haven’t experienced this with your horses…you are truly missing out.

          • Heather says:

            How on earth DO YOU…KNOW? re: animals not having a soul? Who are YOU? GOD? I, as a Peace Officer, have seen my beat partner right after he was executed by a parolee, only released 24 hrs. prior…It hurt me just as much to see him without a face as it did to find MY OWN horse dead (HYPP-N/H ~ treated, shown, & world reknown). You are too high and mighty yourself to think that anything other than human being has a soul? You should NEVER own an animal. They TEACH US to have souls!

        • Star says:

          I am a Vet Tech and i also believe that this young lady should ROT where it’s HOT. I have had to help in situations where people had to make a choice, and it IS EXTREMELY hard for the owner and ME includeed, just from caring for the animal and trying to keep it comfortable and out of pain . NO PERSON HAS THE RIGHT TO SLAUGHTER AN ANIMAL “JUST BECAUSE” There are alot of things i would like to show her!!!! Like i said I hope she ROTS where it’s HOT!!!!

        • Bryana says:

          Amen! She thought out what she did and should pay for it. It was murder. What did Credit Card do to her? Be a horse. Yes we kill animals, but to eat not out of hatred. I will be praying for her! She is sick!!!

        • Mandi says:

          couldn’t be stated any better!

        • Jennifer says:

          If you think that, then you deserve the same punishment she does. All it takes is some baling twine and two trees. If credit card was “just a horse”, than you’re just a human.

        • lindsey says:

          AMEN!!!!!! horses are family. i treat them as i do my siblings. they eat b4 i do. hunting is for food. slaughtering is for food. killing a horse, a family member of someone else, is murder. choping it up in pieces after killing is is murder. i also think she should rethink her thinking. bcuz to lose a horse, is the same as loosing a family member. they arnt just horses.

        • Ronna says:

          So agree!

        • Lin says:

          thats right. My animals allways have been family. And if you kill them, you better watch your back.

      • Marie says:

        No one said the people that killed other people/children shouldn’t be killed. We’re not talking about those people, this chat is about this girl and what she did. And anyone sick enough to do this to any living thing would probably do it to a human also. As far as I’m concerned killing an animal for no reason and so inhumane is just as bad as killing people. I hope she rots in prison the rest of her life, death would be less punishment.

        • Sandra Dowling says:

          I agree. Animals are also a creation of God and should’nt we cherish anything of God. This girl is very sick minded and sick hearten. She has no remorse at all and has done this before. We are also animals and we have souls, so for the person who said animals have no souls is so wrong on so many accounts. Just because a horse or a dog or any other animal cannot verbally speak does not make them souless. I am with Robin Smith and saying this girl needs intensive psychological help and even then that may not help. She was raised like that. God will handle what we are unable to. The saying “What comes around goes around” is so true. She will not make it in the prison system or outside the prison system. There are too many angry and hurt people. She not only hurt the owners of Credit Card she has hurt the family that is here at SAU as a whole.

      • Rose says:

        These horses aree like family when you raise them and care for them and train them. I agee there are alot of people out there that do terrible things to other people and they also should be shown no mercybut a defenceless animal that trust all humans to do the right hintg should could have moved on to people known fact peolpe who can mutalate animals can do it to people no regard for life.

      • kim says:

        Animals can’t speak for themselves, people can, if you don’t agree with what animal lovers feel, then stop reading this post and go back to your own life!

        • travis perry says:

          this is america and people have the freedom to believe what they want even if we do not agree with others views as they are relavent to the people who has lived them, so i hope that this does anoye you because i love my horses as a family and i see the greatness of my god in them as i do my children and mywife , so thank god that we have freedom of speech so that a person like you canot dictate my veiws and beliefs i hope the law does not let this slip thru the cacks and i hope that they get her the help sheso desperately needs as not to do this again stacey i hope you do not take it out on any one as your remarks are that of hitler just my opinion

      • Crety says:

        Stacey, these people are entitled to their opinion and have the right to express it as do you. Freedom of speech. You ha ve right to agree or disagree. I feel she should receive the most punishment allowable by law. Remember, she has multiple charges pending……theft, concealing stolen property, transporting stolen property across state lines and animal cruelty. It is upsetting and alarming that this happened and she did it to her fellow rodeo teammates. This young woman do not think about the consequences of her actions. This will follow her for life and close many doors to her future. Stacey, famed serial killer Jeffery Dalmer had a fascination with killing and mutilating animals as a youngster and look at what he went on to do…….murder humans.

        • Jim says:

          Not just murder humans, Dahlmer ATE his victims. Working in mental health, I can tellyou I would be VERY concerned for any poor guy who entered into a relationship with a NUTCASE like this woman…and yes, that’s my professional (tongue in cheek) diagnosis! :D

      • Pam Watkins says:

        Its a well known fact that people who start out killing animals usually end up killing people. And they didnt just kill it-they mutilated the body. The boy it belonged to had to get his beloved horse back in pieces. I agree we should have hangings still for horse thieves!

        • Jeanine says:

          I agree with you in all but the hanging. Hanging is too good for this person. She needs to live with the consequences of her actions for the rest of her life. I wish her a long and miserable existence.

        • lindsey says:

          some states still have it. i agree

        • Amy says:

          THANK YOU! I was just going to say that. People start with animals and then kill people. Jeffrey Dahmer?? Hello!! If you can do THIS to something that is so helpless then yes you deserve what is coming to you. Sad thing is animal abuse laws aren’t tough enough and often don’t stick.

      • Rebekka Smith says:

        Who says I don’t think that people who are murders shouldn’t be strung up too? Bring them too I got a tree and rope and I can use it over and over again. The Texas written puinshment for horse theft is still “to be hanged by the neck till dead”.

      • Jennifer says:

        Stacey, you just don’t get it. How sad for you.

      • lkg says:

        I would rather see a human put to death than any animal alive

      • Inawhisper says:

        Yes, she should be punished for torturing and murdering innocent animals. Perhaps it’s you that needs a therapist.

      • Renee says:

        Stacey, Have you ever heard of Gacy, Dahmer, Bundy, or Berkowitz? All of these whack jobs stated their path of murders after killing and mutilating animals were no longer enough for them. In regards to your statement about people that have killed other “real children and adults”, I’m pretty sure everyone here would like to see these monsters erased from society, however not all of us have the capacity to kill another so we let our flawed justice system deal with them and when they finally do get their punishment it is someone else that they answer to regarding their miserable existence. And your last absurd comment, about the President’s intention about passing the bill allowing the sale of house meat for human consumption, I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean like this. This chick STOLE these horses, proceeded to tie them up, PAINTED them and then walked away leaving them with no food or water (If you’ve ever been hungry or thirsty then you should know the feeling). The fifth horse was not slaughtered for the use of food for survival, or any other means except for jealousy and greed. She shot this horse in the head, and when apparently the death from the head shot wasn’t enough, this freak slit its throat and proceeded to dismember the remains…Does this sound like a “normal” or “sane” person to you?? So, yes people are going to call for and want this idiots head on a platter. Personally, I think a whole lot worse needs to be done to her…Those animals could not fight back so someone should step up and give her the butt kicking that these horses couldnt give her. Furthermore, before you make a comment defending a freak, make sure you know a little about what you are going to post.

        • Jenny says:

          Amen Renee…you said everything I wanted to say about it. Tho, I must add, killing the low-life responsible (and I suspect that she had help, so THEM too) would be the easy way out for them, unless it was a long, drawn out, painful, brutal death that they deserve.

          My thoughts and prayers go out to Credit Card’s owner, and the surviving horses and their people.

          • Renee says:

            So agreed! Since the death penalty cannot be used in a case such as this…I certainly do not think her life that she has left here on earth should not go by painless by any means. People such as her and her cohorts anger me beyond belief. How in the world, does one’s brain become so twisted and wired that it justifies the death and mutilation of such magnificent animal out of jealousy and greed?? It is not someone that does this, it is SOMETHING. This is the sheer work of the Devil from within.

        • lindsey says:


        • Ronna says:

          Amen Renee!

      • CeCe Burgess says:

        Animal abuse in Utah is taken more seriously than child abuse, which no it is not right, but animals are still part of our families. Some people even consider them to be part of the family. I do not agree with the people that are saying that she needs to be treated the way she treated the horses, because it makes them just as sorry and pathetic as she is. She needs to be sent to prison and charged with all of the acts that she committed, and she doesn’t need to be let out for a long time, or at all for that matter. It was a terrible thing that she did, and there was no excuse for it. Express your opinions, but don’t say that she needs to be tied to a tree. You are just as cruel.

        • Anonymous, too says:

          Ce Ce – ya know , it’s folks like you that have led our country to ROT. In the Old Days; the local jail only had a cell or two …. now because of all the SENSITIVE folks – we are a SUPPORTING a POPULATION of Oxygen-wasting / non-productive / dangerous members of the human race … WHERE will it STOP ? Even those who have gotten the death sentence, sit on death row for YEARS on our $ – make it 30 days; that’s enough to say goodbye & make out your will !

          • Shannon says:

            Amen!!You took the words right out of my mouth,these kind of people waste the air we breath!!

          • CAROLYN says:


        • Jennifer says:

          Cece, you’re nuts. I’d gladly tie that freak to a tree in my backyard and watch her starve.

        • Ronna says:

          CeCe, I don’t agree with your comment. The people in prison get three squares a day, exercise and they can work to make money. What did these horse get? We train them to trust us only to be lead to their death? This girl and her helpers should get the same treatment.

        • Renee says:

          Are you serious? I for one, am not all that interested in paying for her extended stay in the penal system. Although, it would be nice to see her hanging by a short rope from the very same tree she left these horses tied to, such a death is way too good for this wingnut. I hope she suffers everyday for the rest of her miserable so called life!!!

      • susie says:

        How can you say this was just an animal! This was a loved member of a family no matter what you think. A horse depends on you and gives you everything in it’s heart everyday. You think it is ok to take a family member, shot it in the head, cut its throat, then quarter it? And then take the others, tie them to trees, and leave them to die of hunger and thirst. They were lucky they were found but Credit Card never had a chance. A person knows what they are doing when the do such things to an animal that only knows to depend on you. She is worse than I even have words for and no it does not make us like her at all. She is the lowest form with no heart or care for anything or anyone.

      • Sheri says:

        Really????? Do you have animals? Do you rely on an animal as a partner in your given sport? Do you know the bond that equestrians of all disciplines have with there animals? I doubt it or you wouldn’t be making such a stupid statment! Cruelty to animals is just as much a crime as cruelty to humans – life for a life!

      • Kate Osborne says:

        a lot of things happen in this world that are wrong – you cannot justify this action by saying it was just an animal or that bad things happen all the time. This was a horrific act and she she get what she gave!

      • Becky says:

        Cattle, Pigs & even horses that are slaughtered for meat, have humane regulations set and methods used to have a relatively painless death. Read about the Humane Slaughter Act passed in 1958. It seems as though she was knowingly killing SOMEONE ELSE’S PROPERTY and not eating it…or using it for food for some other animal. These horses were someone’s competition horses. If you stole someone’s purebred show dog that cost $5k, starved it and left it to suffer & rot (knowing people do eat dogs in other countries), is that COOL with you?

        Please understand why these people are upset instead of being a TROLL.

      • k says:

        If it is so disturbing to you to see these comments, please don’t read them or post back. Not everyone hates animals. The horse that was butchered was a very valuable animal and killed for the dumbest reason. I do believe everyone who is posting is an adult but they are not saying it is not horrible for people who kill other people.

      • lynnn says:

        I don’t see much difference in taking the life of a child or the life of an animal in this way. I am for the death penalty. There’s a reason they hung horse thieves. As for the president my feeling is he will find his punishment at the ballot box. By the way, it has been proven that if someone can’t value the life of an animal he doesn’t value human life either so perhaps it is not I that needs therapy.

        • Lynda N. says:

          The bill for horse slaughter houses was designed and pushed by a Republican from Wyoming who claimed she “loves” horses.

          • Buck says:

            Horse slaughter will go a long way toward Preventing starvation and abuse, particularly of older, unwanted or unusable horses.. Those of us who favor humane slaughter DO love our horses, more than you can imagine..

      • Nancy says:

        I believe that everyone agrees that the inhumane treatment of these horses was despicable. That said that below facts disagree with what everyone is complaining about:
        1. The horse was shot and throat slit before it was dismembered. The term mutilated appears to have been made to insite the public.
        2. Jaci did not kill the horse her mother’s boyfriend did.
        3. Jaci did not even do the dismemberment of the horse the boyfriend and an unnamed juvenile did this act.
        Based on this information the comments about animal torturers becoming serial killers is a bit of a stretch.

      • KMisiak says:

        Again, as I said before, you obviously do not nor have had a loving bond with a companion animal or you would feel the same outrage that all of us horse owners/lovers do. And, as multiple people have already stated, serial killers start on animals. If she had the ability to take part in this cruel and gruesome act, she has the ability to do the same thing to a human, therefore, she belongs in prison for life or in hell. And hell would be the better option, since taxpayers would have to pay for her to live comfortably in jail/prison while we hardworking Americans struggle to pay our bills and go without health insurance because we can’t afford it. I believe we are better than she is, have we stolen, abused, neglected, murdered and maimed an animal????? I haven’t.

      • kim crowe says:

        Well Stacey
        maybe you should be the one reading, thinking and studying.
        Facts state that most all people killers start out killing and torturing animals!
        So you can read between the lines if you like……about what I’m saying
        about her and anyone else.
        Also don’t come and torture, dismember or kill any of my horses with out fearing what I might do. Hanging mightn’t be to good. And as for the president-well he wont be getting my vote next time.
        Fact is I like my horses more than some people and im sure even with out meeting you that you fall into that catagory.
        And my horses arena rodeo winners Or show horses either, just trail riding horses-friends/family members. I hope
        You on the other hand dont have any pets-animals. Because they deserve Better than you!

      • Tanis says:

        Have a heart stacey my horse is my baby. i would never let anything bad happen to her nor would i sell her when she has to retire. Just because of this crazy demented person i will never be able to let a total stranger touch my horse again and in Canada I’m sure slaughtering horses to eat would be considered cruel to a lot of people so that wouldn’t last long here. So think before you type because the people who really care about this are the people that understand what its like to have a horse as a best friend. They cheer you up on bad days and make your good days even better. so until you understand that feeling don’t comment cause you have no idea of the bond that can form between a horse and its owner.

        I have no idea what Credit Cards owner must feel like and i hope i never will but i send my wishes for you to feel better and remember the good times you had with Credit Card and hope that you can eventually move on. just look at all the horse people that are supporting you and know that you are not alone and never will be.

      • AggieCowboy says:

        I will add that the “bill to allow horse slaughter” is actually a repeal of the ban on horse slaughter and it has been signed by the POTUS. This is a good thing. It allows us to control and regulate the HUMANE slaughter of horses. It will also provide jobs and income that are desperately needed within our borders. The slaughter of horses has not stopped, the horses are simply transported LONG distances outside the US to Mexico and Canada. This will also help decrease the problems we now have with abandoned and starving horses.

        • Emily Love says:

          I see. Don’t find a way to feed them or find them loving retirement fields. Sell them to someone who’ll eat them. Yes, yes, “this is a good thing.” The POTUS has gone back on his word, given before he was elected, and we will not forget that.
          When human consciences can overpower human greed, we will have come a step up the ladder of creation — and we’re pretty low right now. I won’t say we’re acting like animals, because animals are never motivated by greed. And I won’t even buy the hunters’ “only to eat” argument, either. The money that goes into permits, clothings, guns, ammo, etc would buy a hell of a lot of commercially produced food. I think it’s safe to say no one kills an animal to feed his family — and eating it because you’ve killed it is far from killing it because you have to eat.
          Besides, who’d eat a horse, with the drugs and parasites they carry? Or a deer, for that matter? Ever see the worms in deer droppings? Ugh.

          • Lynda N. says:

            It was not the president who designed and pushed for the slaughter of horses. It was a Wyoming republican who worked so hard for this bill. She claims she “loves” horses.

      • Harold says:

        I take it that you are not a horse owner. At least you sure don’t sound or act like it. to steal horses from your own team mates is bad enough but to kill one of them by mutilation? This piece of garbage is sick, really sick. She is at the beginning phase of being a serial killer in my opinion. You do have a point though. Killing her is too good for her too fast and too final, meaning there is not enough pain and suffering involved in just hanging her or chaining her to a tree and let her die of thirst and starvation. She does not warrant your sympathy and you are wrong about it making us at her level. Horse people are very loving people by nature and very vengful when some one does somethiing like this. When faced with this kind of evil there is but one answer. To destroy that evil to where it can never , ever get the chance at taking this sick behavior out on another living creature. Prison, no matter how long will not repay the harm she did. Nor does it for any one convicted of killing humans. We all know that. But the ultimate price must be paid for such a horendous act. How that comes about should be left to the owner of Credit Card. I know exactly what I would do if she did it to my best horse and I were given the chance to exact her punishment. Granted she did not do it alone. But the same action much take place on all thise involved.

      • Debbie Leavitt says:

        Do you realize the importance of these priceless animals. She should be spray painted, and put to death. You must not be affiliated with any kind of horsemanship. You are way out of line. Quit posting!! You have no incline what these horses are worth to their owners.

      • Danielle says:

        There is a MAJOR difference in the way she killed Credit Card, and this bill to allow the slaughter of horses. She MURDERED this horse. And attempted to murder the other 4.
        The tragedy in this story is, in reality, the law sees these victims as animals. Regardless of what she did, or how she did it, sadly she will more than likely be charged with felony theft (only because of the value of Credit Card and the other horses, as well as the trailer and tack involved), and animal abuse. Then again, I am not familiar with the laws of Arkansas, so I may be wrong entirely. However, if she were to have done this exact same thing to the horses owners, well, that would be a totally different senario. She would be charged with kidnapping, murder, and attempted murder. Why? Because the victims were “human beings.”
        Now I do not consider myself one for PETA laws, but I do believe in animal rights. I believe that a person should be charged similar charges for violent acts on animals as if the animals were humans (i.e. kidnapping, torture, murder, abuse, etc., etc., etc.). Hunting or raising animals for the intention of the use for consumption, does not fall under that catagory. I agree with you that the people that murder, as you say “real”, children and adults should be caught, or for the ones that have been caught, should have harsher sentences. I believe that those kind of people should not be given the privilege or right to live in this world. But the same goes for the people that commit a crime like this. She is a murder. Regardless of what kind of “being” she abused and murdered, she is a murder. And the way she murdered Credit Card? Shot in the head, slit his throat, and then quartered him??? That is a clear sign of a sociopathic individual. She did it maliciously, with the intention to hurt her competitors, simply because she could not mentally or emotionally handle the situation she was in.
        Now, I AM A FIRM believer in the “Eye for an Eye” laws, and this may sound harsh, but before you judge me on the way I feel she should be punished, try to imagine what those horses had to go through…their mouths were not gagged and their feet were not bound, yet they still were not able to cry out for help like a HUMAN child or adult would, or have capabilities untie themselves and try to escape from this monster. That being visualized, IF she is guilty (due to the “innocent until proven guilty” guidelines) I do not believe she should be put to death….well, not just yet anyway….she should be tied to a tree and left to dehydrate and starve. And then, out of mercy (if there is any), her life should be ended in the exact same form as she did with Credit Card.
        My heart goes out to the owners of these poor horses, I could not even begin to imagine what they are having to go through.

        • Renee says:

          Very, Very well said! So glad I am not the only person that feels this same exact way! Kudos to you!

        • Emily Love says:

          Agreed. And I would also ask: Who taught her to do whatever’s necessary to win? Parents? Trainers? School? Because that’s obviously what she was doing – eliminating the competition. That person is guilty of inciting her sociopathic behavior, and should be punished also.

        • Amanda says:

          You are awesome Daniell!!! I agree whole heartedly with everything that you have said.

        • Sandra says:

          She will pay for her crimes as well as those who helped her. She carefully planned this and wrote vital information down in a pink notebook which as also been found. There is recorded phone calls from her to an informant so a slap on the wrist I think not! She will never make it in society ever again. To walk amongst her fellow rodeo members after what she did and not to even let it faze her tells you what kind of person she is. This girl is going to be ripped apart. So justice will prevail.

      • Elaine says:

        To Stacey – dont you know that most serial killers started by murdering animals..And yes I said murder..

      • Tams says:

        You, Stacey, are out of line. People’s lives are definetly more important than an animal’s. However, if this woman (and I use the term loosely) can do this to an animal then she WILL eventually do this to a person out of anger or jealously. She needs to be stopped now and punished to the fullest extent of the law. Bring her here to Texas, we have an express line to the death penalty!

      • Terri Greer says:

        Stacey, maybe you should be her attorney. As for me, I would love to see her and Michael Vick share a cell for the rest of their lives. This girl has no soul, she should never be allowed to be near another animal, and I hope absolutely bad karma follows her for the remainder of her life.

      • Megan says:

        In reply to what stacey said..

        So saying she should be killed for animal cruelty is just as bad as us going and killing an innocent animal. If we were no better than she, I’m pretty sure we would be saying “There’s no harm in what she has done. Let her go without punishment.” But we’re not. In my opinion, all people who cruelly murder any living thing without an understandable purpose should be killed. But these people and I aren’t crazy, and we don’t need a therapist for thinking she should die..we hate that someone could do such a thing to an animal that has done no harm. But it’s not up to you nor I on how she will be punished. If I had it my way, she would die along with all other murderers, rapists, and animal abusers. I hope she gets put in jail for life.

      • ellielouwho says:

        Stacy, we all have the right to express what it is that we FEEL. We also know that in this day and age, no one is put to death for killing an animal. But, have already lived nearly 70 years, I am in total agreement with what the other are expressing. I too FEEL like seeing her tortured and killed though I know it’s not about to happen here in good ol’ liberal US of A. What we FEEL and what we know to be true are often two VERY remotely different things. And, yes, this is a free speech zone – thank God.

      • Elaine says:

        You are a total FOOL!!!! I am an aminal lover but the Horse slaughter is not the same as being brutal murdered for no reason! this is a vicious person and needs to punished to the fullest extent of the law!!!! so sorry for you with no heart!

      • D says:

        I like horses better than people.

      • marty canfield says:

        The bill the president is singing is for older, sick, crippled or just down right mean and nasty horses…..not a magnifacant creature that some man or woman spent countless hours molding into a professional athlete….and in the process this athlete becomes like a brother, sister,mother, father in this humans life…Lady get a real clue life…..this was a hate crime no matter how you put it….it was just against horses not humans….which makes it worse….the horses didn’t piss her off…the humans did…so lets take it out on something that can not defend itself.

      • danielle says:

        I come from a rodeo family and I would be devestated and I would want revenge for my animals that I consider family. This is obviously a tragedy to everyone involved you have to ask yourself what kind of mental and emotional sickness this person has. Not only the young woman but think about your family and how many people in your family would help you slaughter innocent animals. I am fortunate to grow up with a Christian family with good morals. It makes me wonder what kind of family would promote such an act of hatred. It’s obvious she was raised with a sickness and I hope that she is punished by law and she will answer to god. We should all let god take care of the judgment and pray for her sickness and the ones who lost their family

      • ronnie says:

        To. Stacey read the bible if its not yours keep hands off. I have horses an I hope she frys like the sick witch that she is

        • Lady Arion says:

          Only the Peoples of the Book (Jewish/Muslim/Christian) believe animals do not have souls. Pagan religions, including Witches, Native Americans, and many many others commune with animals on the basis that we share a spark of the Divine in our beings, ie a soul. To call this woman a witch is to assume that she would consider Credit Card her equal – ie a soul-bearing life form. She considered him nothing more than a vehicle for her revenge, same as his truck and trailer. Believe me, she would be MOST UNWELCOME in the ranks of witches for what she has done. The Divine is still worshiped in the form of the Goddess Epona today. Karma will come full circle for this woman in the end, but I also would not mind attending her hanging. I am close enough to drive down for the ceremony if it is held in West Virginia.

          A Witch’s Blessing-

          Credit Card, may you ever Blessed Be. May Epona wrap you in her Love and hold you until all hurt and harm is washed away from your soul. May you be known as a martyr in honor of your sacrifice and your story serve to help prevent such horrors in future. Should you so choose, may you be reunited with those you love in another time and place. So Mote it Be.

      • Swingfield says:

        and you dont think that “he” was next on her list? Animal torture and mutilation is right up there in psychology theories with humans being their next victims!! This was ‘personal’ and she was going to get even one way or another !!! Glad she is locked away till she can be evaluated and hopefully kept until she is deemed safe from animals and people! I understand there were more than her .. but a mastermind can be quite intimidating and controlling.. scary scary girl!!

      • Anonymous 3 says:

        @ Stacey, animals are the start of serial killers open your eyes…are you this freaks sister? Family member? Yes she deserves Death…the killing of a innocent horse that people loved, invested lots of money in, the worry the owner must have been through, the hope when the others were found, the heartache when her horse was not found but discovered savagely brutalised the horror of it. The president thinking killing horses for food is okay doesn’t make it okay in the eyes of anyone who owns a horse, last time I checked he owned no horses! These horses weren’t sold they were stolen, ripped away from people who loved them. Get real!!!!

      • MAD MEX says:

        All of you people who say she should be killed are no better than her.
        You self righteous idiots who believe in god, and morals.. then you call for an old fashion hanging..
        This disgusting person who did this to the horses is indeed entitled to ample punishment, but wishing her dead.
        You people have no right calling yourself Christians, because KILLING and spewing hate makes you just as bad.
        Let the system take care of her… or all your gun happy idiots who think an eye for an eye is OK!

        • Danielle says:

          @MAD MEX -
          It’s because of people like you that these “disgusting” people are still in this world. However, if there were more people in this world like myself who do believe in “eye for an eye” then maybe this, as you put it, disgusting person would have thought twice about what she was going to do to these poor horses before she actually followed through with it. I am a Christian but I am not a pushover. Forgive and forget no longer exists in this world. There are way too many evil people nowadays that do not deserve forgive and forget. We need to start making a stand and showing these evil beings that we are not going to imprison them (house them, feed them, let them bathe, sleep, educate themselves, see their friends and family on a regular basis, (all on our dime)) for their crimes. Even the ones who do get the death penalty get the privilege of a “last meal” and a visit from their family to say goodbye. That, is not justice. These people need to be treated in the same form that they treated their victims…human or animal. The need to know that they are going to pay for their actions…not expect us to pay for them.

          • Anonymous, too says:

            KUDOS, DANIELLE …….
            SO MANY OF US HERE – Believe the SAME !
            Quit Pampering the Criminals & They’ll Quit Committing the Crimes !

        • amy says:

          I agree with what you’re trying to say, Mex.
          Two wrongs never make a right. I wish all the energy in these posts would be sent to Credit Card and the other horses families to help them cope with this awful event and not wasted on these low lifes. They don’t deserve any attention or publicity not even negative. Stick them in a cell, take away all there rights and freedoms and let them dwell on it the rest of their miserable lives.

      • Mama P says:

        How could you stand up for something as rotten as this? If she can think of this at 18, I wouldn’t give her any more years to come up with more!

      • JoAnna Morisoli says:

        An animal is an innocent as a child, Any one who could kill a child or an animal should be sent to death, let set precedence here to let people know if you have a problem with someone don’t take it out on the innocent victim if you do, you should be sent to death! Wake up lady she is worse that a mu slum!

      • Vicky says:

        By the way, it’s been shown that people who abuse animals have a higher likely hood to become violent toward human beings. I don’t say hang her though.. I say bring her on down her to Cali, Compton. I’d like her to hang out with some of the fellow gang members on the a matter of fact. I’d like to dress her in red, a gang color, and throw her rear right into a rival gang area. She’ll be hunted, tortured and get to feel the pain before they finally are done with her. And heck..who say’s other convicted proven killers shouldn’t be killed? We’re just talking about her.

      • Deb says:

        An eye for an eye! If people were punished for what they do With what they did they might rethink their actions. This action was all premeditated by her it was not in a fit of anger, I hope they give her the harshest punishment allowed by law!! “Animal lover, Animal protector”

      • Jessica says:

        You better be glad your not in east Tx…. She does deserve to starve and people who murder and molest kids should be right there starving and being tortured with her. Damn liberals

    • clara says:

      if she wonted to win why didnt she go somewere else and do rodeo and the horse did not have to sufer that long it was traned to win and go the owner must wont to kill her i would she would be deed

    • Brenda Manning says:

      I hope she gets the Death Penilty!!!

    • ajc says:

      amen! eye for an eye!

    • wendy schaefer says:

      Jaci Rae Jackson should be a name as known as OJ Simpson; she should be not only punished to the maximum extent of the law, but banned from EVERY equine activity for the rest of her pathetic life. I can’t even imagine the horror of Credit Card’s owner’s family and all my thoughts and prayers go out to them.

  2. Debbie B says:

    You are one evil self centered piece of crap. I hope they throw the book at you and I wish you the most painful experience anyone could ever have in prison. I hope your prison mates do the same thing to you that you did to that poor horse. Rot in Hell where you belong!

    • Debbie B says:

      PS… Someody needs to smack that smirk off her face!

      • Sandra Dowling says:

        Thank you, I thought I was the only one who saw the smirk. This girl is crazy and what she did is personal.

      • Patt Dempsey says:

        Don’t worry. She will get that smirk taken off her face and I hope she gets done in prison what she did to that poor innocent horse.
        May she get the maximum sentence so that it will be a long, long time before she even straddles a horse!!! Hope she gets barred for life from any association that has anything to do with horses and
        any other animal for that matter.

        • Jamie Mavor says:

          We probaly won’t see that smirk removed, we probably won’t even see any real sign of remorse for what she did. We may see her cry , but its not out of guilt its because she was caught and now has to face the consequences. Unfortunately she is the start of the generation of society that is so self entitled that will do whatever they want to get whatever they want. Sounds like she was in rodeo for the fame and money not for the love of the sport and love of the animals and now she is getting all the attention she desires and craves.

        • Terri Greer says:

          Yes, her name should be blacklisted on every horse related group there is.

          • Frank Earl says:

            Rest assured, Terri…the word’s getting around about her. She’s not likely to be welcome in any of the working western circles I’m in- and I think there’s several trainers that’d up and leave a show if they were insistent on her being there.

      • Erica says:

        I see a smirk also. This demon needs to rot in prison for what she did!

  3. Leanne says:

    THIS, disgusts me! How in the world can u do that to an animal and live with yourself???? How could u sleep at night knowing u left horses tied with no food or water…left to die because evidentally u weren’t good enough to compete at their level! Jealousy! God gives us dominion over animals and in exchange for that, we r to take care of them! POOR CREDIT CARD….taken by the hands of a demented torturer …and what’s sad is he probably was so calm cuz he was used to a loving caretaker….May God have mercy on ur soul and may our justice system prevail!

  4. Jamie says:

    She should get an eye for an eye. It is disturbing what kind of girl could partake in such an act. Disgusting. People like her are the downfall of society.

  5. Maggie in Oklahoma says:

    If found guilty, she should hang from a very tall tree.

    • iggy pop says:


      • Karen Cummings says:

        She is most definitely insane, and those of you who think that she should rot in hell….I’m on your band wagon!!! Good God!! I hope that God himself can offer her some mercy, because I personally cannot!!! They BETTER throw the book at this one!

        • Teri Butler says:

          Insane implies she is sick and didn’t know what she was doing, or the consequences of her actions. That’s probably what her attorney will plead in her defense. I believe she knew what she was doing, had a reason for doing it, and knew the consequences of her actions. She seems to fit in a category reserved only for the most horrific, mean spirited people, like serial killers and baby rapers. I live in East Central Oklahoma. I hope they hang her high!!! She doesn’t deserve to walk the earth with God’s creatures. I know the horses and the owners will suffer from this
          act the rest of their lives!

    • Stephanie says:

      x 2!

      And I second the slapping that danged smirk off of her face – sociopath!

      • Danni says:

        I vote letting Credit Cards’ owner deal with her in whatever manner they feel fit…

        • Brandee says:

          Horse owners every were should get to partake in this!!!!!

          • Sandy says:

            Agreed, but only if there is anything left when Credit Card’s owner get done with her

          • dragonwood says:

            My suggestion on face book yesterday was to release her from jail right now, tie a sign around her neck stating who she is and what she’s done, and take her somewhere like a barn area of a racetrack, lock the gate behind her and send her walking. Put her in an environment with people who rise at 4am 365 days a year, travel and move around constantly to take care of and love these animals. People who have devoted their life and given their hearts to horses they don’t even own but treat like their children. I would bet she wouldn’t even make it past the first barn.

        • Karen Cummings says:

          Great idea!!!!

        • stacey says:

          nicely put danni

    • Anonymous, too says:

      DITTO, also !

    • Brady says:

      Yeah, from one of the trees that she tied the horses to

    • Jessica says:

      They still hang in Texas so im told but she would be begging for that if she had gotten ahold of one of my horses. If she ever gets out she better pray she doesnt run in to anyone who recognizes her.

      • Kyle says:

        Wait, you think they are going to give someone the death penalty for killing a horse?? Where the hell were you people educated?

        • Frank Earl says:

          Here’s an education for you…

          In many states, stealing horses gets the death penalty. Texas is one of those states.

          More to the point, if you knew what she did to those horses, and how she did it, you’d question whether she should be allowed to do it to people- which she’s very capable of doing.

          Where in the hell did you leave your brain, sir?

          • Anonymous 3 says:

            Well said…where are the brains of the idiots who don’t realize this IS the act of a serial killer. This is how they start!

        • Wendy says:

          I am sorry but Kyle is right.
          I have been involved in some terrible animal abuse cases and all they get is a slap on the wrist.
          I bet that she will get punished more for the theft than she will for the animal abuse.
          All that will happen to her is she will not be able to own a animal for a year or two! Trust me I have seen it more than once.
          I feel that she should have the same punishment that she placed on these poor horses but it will NEVER happen!
          I am not a PETA person. I was born and raised on ranches and I also hunt but I believe in a quick and humane death no matter what we are talking about EXCEPT when it comes to heartless cruel people like this girl. I feel she should suffer greatly but once again I bet all she gets for the animal abuse is a slap on the wrist! Any Bets?

      • Jeanie says:

        Just so you know – we do not still hang in Texas and have not for many, many, years; the death penalty is enforced through lethal injection. I don’t know the laws pertaining to theft and abuse of animals, but hopefully, justice will be served. I truly hate to see people ruin their lives for any reason, but I am grateful for the justice system.

      • Stacey says:

        Yup they can still hang here in Texas, and I agree they should let the horse’s owners deal with her. There is a special place in hell for people like her.

      • Tina says:

        I so agree Jessica!!

    • amanda says:

      If she were from Michigan she could it is still a form of punishment in our laws, and I would be asking for it.

    • Jenny S~ says:

      Maggie I agree horse theft is a hanging offence still on the books in many states! This person is the worse example of a human I have ever heard of, I doubt she lives out her complete sentence! Her cellmates once they find out what she did, will take her life more than likely…

    • Harold says:

      I disagree with a tall tree. Too fast. A short tree where she can just barely touch the ground with her tippy toes. Let time take her strength (sort of like starvation would a horse) and when she can no longer support her own weight, she would slowly strangle to death. Inch by inch. As for her getting out of prison in one to two years, not likely but it would not be real healthy for her if they turn her out that early. Her face is on too many web sites and she can run but never hide.

  6. bj robison says:

    death would be too kind for her. chain her and leave her to rot . but the law will give her a small fine and community service . what kind of parents does she have?
    God have mercy on her soul. but send her to hell.

    • Sarah Abbott says:

      She deserves death, Credit Card was a family member.. How could anybody be so self centered heartless and cruel?? Her family and herself should be ashamed…. Horse theft is still a hangin offense in ID

      • Brandee says:


      • In response to family members…AMEN. Our horses might as well be our children. The place they hold in our hearts is that of a best friend, confidant and not to mention a mode of transportatiom. This idiots actions prove just how mean and psychotic people can really be. Justice? Let a horse repeatedly kick and pummel her to death!

    • Cindi says:

      There is a VERY sick little girl….The next opportunity will be a human… That is a proven fact…. I hope she get mental help along with her jail time…

    • shae wren says:

      You can’t blame her parents for her ignorantcy… My mother raised us all the same and my brother got a 20 year sentence but none the less an eye for an eye!!!! She should be treated the same way she treated the innocent animals she stole!!!

      • RB SMITH says:

        Apparently Jackson’s mother and mother’s boyfriend helped her do this horrific deed.

        Jackson was pissed because she had a relationship with the owner of Credit Card and he dumped her.

        • PorkyPine says:

          I wondered why she chose that specific horse on which to take out her rage. Poor stupid girl. No boy is worth ruining your life, and no horse deserves what Credit Card got from her.

          She has wrecked her karma for many lifetimes to come.

      • Judy says:

        I think you CAN blame her mom in this case…..since her mom and mom’s boyfriend helped carry this plot out!

      • Haflingergirl25 says:

        Her mom’s boyfriend was the one who actually shot and cut up the horse and all of the horses were found on the family’s farm.

    • Linda Kitzmiller says:

      Absolutely agree! Quartering a horse? What the heck was she thinking? No pity, no sympathy…throw the book at her!

    • cl lewis says:

      What she did was terrible, but you are really asking for the death sentence because she killed an animal? What about the scores of racing horses that are poisoned with steroids and killed each year? If found guilty she should face stiff charges but who are you to damn this woman? Your ignorance is disgusting.

      • Concerned says:

        People are speaking from emotion. It is not ignorance. Just as you think they should not damn this woman, who are you ? You think because your reaction is not as severe that you are somehow superior to the “ignorant” masses. Get over yourself. This lady deserves to punished to the fullest extent of the law. And freedom of speech allows people to express their feelings, whether or not they are realistic. Have a nice night !

        • hunter says:

          She sounds like a Jeffery Dahmer and look at where he ended up???

          • Kerri says:

            She killed an innocent animal and left 4 others for dead. She had no sympathy for them. So we should have no sympathy for her. Who are you? Credit Card wasnt just an animal. He was someones world. Someone loved him like family he was more than just an animal!!! And he was killed for no good reason. She is a sick human being and the next time she decides that something should die it could be a person. She should be locked away for what she did and shown no mercy because she sure as hell didnt show any!

        • Ida says:

          I totally agree

          • Sheila says:

            I believe that she should be punished, but I don’t think she should be put in jail for the families of the horses and other tax payers to support. It cost more to house and support one person in prision than alot of families make. They get free medical, meds, three meals a day, free cable, A/C in the summer and heat in the winter. They don’t have to worry about how they are going to have to pay the bills to keep their lights, water, or gas on or even how they are going to feed their families.

            I feel sorry for the owners of the horses and the family of the girl, but she and the ones that helped her should be put in cage out side in the weather with nothing but a dog house in the cage (no lights water, heat, cable, or visitors) and given one slice of bread and a glass of water every 12 hours times a day.

            Yes I have had horses and if she had stole one of mine that is what I would have wanted done to her or anyone. I hate that she is so young but she is old enough to know what she was doing. What she did was just mean and hateful.

        • quarterlady of NC says:

          I agree with you. I guess we have bigger hearts for our animals.

        • Tee says:

          You are so very right. We are (most) all so very upset about this UNGODLY act! Personally, I think she should be given a dose of what she did to those poor innocent animals… And I would not think it “ignorant” one bit if she WERE given the death penalty. But that would be too kind. She should suffer as those horses did, especially Credit Card!!! I would be afraid to be around such an EVIL person! As angry as I am about this, I think she should be taken out of society. I know, pretty harsh, and it is not my duty to judge. She has God to deal with now. My sympathy to the horse owners. As a Quarter Horse owner & breeder, I pray justice is served & something like this NEVER happens again! Again…Only opinion and right to voice it.

          Sorry if a few disagree, only my opinion… And my right to voice it.

        • easygoer says:

          I hope that she and her cohorts are incarcerated for a long, long time and the people they share time outside of their cells are animal lovers. They will see that justice is done if the court cannot.

        • Pat says:

          I agree, my God for give all that are judging her and others. My prayers are with those that lost their loved ones(animals) we have horses and they are very much a part of our family. God will deal with her maybe not where we can see but he is a just God. Pray for her and those that were in on the theft and distruction of life.

      • DLee says:

        She stole 5 horses from people who cared about them as if they were family!! Those horses get treated better than most people kids!! And as a matter of fact those “animals” are “children” to the people who own them. So yes she should be punished harshly. And she didn’t feed or water them and left 4 of them to die if they weren’t found. And cut one up as sick revenge!! She deserves to rot in jail!!!

      • OMG! says:

        cl lewis… U obviously are not an animal owner! To STEAL someone else’s EXPENSIVE animal that they use to do something they love… RODEO! Really mister! YOU ARE THE IGNORANT ONE!!!!

        • Brandee says:

          OMG! is absolutely right!!!!! As an owner of a valuable horse and a loved one at that I sure as hell wouldnt show this girl and mercy!!!!!!! My quarter horse gelding, paint mare, and her chestnut colt are a part of me so for those of you who aren’t animal lovers then why do you even input anything?!?!?! You only cause more problems!!!!

          • A Concerned person says:

            I think some rational thinking and common sense needs to prevail here. There is nothing wrong with CL Lewis’ statement and while I think there are some harsh statements being put out there – that is your right to say them. I DO have several horses that I have raised since they were born and they are very near and dear to me! While I would not want anything like this to happen to them, I don’t believe that I would be expressing myself in quite the manner that I have seen so far. the Justice system will take care of her. I pity her more than anything else and I am sure she will have a VERY long time to think and reflect back on if this was worth it.

      • you seem to be the ignorant one. people who abuse and mutilate animals move on to humans next. do you want this person living next to you? i think not.

      • Ida says:

        You are the ignorant one. You don’t know much about people and their horses, do you???

        • Ida says:

          This was intended toward cl lewis’s comment

          • dragonwood says:

            Amen Ida!!! Please make sure you and anyone you know read what I said to cl lewis. I have numerous examples of horses that would walk through fire for me. And the real horse loving nuts like myself know that the only way that horses will do some of the amazing things we ask of them is if they feel the same love and commitment from us. Ignorance is spouting B.S. about how other people express their grief.

      • Ridinhigh8000 says:

        seriously??? I thinks you need to get facts straight before you spew your garbage!!

      • love-of-hoof-beats says:

        i am sorry you feel this horse is “just an animal.” but every creature on earth is an animal! the “human” is just another type. we maybe higher thinking and functioning, but have a major responsibility in the “animal kingdom.” animals are people with disabilities. so they cant talk, but they can save your life, lead the blind, and be your best friend when no one else will. how can we even think that they have no value? it’s illegal to take a disabled person, hide them in a dangerous place, then give them no way of getting food or water wile shackling them to something so big the cant get out. disabled people are usually happy, and will go with you, but to mutilate them because they have a great gift, just cause your jealous of them is really messed up!!! death by mutilation just cause your angry is MURDER!!!! you cant replace your own hands once they’ve been mutilated and chopped off, and you cant replace the love you had for a friend that died ether. how can you say you love horses, then turn around and mutilate your teammate’s horse? some people kill innocent animals just to see what killing it feels like, and if they can get way with it. if they do, they go to people… if other “crazies” see she gets off easy, they too will jump on the death wagon. she needs to be ruthlessly punished!!! doing so may lower number of new murderers and criminals . never know, but i’m for it!!! shame on people for needless killing!!! they should not be aloud to be called a human.

      • Anon A Moose says:

        I psycho-analyze juveniles and adults in the corrections system. I see children with violent tendencies towards animals turn to humans, more often than not. I am told by many of these individuals that they, for various reasons, “got high” from the control in taking an animals life. But for whatever reason, they were able to turn this violence to a human with little to no difficulty. This child is on the path. The rage involved in this act could/would easily carry over to a fellow human. From a professional stand point, this child needs help, but there will be no guarantee that she will not repeat this behavior. From a personal stand point, people who practice animal torture should be rounded up and placed somewhere far from civilization. They should be forced to live a Survivor type lifestyle, and the ability to reproduce taken from them.

      • dragonwood says:

        This is for cl lewis: this crime was a cruel, calculated and dispicable act that should carry a penalty much wore than what this evil little girl will end up receiving. Anyone who has devoted and given their life to the care, teaching and protection of horses, as I have; would be ready to fight to the death to save credit card. We horse lovers are a passionate bunch when it comes to our”kids”. I wish to call you out here and now though and say how dare you call anyone ignorant? I happen to work with and live ten feet from some of the happiest, healthiest racehorses you will ever meet. And for your and everyone on here’s information, steroids are 100% outlawed and tested for in post race testing. also if truth be told, the horses that do break down more often than not will. test negative for such chemicals. You should make sure you. are not IGNORANT of rule changes before you insult people. who are simply grieving and emotionally reacting to a sickening inhumane act of evil. You should apologize to the person you called ignorant, for you are nothing but a hipocrite. Plus, find a better forum for your IGNORANT rants. This is not the place, show a little respect!!

      • Dewel Williamson says:

        Not to long ago horse thieves were hung on the spot and that was following down to the letter of the law.That I think is what is wrong,all she has to fear is will her cell have HBO at the taxpayers expense.

      • tess says:

        Wonder if you would feel the same way if it was one of your animals or a family member!!

      • unavailable says:

        you cant ba an owner of a horse? These animals are cared for better than most people, we are talking about these 5 rodeo horses not race horses!!! The fact of the matter is she is a sick, twisted indivdual, to maim and cut credit card into quarters, u should go right along with here, your an idiot and odviously dont have a horse or if you do you dont are about it. readerin Idaho

      • william huff says:

        We are members of a group called animal lovers. People willing to speak up for the animals that are unable to speak up for themselves. To torture and murder an animal should carry the same sentence as torturing and murdering a human. Maybe the people perpetrating these crimes would think it a bad idea if they had to pay the ultimate penalty. Ghandi said that a nation’s morality can be judged by the way it treats its animals. I agree with Ghandi. Do you really believe that paying MONEY is the way to punish a murderer and torturer? How sad. I guess its a measure to how far we have fallen as a society.

      • gary says:

        hey, gotta start somewhere!

      • gary says:

        and just what do you think should be done?

      • sharon savy says:

        Cl Lewis~ Are you serious only stiff chargesPLEASE give me a break she deserves exactly what she did to those horses apparently you don’t understand those horses are not pets or animal they are a part of the family. This is not about race horses so get real and YES SHE SHOULD GET HUNG!

      • Sandy says:

        Spoken like a person that has NEVER owned a horse! Horses are incredibly loving, loyal animals and they DO become a part of the family! This crime is like having your best friend shot and quartered for the owner of Credit Card. Would you be so light hearted if that happened to a member of your family or your best friend. Assuming you have friends, of course. And the trail this girl is blazing, she could end up doing just that if she is released.

      • horse owner says:

        Before you start even try to compare horse racing to what she did first get a clue about the horse racing industry as that does not happen as the drugs are regulated and steroids are outlawed so first get a clue before posting about any horse event!!! Well being a horse owner myself horses are like our families and they get treated better then a lot of people’s kids!!! I don’t feel sorry for this tortured soul as she should be hung for all the torture that she committed to these animals first by stealing and leaving the first four for dead that is cruel enough on it’s own as they are innocent animals that can’t take care of themselves as they depend on their family members to take care of them. Second she should hang for the horrible way she treated and killed poor credit card someone who did nothing to her even if she didn’t pull the trigger herself she gave the instructions to do it and did nothing to stop it!!! All this for some stupid romance that went wrong now look at her she shouldn’t even be allowed to own the horses that she owned and competed on with this kind of heartlessness!!!!!

      • Ryan says:

        Your an idiot

      • suthernlily says:

        do you own a horse? or have you ever had one taken from you ? if no then you cant understand, they are part of the family. stealing a horse is still a hanging offense on the books in tn. too bad they dont enforce it anymore.

      • KMisiak says:

        You’re lack of compassion is disgusting. She didn’t just kill an animal, you act as if she stepped on an injured bird to put it out of it’s misery. What the heck???? She planned a premeditated sick theft/abuse/torture/neglect/murder…..
        And who’s talking about race horses but you? That’s a whole different issue, debate, conversation. Why don’t you stick to the story at hand? Have you ever had a pet that you loved? How would you feel if someone stole it, shot it in the head, slit it’s throat, and butchered it up???? Your’e an idiot

      • sterlingsport says:

        cl lewis you are a jackass, you should keep comments like you just made to yourself unless you know what you are talking about your ignorance is disgusting. Race horses are taken care of and love better than most people take care of their kids.

    • kelly says:

      She needs to have her ovaries removed so that she can not bring more cretins into the world and instill in them her complete lack of morals!!!

    • K Heflin says:

      I have no words… just lots of tears for Credit Card and the horse’s owner(s)
      I pray the courts will penalize this being (NOT EVEN HUMAN) to the maximum penalty allowed. If she didn’t want to be on the team, why attempt to and destroy the lives of these beautiful animals? It doesn’t make sense to me… I don’t own horses but I love them, love being around them when I can.
      I’m glad to hear the surviving 4 were found and are doing well.

      • iggy pop says:

        yes, yes! I concur!!

      • erma says:

        i have and raise mini horses they are like our kids. we love them all. to treat horses like she did is very wrong,and to butcher one because she was uoset, is just pure mean, i hope they throw the book at her,my prayers go out to the owners of the horses she left to the owner of CREDIT CARD, my heart goes out to you god bless you all. [[a horse lover]]

    • Aussie anonymous says:

      This girl is sick… 18 and already doing these horrific things… one has to wonder what she might have done as a younger girl and not been caught for… she has a sick mind. But I don’t think you can blame her parents, once they are out of your hands, anything can go wrong no matter how you raise them as children. You do your best and sometimes even that is not enough when something has gone wrong in their head..

      • LuvMyFurBabies says:

        As I read these posts full of emotion I can’t help but be amazed that the few mentions of this girls “parents” don’t really address the fact that this girl did not act alone and her “parents” helped her. This is a horrific crime but let us not forget or miss the fact that apparently it was a family affair! With all my heart I hope that our justice system does not fail us or these despicable criminals. All too often we have seen the justice system fail and in cases of regarding animal cruelty offenders wind up getting on with their lives after ruining others lives. Just remember Michael Vick. There is no amount of restitution or community service that will make up for the suffering this family has caused. My heart goes out to the Smith family!! It will be very nice to see the mug shot of the mother and boyfriend finally behind bars.

    • horselover in NC says:

      thye need to do the same thing to her that t

      she needs to endure exactly what Credit Card had to suffer through, that would still be too kind

    • laura perez says:

      oh no this chick is going to jail-no small fine here-did u read the charges- six felony counts including theft of a trailer and then you have the tack and then horsetheft is a felony too and so is abuse —that chickie is going to be one sorry girl when she goes to jail-she seriously needs help though too. sick sick girl. first sign of serial killer is animal abuse.-hope she rots in hell

    • Christy says:

      She needs to be shot!! And I’d be happy to provide the guns and the bullets. Better yet she needs to be tied to a tree, naked, and left to starve just like the poor horses. A taste of her own cruelty would be perfectly justifiable as farm as I’m concerned.

    • Sunni says:

      I can’t agree more. Try her up and leave her! An 18 yr. old did this???? How can she, even after being on the team and obviously having a love of horses, how could she do this?!?!?!!

    • horseshowmom says:

      Hold on there, bj robison, this girl’s parents may be wonderful people who did the best they could but the choices this girl made are her own. Do not go blaming her parents for her criminal activities. I don’t know if you are a parent or not, but I think not to see your comment.

      • Shayna87 says:

        Wow Horseshowmom! I understand the instance where a daughter/son commits murder, the parents are shattered and embarrassed but still love their child and visit them in jail, because a parents love is unconditional….cant blame a parent for still loving their child.. To compare this case of parents being accomplises to this horrid act is extremely short sided and clearly you havent read the details of articles put right in front of you. First, they help by providing a vehicle to steal the horses. Second, they provide property to conceal the animals. Third, they allow these horses to be starved on their own property. Fourth, the killer of the horse wasnt even a parent, it was a BOYFRIEND! Fifth, the boyfriend mutilates Credit Card in order to secretly dispose of the body…OK so I know I have the most amazing PARENTS a person could ever ask for.. But by no means would they condone abducting a person, allow me to hide them in their basement for weeks while starving them, murder the person for me when I tell them to and quarter the body so that it cannot be found–So what really happened is with horses instead of a person, idk bout you but I dont see any less crime for all parties involved …. Miss Horseshowmom, I pray these were not your true feelings, Bless you if they are.

      • Ida says:

        They are not wonderful people. I am a parent

        • CAROLYN says:


      • easygoer says:

        Horseshowmom—–Are you aware that her mother and her mother’s boyfriend were in on this crime? GeezLouise!

      • curlygirly says:

        hold your horses horseshowmom, her mom and her moms boyfriend helped her…

    • maggie says:

      This comment is silly. She is young dumb and was probably on drugs. She needs help not to be condemned. Hell is just a fictional place anyhow. Enlightenment is what people need.

      • jls says:

        “She is young dumb and was probably on drugs. She needs help not to be condemned.”

        “young and dumb” does not equate to violent and “on drugs” is a choice. When is someone accountable in your book?

      • iggy pop says:

        PULL YOUR HEAD OUT!!!!

      • Anon A Moose says:

        People who are busy finding excuses rather than making people, themselves included, responsible for their actions seems to be an ongoing issue, anymore. There is no excuse for this behavior. Drugs, stealing, torturing…list is long for this…are all choices. Period. This little girl must be held responsible for her choices.

      • Christian says:

        All of your arguing and ranting and raving isnt going to bring credit card back, nor is it going to help with any courts decision. What’s this girl has done is awful. She and everyone involved should be punished accordingly.

        To anyone who believes that hell is a fictional place, let me enlighten you. Heaven and hell are both very real, as is the King James Version of the Holy Bible. If everyone would look into this source for direction instead of running their mouths about what’s their opinion is, well might find some right answers. God is never wrong. He is fair and just.

        • Realist says:

          God is never wrong? He is fair and just? Where is the fairness in this situation? Any for that matter? Life is not fair. Period. And you are going to enlighten us by simply stating that heaven and hell are both very real, as is your version of a book…? I do not feel enlightened.
          I would agree with you that this just seems to be a place for people to rant and rave, nothing said on here is going to affect the outcome of the case. It seems to serve as a place for people to vent. Just wondering why you think your rant is any more righteous or helpful or necessary than the others…?

      • CAROLYN says:


      • easygoer says:

        Maggi, this was premeditated. She spent alot of time finding out which stalls the horses were kept in, conspiring with her mother and mom’s bf, etc…..It was not a spur of the moment, random act which could be explained away by being “on drugs”. It took a lot of planning. And even if she was on drugs, there is precedence in the court system that “being on drugs” is not an excuse. You do the crime, you serve the time.

    • Jaylene Ingle says:

      That may be the rest of the story! Which is even sadder!

    • JKR says:

      BJ, I couldn’t agree more. Tie her to the same tree she tied the other 4 and walk away!

    • Diane says:

      I have to agree. Send her and her accomplices to jail and let them rot there . Actually, rotting in jail is too good for them.

      • suthernlily says:

        the thing about rotting in jail is, she will be given 3 meals a day, somewhere to sleep, and access to programs that mainstream cant access because they cant afford it, and all of this we will fund as tax payers, me personally, i wouldnt pee on her if i saw her on fire, i would turn my back and walk away, like she did when she tied the horses and left them to suffer. i have no sympathy.

    • Haflingergirl25 says:

      oh and all of the horses were on her family’s land. It’s just horrible! I cannot even fathom their motives behind any of this. “just wanting the horse killed” is not a viable reason for something this deranged. especially not “romantic problems”.

      • Julie Evans says:

        And that’s where the family/parents raising of her comes into question. How could they not know what was going on, on their own property?

        • Shayna87 says:

          They knew! The parents provided a vehicle to steal them and bring them across the state line then it was the mother’s boyfriend who killed Credit Card.

          • Tineuta says:

            She broke the law of the land, should be punished according to the law. But there is still the law of God, she has be forgiven and justly punished. If she ask God to forgive her, he will. We must forgive as the Bible says. She will stand before the “just bar” and she has to answer to Law of man and God.
            Somewhere this girl went wrong, and we must pray for her soul. We can’t judge her, God will do that. All we can do is pray for her, and hope she get it right before judgement day. Man will get his justice, and God will get his. We have no hell or heaven to put her. The all Mighty will do that. I truly pray for this girl. Something is truly wrong here.

          • carlarw_08 says:

            Yes, the parents were involved… pathetic…..d

        • Sandra says:

          They did. Her mother’s boyfriend helped.

    • Jules says:

      Probably parents that taught her how to clean a deer and how to get ahead is to take out the competition. People make their own decisions, but I’ve known some bad parents to push their kids to succeed in ways that they shouldn’t.

    • KCashatt says:

      I heard her mother was in on it.

    • Mother and Pet Lover says:

      We have no idea what kind of parents Jaci has, and her parents’ may have no blame due them at all. Most parents do the best they can to raise their children to be responsible, compassionate adults. Unfortunately, you can raise more than one child the same way and one may become an upstanding citizen yet another a serial killer.

      Once a child becomes old enough to know right from wrong (notice I did not say “becomes an adult”) they alone should be held accountable for their decisions and actions. If the parents had some part in the crime, then of course, they too are guilty. But only then.

  7. Karen says:

    I hope they hang her. That was what was done to horse thief’s 100 years ago, and still fits the crime! She deserves the max punishment.

  8. Diana Keffer says:

    That is absolutely the most horrible thing I’ve ever heard. I pray that the justice system will prevail and she and her counterparts all receive the absolute maximum sentence allowed by law! My heart and prayers go out to the other equines and their owners.

  9. christine says:

    That is a very troubled young lady. I hope, for the sake of everyone who may cross her path, she gets the help she clearly needs.

    • easygoer says:

      Some people are just evil and “help” in terms of therapy/meds have been proven to be unsuccessful. Some perps ( years after treatment) say that they would do their crimes again, if given the opportunity.

  10. Shelbae Jayhne says:

    She had NO right to do this, that is absolutely
    Awful to do to such innocent animals
    I have horses of my own and it makes me sick
    Of thinking about them being treated that way
    And spray painting really???? Ridiciulous.

  11. sonya says:

    This is unbeleivable and she deserves to suffer…maybe someone should chain her to a pine tree for a few days and not let her eat or drink…then they should do to her wat they did to credit card. shes a cold hearted murderer and deserves it right back. I would literaly torture anyone who did anything like that to my horses. My horses are my life…i dont understand how anyone would want to hurt a beautiful animal like that! It disgusts me!

  12. MJ says:

    I cannot image the mind that would do these horrible deeds. Jealousy perhaps? Regardless of the reason, she deserves to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. “Back in the day” they hung horse thieves, guess she should be glad it’s 2011! But I hope she is held accountable for her deeds, if she can do this at only 18 years of age, what will she be capable of at 28?

  13. Hosslady says:

    I truly hope this woman doesn’t just get probation, and a slap on the wrist. She needs to do some serious jail time, then 100′s of hours of community service – preferably picking dead animals up off the road.

    • KJones says:

      SHE better hope she doesn’t just get a slap on the wrist. Lots of horse lovers out there. I agree that her next victims would be people and not animals. Don’t feel sorry for her one bit!

    • b2h says:

      I doubt that she just gets “a slap on the wrist”. She is too known now and it will be more dangerous for her to be out and on the streets than in jail. Her best bet is to hope for being in jail for her own sake! Lord only knows what would happen to her if they let her off pretty easy! There are too many people who HATE her that would be capable of doing something to her in revenge without ever losing a bit of sleep…

  14. Travis says:

    She’d better find a hole to hide in.

  15. Jennifer M says:

    Jaci Rae Jackon will NEVER own another horse as long as I live!

  16. EB says:

    They used to hang horse thieves. Maybe they should start again, she can be first in line.

  17. Cara Wade says:

    There is a special place in hell for people who abuse children, animals & the elderly !! Jaci, may you & your conspirators ROT in hell !! My sympathy to Credit Card’s owner……………

  18. Mel says:

    She deserves the same treatment that poor Credit Card got. What a piece of lowlife sh*t

  19. Jammey Howard says:

    I do not understand why? This was a malicious,
    & horrific act. My heart breaks for CC & his owner
    As well as the owners of the recovered horses. I
    Just hope that a just & proper punishment will
    Be enacted on these people. We are set upon this
    Earth to care for our companion animals, if we
    Desire a better horse the only way to get yours
    Is thru practice!!! Still praying for SAU Rodeo Team!

  20. Wendy says:

    This creature of a human being needs to have a taste of what she did to these defenseless animals. I hope she is repaid for this throughout her life with misery. What goes around comes around. And God NOT have mercy on her soul since she does not have one.

  21. JM Burns says:

    What drives a person to even think of doing such a thing let alone follow through and abuse innocent animals:( It’s disturbing.

  22. Linda says:

    She obviously was a complete fake. No one who had a real relationship with horses would or should have done such a thing, no matter the motive. She obviously is a very sick individual who unfortunately, found herself at this University’s Horse Program.

    There has been a scholarship fund set up to attempt to make a positive result from such a negative event. Please consider donating. See SAU Foundation webpage for more details as they become available. She needs to be tied to a tree and left without food or water….for a very long time.

  23. Oilfart says:

    The first person to post suggests that the death penalty would be appropriate in this case. I appreciate a fine horse as much as anyone, but at the end of the day it is a horse, an animal used for food in most other developed countries. In the U.S., horses are used for riding (entertainment) and performance (rodeo). One additional use for horses is as unpaid ranch hands. Horses are used to work cattle being raised for food. In all these cases, these animals are treated as slaves. They are unpaid, kept in small stalls during non-work times and feed grass most of the time.

    In this case, the horses were used to facilitate the abuse of other animals by having them perform in rodeos. The death of Credit Card is sad. That the other horses were found in poor health probably saves them from further performance slavery as rodeo clowns. Their lives will be completely changed for the better as long as they are no longer forced to perform in rodeos for the benefit of others.

    • iggy pop says:

      you are VERY ignorant, and therefore should not even be commenting on this site! Go hug a tree somewhere!

      • Anonymous, too says:

        DITTO !

        • Jane Doe says:

          I don’t know about the rest of you, but I personally would like to invite Oilfart to California and have a stay at my place to thoroughly go over how we horse owners love and treat our animals and perhaps show him/her(Oilfart) exactly how “slaves” were treated. You’re welcome anytime Oilfart, me and my spoiled and loved horses will be waiting. I’ll arrange some nice welcoming gifts for you too… Come on, I dare ya!!

        • Snakewhip says:

          Although I don’t agree with Oilfart, I must admit the hate expressed to a human seems a little excessive for what the horsethief did. Now we know why public executions are considered cruel and unusual punishment. Let’s just take care of our horses which are livestock and let God take care of the just punishment. Meanwhile, we must prevent this person from performing another act like this.

          • BB Zoo says:

            Well, public executions might be just what is needed to make a potential criminal think before he/she acts ! Wake up ! We are talking about cruelty & murder of INNOCENTS – not skipping your parking ticket. In our ‘politically correct’ society .. a SLAP on the wrist & a fine … apparently IS NOT working ! The Punishment SHOULD fit the CRIME.

      • Lorenemuah says:


    • Cimmer says:

      Yes. You are very ignorant of horses and rodeo and the way of life we live. If you dont get us, then stay out of the thread…before you make an a$$ of yourself

    • Melissa Bates says:

      I agree you are an absolute idiot… Maybe you should be educated first! Are you a PETA member or a SHARK member? You thinking rodeo is cruel dose not even come close to justifying what has been done to these horses! I have been in rodeo most of my life and let me tell you those animals are better fed and taken care of then most people are… you make me sick…

    • Thumper says:

      Are you high or what? 90% of the ranch working horses are kept in pasture to run, graze and do as they please when not in use. No kidding they eat grass most of their lives what do you think they eat a big ole juicy t-bone steak. Most horses have better lives than alot of people, I know for a fact mine do and most barns are nicer than alot of houses. The countries that eat horses, I personally think are disgusting. Horses are one of Gods most beautiful creations and for you to hope that because of this the other 4 horses will not be able to perform makes you as bad as the person that commited the horrible acts. Maybe you should come out from under your rock and actually have some real facts before you make the comments you do.

    • Shayna87 says:

      “In this case”…WE ARENT EVEN TALKING ABOUT RODEO! We are talking about a girl who stole horses, abused them to the highest degree, killed someone else’s (once healthy) animal, and got help from her family to do it all. All of them are sick, the poor girl doesn’t have a chance at life if this is how she takes out her heartbreaks-she plumb wont make it- most ppl who are this unstable just kill themselves..hmm damn. Take your “I hate rodeo” comments somewhere fitting. Clearly we all are taking time out of our lives to comment and share feelings about how heartbreaking this is and the need for justice because we care about animals and wish this on no owner or animal-I betcha the returned horses will soon be healthy happy animals and will go back to being their owner’s partner in the rodeo!

    • BB Zoo says:

      Oh – BTW – ‘Oilfart’ …
      Your an IDIOT – when you Love & treat your Horse with Respect & Kindness …
      HE LOVES YOU BACK – & will Gladly be your PARTNER in these sports ….
      What next – are you going to say a BirdDog is Unhappy; doing what he does for his Human? You obviously have NO IDEA – of the relationship & Bond – of BELOVED Steed & his Owner/Rider. Go find a story that shares you ideals – cause it’s not here !

    • Patty says:

      I think you are sadly misinformed. My rodeo friends do not keep their horses “confined” to small stalls, but rather in large pastures where there is ample room to run, graze, etc. These horses are well fed, regularly treated by veterinarians(probably more so than some young children, who have neglectful parents) and treated with love and kindness. My horses are not kept in stalls except at shows/rodeos where turnout is not safe…ie….the safety of the animal is the most important factor. As for payment…they get shelter, feed, love and general care…much more than wild horses get. In return, they “perform” for us as we have trained them to do. The horses that are used on ranches(true working ranches) are not ridden all day but traded out with other(fresh) horses in the remuda and allowed to rest. Please read on the Working Horse or AQHA website about working/ranch horses and the excellent care they get….much better than some backyard horses in my small town. So please do not lambast the rodeo/show world with your IGNORANCE…get the facts straight, then post a response.
      This young lady needs help…help while she sits in jail for a very long time. Hanging would be too lenient for her…I agree with making an example of her just as many of the others who have posted have said. My condolences to Credit Card’s family….God Bless.

    • bootsnhooves says:

      I am sorry to say you don’t know much about the horse industry in this country. Yes, horses are used for entertainment and performance, but they are also used as therapy animals, police officers, and companion animals, and yes for ranch work. And any rancher will tell you they take good care of their horses. At the very least they are an expensive piece of equipment that would take a lot of time and money to replace, two things they don’t have excess of. I own two horses that I love and care for as best as I can. For you to say that people use horses as slaves is misguided. People spend thousands of dollars to buy a horse, train it, and feed and care for it. Something that expensive is well taken care of. For you to complain about them eating only grass….that is what God intended for them to eat!
      Yes, horses are animals, and people in other countries use them for food. But we are not just talking about any horse; this was a young girl’s horse whom she loved and cared for and used in a school function. Her parents spent thousands of dollars on him getting him ready for rodeo, cruel in your opinion or not. Horses are not replaceable, just like the family dog is not replaceable. Horses are very expensive, just like a Lexus. So we are talking about something expensive and irreplacable; priceless. They are felony charges for a reason. She should be punished harshly to the full extent of the law. What she did was malicious and premeditated. This was not simply animal cruelty or neglect of her own horse, but theft and, neglect, cruelty, and murder of someone elses prize companion. In my home stats of Texas, hanging for horse thieves is still a law on the books, though it has not been implemented in decades. I don’t believe her actual punishment will be as bad as it should be, but hopefully it will be bad enough. Horses are not just pets or work slaves, they are friends, partners, confidants, babysitters, lawnmowers, and pure magic! May Credit Card’s owner know that he is in peace, and someday you will be riding again in beautiful green pastures. Unntil then, find another horse to give a wonderful life to and cowgirl up! (Or cowboy, I don’t know for sure!)

      • danielle says:

        To boots and hoovesi understand the horse industry. I grew up riding 25,000 rodeo horses. I love them and no doubt would be angry but to hear people say she should be killed makes me such we don’t even have the death penalty for the mentally ill who kill , rape, and torture children, women and men. I think it is very sad that everyone on this sight is asking for her death. She is obviously mentally ill and yes she will get off without th punishment you all think she deserves but think about real people whos actual children get slaughtered and thier killer gets off because they are mentally ill. To think that all of
        you get in an uproar about a horse. And yes I love my horses and my dig but I care about people more. If you don’t I think god will judge you and wishing death on someone because they killed an animal is not right
        Whens the last time you stood up for a human with such Passion?? Never I am guessing

    • Mindy V says:

      Animals were put on this earth for humans to use. Humans were given dominion over animals. We are expected to let them help us, but we are expected to treat them with respect for their help. We have to work and slave and we feel good about it…I believe horses feel good about working too! I have witnessed two rodeo horses (a bulldoggin and hazing horse) be let out in the arena to stretch and roll after a long trip. They played around a little bit and then both got in their respective places in the box (where they sit and get ready to run after a steer) and broke out running as if they had riders on them. Now, Oilfart, you tell me they don’t love what they do!

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Apparently you do not rodeo. People who rodeo love their horses like children. Perhaps if you truly understood the life of a rodeo horse, or the life of any working horse you would understand how much we care about our horses. They are treated with the utmost respect in that they are companions – not slaves…… Seriously, do not comment if you do not know the life of a rodeo horse……… You haven’t the slightest clue….

    • hoss says:

      people like you are the reason animals starve in this country the horses you re talkin about have a job and their owners go great extremes to make sure they are taken care of they take better care of their animals then they do their selves

    • b2h says:

      I rodeo and my horses get better care and treatment than I do! When I have extra money it is spent on my horses! they eat better than I do, they live nicer than I do, and I cant keep my horses off of me when I go in the pasture and like I said I RODEO. Rodeoing is my horses’ jobs just like I go to work every day. I have beautiful healthy horses that I love and they love me. I can’t lead my horses around a horsetrailer without having to hold them back from them wanting to load up. There is no good explanation as to why Jaci would do that to ANY animal! Horse, cow, cat, dog, pig, etc. I understand that animals are slaughtered, but it is better than them being starved to death. The malnutrition, lack of water, and the inhumane death of Credit Card is the focus in this article and people’s worries, not whether rodeo or slaughter is cruel or inhumane.

    • KMisiak says:

      Ditto on everyone else’s comment, you’re ignorant to the life of truly loved equine companions and competitors. Do you notice how few people show any mercy on this sick, twisted, individual and what she did? I think the masses speak for the majority. She is sick, and she deserves to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Eye for an eye. How do you think that bimbo would feel if someone stole her horse, shot it in the head, slit it’s throat and quartered it up???? I have no patience for ignorant comments like yours….stupid. Most horse owners/lovers are responsible, loving caretakers that spend more on the health and well being of their horses than they do themselves, I know I do!

    • ron smith says:

      This guy doesn’t have a clue. I went down the road for years rodeoing, my horses loved what they did and yes I took better care of them than myself. Thats what makes this CRIME so appauling. We do not think of our horses as animal they are our partners! Maybe you should go to a Equine event of some fashion and slap someone’s horse and you would have a NEW look on why we feel as we do……………

  24. amber says:

    what the hell was this crazy heiffer thinking? she should be greatful she ever had the privelidge meeting these horses much less riding them. i hope she gets punished severly!

  25. Tanya Okerlund says:

    This girl is sick and despicable… most horse people do whatever they can to help one another. I have NEVER heard of such a thing being done in and to the horse community. She should have to suffer like all of the horses did !

  26. angela lawler says:

    Hang her!!!!! if she will do that to a horse you can imagine what she might do to a person!!!

  27. Shauna Wickes says:

    This is so sad, why would anyone want to do this to such beautiful animals…..No punishing her will not be enough and it sure won’t bring back Credit Card. but at least she is behind bars!

  28. pchoofinit says:

    OMG! Why? was this horse faster than her’s? If so, why did she punish the other horses too? Please punish this girl and whomever else helped do this most terrible thing to innocent creatures. I hope the laws in the state it is tried, are tough on these crimes. Horse theft alone has been a very old crime, hopefully tough laws are on the books still.
    Fate will decide her outcome. I say lock her in a room with Credit Card’s owner. I can only imagine what I would do if she did that to my horse. Rot in hell girl.

  29. terry westin says:

    she should be made to pay the vet bills pain and suffering. also the value of a trained preformance horse and the cost of training the horse as a trainer To have a horse in my care and training is $150pr week. and he must have has a great deal of traning also put her to work mucking stalls for 1 year 10 stalls a day done correctly it will take a few hrs. maybe make her get no water or feed for a few days.

    • RZ says:

      There is NO WAY she should be allowed to work around horses ….. EVER! I will not say she should rot in hell, God forgives all…. BUT, she should be punished to the full extent of her SIX FELONIES and I really hope that they serve her the MAX. She did something SO vile, I cannot believe what these kids were thinking? I agree horses are livestock, but that does not mean that they are not loved, or that they deserved an ounce of what this girl and her associates did to them…. I agree, serial killer in the making. Jealously and hate is a terrible disease. And she obviously is filled with it!

  30. v.j. says:

    this “woman” should never be allowed to see another horse. ever.

    or, maybe she ought to work in one of the soon to be opened again slaughter houses since she seems to like it?

    although, she couldn’t have done this alone…

  31. MJ Blakely says:

    It’s time we let everyone involved in this know that the consequences of their crime is more than a slap on the hand and community service! If they’ll do this to an animal they’ll soon graduate to a person. I can’t imagine how totally evil this girl is to want this horse dead. I agree with BJ, God will have mercy on her soul but I hope she’s sent to hell. Now lets make her life and the others here on earth a little like hell and let them know that what they did will not be tollerated!

  32. Mary Mort says:

    How can some one have this much hate in there heart to treat defenceless horses with such cruelity is beyond my understanding..I can only hope they give her the maxium sentence..

  33. Messina Cox says:

    The gentleman whos horses were stolen from was distraught. I am a facebbok freind of his and his horses were like his children. Now for her to face the consequenses. I pray that these consequences teach her a lesson.

  34. T.Dougan says:

    Words can not even begin to explain how I feel right now after reading what they did to that poor horse!! Not to mention to the family…. No animal deserves this…. Such a senseless tragedy… Just shows the pure EVIL in this world!!! I pray that the justice system provides the Smith’s the justice they and credit car deserve…..

  35. S Stubblefield says:

    What she did is so horrible. She should be tied up to 4 horses and then ripped to pieces. That is pretty much what she did to Credit Card. It not fair that BJ is right the only thing she will end up with is a slap on the wrist and some fines. Nothing compared to what the poor horses had to endure!

  36. ashley says:

    Tie her to a tree with no food or water…the man above knows what she has done and she will be paying for it long after she’s dead… may she rot in hell.

  37. D Kelly says:

    Hang her! It’s still a viable form of punishment for horse thieves in the West. Hang her!

  38. Kelli Golden says:

    BJ I TOTALLY agree with you !! She should be made to suffer like those poor horses suffered !!

  39. ldehart says:

    Totally agree with you bj!!!! I certainly hope she gets a judge that knows a little something about animals and has a fair amount of compassion that will throw the book at her! I hope she rots!!! My prayers go to all of you who had your horses put through this terrible ordeal and I hope your on the road to a successful recovery!!

  40. ablestmage says:

    The charges are regarding high-dollar theft of property and damage thereof. Horse meat is now legal for export in the US, making horses legitimate livestock like any common cow. Whether you want to befriend your cattle is up to you, I guess, but not penalized by the courts per se except for deliberate malnourishment perhaps. However, the case is still in the accusation stage, not the penalty phase — so she could be perfectly innocent. Being brought to trial means the prosecution *believes* they have sufficient evidence against you, not that their evidence is true or correct. If you can muster it, try to reserve your judgment until the case develops properly and all the facts are presented. Don’t be wishing for her death like some uneducated caveman who engages in unrestrained revenge without due process.

    • iggy pop says:

      you are ignorant yourself! please don’t comment on things you know nothing about dumbass!

    • curlygirly says:

      @ablestmage! I think you are a moron, probably a politician, trying to minimize the fact that these people STOLE these horses from a barn and took their saddles, bridles etc…do you have ANY idea how much all that horse stuff costs? They took someones LIVE beloved horses hid them, abused them, tortured and KILLED one of them all because the girl was jealous and UNABLE to compete with them…..what a disgusting person….IF they had been mine, I would have shot, hung and drug her down the trail to the copshop!! How would you like someone to come take your cat/dog because it was prettier than theirs…then kill them and chop them up? These horses have been trained,loved and shown by LOVING people…anyone who would break hearts or do what this girl did…should die…a long slow death….and you are part of the problem, with your “Give her a chance” mentality…I hope she recieves the MAXIMUM penalty allowed by law for stealing horses, trailers, tack and then torturing these beloved horses and killing an quartering poor “Credit Card”…I hope the poor owners are going to get some JUSTICE!!

  41. Hilary says:

    Thats disgusting!!!! They should either shoot her in the head/slit her throat & or chain her 2 the tree without food & water!!! See how those poor innocent horses felt!!

  42. Marie says:

    this girl has issues, and need to be put in some kind of hospital for sick and twisted people. People like her turn into cerial killers!!!! Poor Credit Card, he did nothing wrong and paid the ultamate price….RIP ol’boy.

  43. Charleen Johnson says:

    There is a special place in hell waiting for that young lady. B J is probably right, she will probably get a slap on the wrist and some fines. Just remember that serial killers start out being animal abusers.

  44. It takes a real filthy low down low life to do that to one of Gods creatures and I think He has the punishment waiting for her .

  45. M Smith says:

    @bj robison…I could not have worded this better myself!

  46. tammy skelton says:

    i hope they get everyone involved this makes me sick to my stomach to think someone could be so mean to not only kill this beloved animal but to mutilate it. that is a sick bunch of people i hope the law punishes them to the full extent. and id like to knock that smug look right off her face . hope they are old and grey when they get out .and wonderful things happen to them in jail lol

  47. Dee Steeves says:

    She ll get on probation, do the community time, and pay a fine. Thats how the law works. She needs to do real time and full restatution to the owners. It ll never happen….

  48. james jeta laxton says:

    this is what happens when christians set back and let 20% of the country they got to kick God out of the school , no more crosses , no more memorials to God, we loose our morals and our kids grow up not knowing the differance between right and wrong . I think its high time christians get some back bone and tell the 20% to get out of the way cause christ is comming back and were going to make room for him because were going to stand up for our faith from now on and if they dont like it move to some country where they can have there immorality cause were going to have our way from now on , other words were going to stand up for our Lord and savior in the name of Jesus Christ amen

  49. A.C. says:

    If anyone did this to my horses i’d kill. She deserves to be dead. It’s disgusting what she did to poor Credit Card. No animal deserves that.

  50. Meredith says:

    Sick sick girl!!!! To do this to a poor helpless animal My heart goes out to owners of Credit Card!!

  51. Debbie says:

    She is one sick individual. She should rot in jail or worse.

  52. Amanda Jones says:

    What kind of person would do something like this?? Someone who is HEARTLESS and EVIL!! No animal should have to suffer that way, and the fact that this person did this cruel act on an innocent animal, makes you wonder what else they are capable of….Hell isn’t bad enough for this person!!

  53. Cathy Conlin Duvall says:

    This is the worst possible scenario that I could imagine that could have happened to Credit Card. Was this retialitation against the horse or the owner? And was in the process of starving the others. This is one sick girl and she needs the maximum penalty that is available. I certainly hope that the law does its job and prosecutes this to the full extent of the law. She was a member of this team, and HOW?

  54. Dollie says:

    I really think the horse industry(people like myself)should request for this woman to be tried and hung .. No lethal injection, no gas, but hung from the nearest tree like in the 1800s when someone was found quilty of horse stealing.
    This woman probably lost several times to these horses in different events, heck, there owners are probably prettier than her. She sick, shes jealous, and shes an animal abuser.
    Its a damn good thing it wasn’t my horse she stole, cause someone would have to cut her down from my tree..

    • Anonymous, too says:

      A burial in the manure pile – after a dose of Lime … hear it works – just sayin’.

    • NCFarrier says:

      There are no consequinces for peoples actions anymore. Few fear God anymore and the dishonest folks know they are going to get off with little punishment. I agree, hang them high and show the rest of the theives what is in store for them.

      • Anonymous, too says:

        @ NC Farrier —- DITTO !
        Since knowing Right from Wrong & The FEAR of GOD isn’t working anymore ….. I say ; More Examples = Less Criminals = Less Freeloaders ……. Etc. Etc. Etc. ;)

  55. Canzada Schoonover says:

    How could anyone do this to animals. Someone that dose not have a heart. I hope she gets what she deserves…….

  56. Sue Hitt says:

    What a POS. That girl’s got mental problems. I bet her parents are proud.

  57. california girl says:

    My prayers go out to Credit Card owners, And the members of the SAU rodeo team. Here In California we are having faith that the law enforcement and the justice system will avenge Credit Card and all the other horse that were abused. As for Jaci, you are very sick and need help, Maybe you can find peace in hell!!!

  58. Cheryl says:

    She’s a HORRIBLE person! I feel so bad for her parents and family. I’m sure they are heartbroken.

  59. marilyn Davis says:

    I know a person is innocent until proven guity. I would not want to be in her shoes because I’m sure the evedence is plenty. Animal rights need to get into this to add a little more to her punishment.f she gets out of this trouble she best get out of Magnolis and Broken Bow it just might not be safe.

  60. CanadianSunrise says:

    Honest to … what in H… do her parents have to do with this. Yes, be outraged. Be sad. Be whatever you want to be but don’t be stupid. She made the choices she made. Good people have bad children. Bad people have good children. It’s all about choices.

    • Shayna87 says:

      I have the same response for you as I did another on this page. I understand the instance where a daughter/son commits murder, the parents are shattered and embarrassed but still love their child and visit them in jail, because a parents love is unconditional….cant blame a parent for still loving their child.. To compare this case of parents being accomplises to this horrid act is extremely short sided and clearly you havent read the details of articles put right in front of you. First, they help by providing a vehicle to steal the horses. Second, they provide property to conceal the animals. Third, they allow these horses to be starved on their own property. Fourth, the killer of the horse wasnt even a parent, it was a BOYFRIEND of the mother-is not the whole parent/child unconditionalism! Fifth, the mom’s boyfriend mutilates Credit Card in order to secretly dispose of the body…OK so, I know I have the most amazing PARENTS a person could ever ask for.. But by no means would they condone or help me abduct a person, allow me to hide them in their basement for weeks while starving them, murder the person for me when I tell them to and quarter the body so that it cannot be found–So what really happened is with horses instead of a person, idk bout you but I dont see any less crime for all parties involved …. Good ppl have bad children yes, but not applicable to this situation. This situation= Bad mom has a bad boyfriend who helps the bad child commit crimes.

      • CarolAnn says:

        Shayna would you provide the source of your information? I would like to read this article that states her parents provided a vehicle, property, etc. and that her mother also has a boyfriend besides the girl’s dad. Sorry, but your story doesn’t really jive.

  61. shelby says:

    Just turn her loose now and let someone quater her. Just plain sick. Unimagineable that anyone, let alone a teenage girl, could be so heartless.

  62. sara morgan says:

    a horse is a persons best friend and you can never take friendship away. ive had the same horse for over 20 years now and i dont know what i would do to someone if this were to happen. shes lucky im not the owner. I know some of her friends and close friend with the rodeo team. never met her but i knew she was kind of an odd individual. the government wont see how important horses are to us but i think the population its self will hate on her even though she needs more than that

  63. LMM says:

    I hope one of those felony charges is FIRST DEGREE MURDER!

  64. Sierra says:

    I pray to God they don’t let her off easy, theres no reason for what she did besides being physcotic obviously….I feel so sorry for the Families of everyone who had the horses stolen, and especially for Credit Cards owner…he was so awesome at what he did and Credit Card did together…jealousy probably fueled this….Hang the witch or lock her up for a long while, theres a reason why horse theivery is still a hangable offense in wyoming..

  65. sr says:

    What kind of sick bitch would do that? If she didn’t like the other team members, lash out at them and tell them how she feels but for god sakes, WHY take it out on an innocent animal?
    BJ, that’s the problem with kids today, they get a little tap on the hand and with a feather. They need to be raised like we were back in the day. A lot of that crap would stop.
    As for what should be done. She stole, abused anothers property and straight out MURDERED another persons innocent animal. Death would be a wonderful option but make it slow and painful. Make her suffer like those animals did. Spray paint her, leave her to starve and dehydrate and when she’s just about to her end, start chopping HER into little pieces. Sounds good, but you are right, it’s too good for her. Tattoo to her forehead “animal murder” with horse shoe prints around it and send her to ASPCA with a bright red bow!! Lock her in a cage like the savage beast she is and throw away the key…I could go on and on.
    To the kids who had to go threw all of this horrid experience…..God bless you! We are all with you in our hearts and pray you get the justice you all so deserve.

    • Anonymous, too says:

      AGREED ! When I was little – if I did something, say pull the cat’s tail … KNOWING that was bad …… I would’ve gotten a switch til I couldn’t SIT. Nowadays – that’s child abuse – BOO HOO ! This chick probly only got a ‘ no dear’ for the same tail-pullin ! & SEE WHAT HAPPENED !
      An occasional deserved paddling; could save a whole lot of BS these days.

  66. Candi says:

    Jealous of the success of others. They need to tie her to a tree with no water and food for weeks. So sad for the owner of the Horse called Credit Card.

  67. Mandy says:

    These are people who grow up to be serial killers, if this young girl gets away easy we will hear about her again in the future. Next time it won’t be horses, possibly riders she was up against? Just sickening.

  68. Suburban Cowgirl says:

    I’m not even sure I have the words for what I am feeling right now. What a twisted, evil person. I’m not even going to say “sick” because I am 100% sure she knew EXACTLY what she was doing. This was a determined and rational act, committed for her own self-serving purposes, whatever they were. What did that horse ever do to her?

    I say let’s just chain her to a tree and leave her to die. She doesn’t deserve to live after the pain she caused not only to the five horses but also to the owners who loved them.

  69. Lori Stauffacher says:

    This is a psychopathic crazy person that needs to be locked up for good.

  70. Lee Anne says:

    This story makes me sick to my stomach. I hope she gets the maximum sentence. Its sad that she didn’t focus her energy on being a better rider and competitor. If she had, she wouldn’t have been jealous of the others that were doing well. Just senseless.

  71. Carrie Pike says:

    What a terribly sick girl. My heart breaks for the horses and their owners.

  72. Kristina says:

    I don’t think we can blame the parents unless they were part of it! Yes she is a sick and disturbed person I do hope there is not mercy on her soul for this n if released I have a feeling she will b screwed

  73. Katie says:

    Its a shame.. Im so glad those other horses were found and saved.. Only a monster would harm a horse, in any way.

  74. Heath says:

    Doesn’t surprise me that she’s from McCurtain county.

  75. Joyce says:

    her shocking and poor choices have no reflections on her parents. They may be just as shocked and as sickened as the rest of us. Who knows what was going on in her head. She is an adult.

  76. Laurie H says:

    Tie her to a stake in a pen of mean bucking horses…a very small pen…and let them stomp a hole in her and get their own revenge…normally I am not vengeful but those animals did not deserve to be tortured.

  77. gltramm says:

    Agree with you bj robinson. Back in the day if you stole a horse(s) you were hung. No questions… the sentance was to be hung in front of the town. May God have mercy on her. She will need it.

  78. Kelsey Sundberg says:

    Jaci is a very horrible person!! its bad enough to kill the horse but to shoot it, slit its throat, and cut it up in to pieces…all that is really uncalled for!
    && (it seemes like this is the reason) if she was that upset that credit card and his owners were beatin her then maybe she should have practiced more or just quit!
    i think she should be tied up like the other four horses…..tie her up and starve her and see how she feels, maybe she will think twice before she does anything stupid the next time!!

  79. Ak VanHouten says:

    What kind of a sick person wants to hurt defenseless horses?! Unfortunately she will get a slap on the hand and returned to the community.No matter what is done to her it wont bring him back or undo what those students and horses have been through. God will have justice in the end, she will burn in hell. What a crazy woman!!! Better make sure you never do business with her or anyone who associates with her!!! RIP CREDIT CARD!!! Many people have followed your story, we all feel pain for your owners, your fellow horses and their owners! May she get what she deserves in the end!!!

    • Amanda Pugh--Meridian, MS says:

      Oh i think she will most certain get what she deserves in the end and the day proably can not come soon enough for the owner of Credit Card. RIP CREDIT CARD and haunt the livin H-E-double L out of Jaci and the horrible people that did such a cruel thing to such a beautiful creature placed here on earth by GOD, to roam the country side in the wind and be free….. Isnt their some organizantions that can get involved in this so that Jaci can not just go practically free with a little fine and a little community service. She took someones loved one that was treated as part of their FAMILY and over killed it why???…..bc she was jeaulous that CREDIT CARD was better than her horse. Whats a little bit of community service and fine going to teach her?? In my opinion nothing…she is still a sore loser and is still going to play hard to get what she wants in life or in a COMPETETION…. Do we let serial killers go with a small fine and a little community service???? ….eventhough most stats say that a person becomes a serial killer bc they was abused or molested as a child…. Jaci should have to be made to apologized to the owner of CREDIT CARD and give reason to the owner of the exact reason of why she wanted him killed and make her feel her own pain anguish of what she has caused and she should never see the light of day again. I know she is someones daughter but she is very disturbed and very sicking and nauseating to me in my own opinion. My words may be harsh and the family of CREDIT CARD may be a better person than me in the the long run and come to the terms of forgiving her for what she has done bc the BIBLE and GOD does tell us to FORGIVE ALL but it would take me a long time to come to terms with forgiveness for Jaci over her being a sore loser.

  80. Nancy A. Richards - Michigan says:

    This has to be one of the sickest stories I have ever read on animal cruelty. Throw the book at her! Child molesters and people who are cruel to animals don’t fare well in prison.

    • Seriously says:

      If this is the sickest story of animal cruelty you’ve ever heard….. you’ve been quite sheltered….

      That said, I hope she never sees the outside of prison walls again.

  81. anonymous says:

    maybe we shouldn’t treat this like a witch hunt and come to our senses, it is still a horse, yes it is terrible, but i would rather know that a horse died, than a human, even if that human was a horse thief.

    • nancy says:

      evidently you have never had a true horse friend and companion

    • Julie Evans says:

      You have to earn a horse’s friendship and trust, that’s why so many people are so vehement and lashing out at this person. And you obviously don’t realize that serial killers start out as animal torturers and abusers. She needs to be removed from society as she doesn’t have the necessary tools to live among her fellow humans. And if this was anytime in the 1800′s, she would have been hung the minute she was found!!

    • iggy pop says:

      that is a pathetic way of thinking! ALL abusers of animals, children etc…. should not only be given some of their OWN treatment, but then hung out to dry!!! In other words, so that the tax payers don’t have to waste $$ on them wasting space in prison, kill em’ all! when found guilty! duh!!

    • Anonymous, too says:

      Step forward & we’ll trade you for the horse ! IDIOT.
      The horses were innocent of ANY crime EVER, Have NO VOICE, NO LANGUAGE, CANNOT BEG FOR FORGIVENESS, OR EVEN CRY !!!
      & She could do this to them ??? She is a WASTE of OXYGEN.
      What do you think she could do to a HUMAN she was mad at ??

    • Trish says:

      A human IS likely to die the next time. Serial killers start by killing animals.

    • curlygirly says:

      IF she hadn’t committed the horrendous crime, nothing would have died….if the human is an uncaring, selfish, beast that takes things out on animals, I would rather see her die than the horse…just sayin

    • KMisiak says:

      Really?????? I can’t believe the shallow, insensitivity of the few idiots on here that don’t realize the sick severity of what this girl has done. I would rather know a cold blooded murderer died than a loyal, loving, animal companion. You, as well as the other VERY FEW people who hold this opinion obviously have never had a real loving bond/relationship with an animal. I have 2 horses and a dog, who I consider part of the family, and I would be devastated if someone hurt any one of them. You have a very small heart with no compassion if you don’t feel angered, or sad by this story.

  82. Larry says:

    There will be a time and a place for her js

  83. Nanci says:

    I hope that she gets the same BRUTAL treatment in Jail…I can’t wait to read about her death in the news next…Stories like this make me really DISLIKE people !!!Grrrrrr

  84. jean says:

    Very sad for all concerned. But please don’t blame this woman’s parents or the parents of any others involved. Despite all the best efforts of responsible parents, sometimes their children do awful things. Blame the guilty, not the potentially innocent.

  85. Toni F says:

    I agree with bj. She should be tied to a tree and left to rot. What kind of person does that to a poor defenseless animal. Horse theifs should be hung.

  86. Jeannie Parisi says:

    This girl is evil,

  87. Tiffany says:

    She has a sick soul. What she gets will not be enough.

  88. Chad jacoby says:

    Hang her in the court house lawn so every body can see it.

  89. RedHorseMama says:

    I agree, BJ……but I would spray paint her camouflage and find some fire ants to deposit around her ankles. Here’s hoping she never gets close enough to touch another horse…in her lifetime!

  90. l Shehard says:

    You can not blame the parents. that is not far they did nothing wrong. and No I dod not know them. this is of her doing not theirs she is 19 years old she don’t live at home so why do you blame the parents. they are probably very shocked at what she has done. how can You judge them You are very wrong

    • ROBIN says:


      • Stephanie says:

        Hmm. Somebody was getting something out of this, think she promised to sleep with him for doing it? That might be one way to turn her mom against her.

        So many times people who do this kind of thing don’t feel bad, they think the action was totally justified. Was this horse faster than hers? Anyone know the motive?

    • DLee says:

      one of her parents was involved, and it was on their property!!

    • curlygirly says:

      IShepard…get the facts…her family helped her…

  91. Marie Meredith says:

    how can a person be so cruel and wanting to hurt animals? the irony is that she is on the rodeo team! this young woman should be made to stand at a busy intersection for a week, no food, no water, tied to a stop sign,with a banner that she is a horse killer. that is, before being sent to jail.

  92. Jeanne Lehman says:

    Unbelievable! She must have been desperate to eliminate the competition, but to do what she did is unforgivable. I agree with bj, the law will not punish her as she should be punished for the hell she put these horses and their owners through. This is one demented woman! Can anyone else see her eliminating the competition for her kids’ sports or cheerleading someday in the future??????

    • Shelly says:

      The horse credit card was her ex=boyfriends horse.. so it wasn’t even the competition, she is just an evil, mean girl…

      • Julie Evans says:

        So there’s your answer as to why she did this heinous act! And it’s no stretch of the imagination to see that next time she’s angered she would torture and kill the human who angered her!! She needs help and to be locked up for many, many years (after she’s been treated just like the horses she stole).

      • curlygirly says:

        HER EXES HORSE??? OMGosh…that proves to what end she will go if scorned…hand her higher!!!!
        She is evil and we don’t need anymore evil people on this planet!!

  93. sara says:

    she did that to those horses.

  94. Minie812 says:

    Sadly, this girl has no regard for life in general and will most likely do this sort of thing again. Let’s see what our so called justice system does…a slap on the wrist…few days in jail…small fine and then release her. God forbid she ever breeds and has kids, imagine the kind of mother she will be? Hell, just looking at her mugshot she even shows no remorse on her face.

    • RZ says:

      She is being charged with SIX felonies…. I’m certain you don’t get a slap on the wrist for a felony, much less six of them.

      This is such a sad, sick story. I really hope they find the other people involved.

      • Minie812 says:

        I have seen people CHARGED with felonies worse then this and walk away with probation. Just because you are CHARGED with a felony does not mean you will be CONVICTED of it.

  95. Jacob says:

    Who does that to horses. She should spend the rest of her life in a nut house. No sane human would ever do that. She should be assamed.

  96. carey says:

    Sick….what a disgusting waste of a human being……….

  97. Brittney says:

    She needs to be tied up and make her watch her prized horse/animal get slaughtered right in front if her then thrown in jail for theft, murder, and animal abuse

    • Misty says:

      Her horse didn’t do anything to be slaughtered like credit card!!

    • nancy says:

      If she did this to others what must her horse go through with her as an owner. Paint tie and starve…..then let the cowgirls have her ;)

      • Cimmer says:

        Nancy, In a way, I totally agree with you. She needs to see her horse suffer as CC did. But, the horse is innocent, and shouldn’t suffer because of what some twisted, messed up, jealous owner did; just out of spite for another person.

  98. wild bill says:

    I hear the TALIBAN are looking for some women for wives…. drop her off

    • Anonymous, too says:

      Actually – you just gave me a great idea ….
      let’s send all of our Permanent Prison Residents over there & Bring home our Law Abiding Citizen Troops & set a reward for each Taliban member’s head
      ( say a McHappy Meal ) & see how many are left of ALL of them after a year !
      ‘Survivor -Desert Style’

  99. Barbara says:

    I say lets spray paint her while we were at it! The above commentor was too kind in saying ‘death would be too kind for her’…in my anger & disgust I must say that anyone that treats an animal like this would treat a child much the same….sociopath!

  100. holly says:

    I hope she knows how she ruined some peoples life by not being able to trust anyone! Ruined some peoples life by taking there best friend from them and in humanley killing a beloved horse. I hope she rots in hell to bad she wasn’t in texas , tleast they’d give her the death penalty!

    • Misty says:

      No the justice systems sucks in Texas also!! My x husband stole 14 head and all they did to the sorry sob was 6 months in jail and 3 yrs probation

  101. Pam Woods says:

    I am in disbelief that no one new she was capiable of something so horrible. I think she shouldhave done exactly what all the horses had to endure, Tie her up no food or water for weeks, Then shot her in the head and cut her up. As I type this I realize she is just so very sick and needs some serious help…… If all she gets is a fine and slap on the hand, I am afraid she wont see the sun shine for very long. There are way to many people that will process the ( Eye for an Eye) . I am praying for the owners of the horses and credit cards owner for sure. Be strong and lets pray justice prevails

  102. taylor senger says:

    sh is so mean y do u do that to a horse that is not cool death to he should happen.

  103. Staci says:

    Shes looking at 6 felony counts of theft… the sentencing guidelines for this is much higher. Lets hope it sticks and shes serving time with all the gang bangers that will treat her well. Least they chose not to torture an innocent animal. So pathetic, what a useless POS

  104. All I can say is she is so lucky that the Lil witch is still alive this is why people should know what eye for a eye really means this world today is not right about how to punish people this day because this is why their are to many sick *other*uckes out their makes me sick just sick we need a better president OMG !!!!!!!

  105. janehorton says:

    bjrobinson—–you do not the bible well. She has to ask for forgiveness from God and then His mercy will follow. If she does this, God will forgive her and thd bible says He wipes the sin from His memory. She has done what seems to be unforgiveable, but that is because we are only human and do not forgive easily. We should never wish hell upon anyone. You must not be a parent of a older child, it is not always a reflection of bad parents when a child go bad.

    • Suburban Cowgirl says:

      She’ll never muster up the REMORSE to be able to ask God’s forgiveness. You don’t get forgiven just for asking, there has to be remorse.

      I am almost shaking with anger that she could do this, all for stupid arrogant petty jealousy, that’s all it was. She doesn’t deserve to live.

      And I agree with shooting her own horse (the horse won’t suffer) with her watching and then cut it up or better still, force HER to cut up her own horse.

      And then tie her to a tree for however long those other four horses were abandoned before someone found them.

      And make her eat a bag of potato chips before tying her up, just to get a jump start on her thirst.

      This is making me so ill. someone needs to send these posts to the sentencing judge when the time comes. Just to let him know how horse owners feel about this because anyone who has never loved a horse won’t “get it.”

      • LuvMyFurBabies says:

        How could you possibly spout something like that???? Does that make you any better than her??? Shoot and cut up her own horse you say……..WHAT!!!!!!

      • Trish says:

        Don’t make HER innocent horse suffer, just because she did what she did, for the reasons she did it. HER horse has no control over what she did.

  106. SAU Grad says:

    I guess the guy that owned the horse and made her that mad got off easy seeing how crazy this chick is.

  107. william rejtmar says:

    just when you thought you had seen all the scum bags ,,,,another ones climbs out of her hole,,,

  108. Stacey S says:

    Unbelievable. What a sick and twisted individual! I hope she gets everything they can throw at her!

  109. Allan Buck says:

    Save the taxpayers time and money…….tie her to a tree and let her starve to death

  110. Deb says:

    I think her life is forever changed. She will find no friend, no compassion, no peace. This will be a life sentence. It worries me. If she is capable of this, she is capable of anything. Remember her face. Remember her. Beware of her.

  111. Melissa says:

    If she and her friends will do this an animal, just imagine what they would be will to do to a person they did not like. Throw the books at her and hard labor.

  112. Shelly says:

    The horse that she killed or had killed was her ex-boyfriends horse….

  113. HorseshoeAngel says:

    This is truly horrifying. I have been following the story since the time the horses were taken, and I am THRILLED they now have at least one person in custody. For ANYONE to harm a defenseless animal is beyond me. Whether she did it herself or watched while someone else killed Credit Card she deserves major time behind bars and so does the rest of the horrible people involved! We all make mistakes in life. This however was OFF THE CHARTS. She is not a safe person to be around. She should be behind bars and never allowed around animals EVERY AGAIN.

  114. anonymous says:

    What in the world does the president have to do with it? He wasn’t in office while she was growing up. I assume you mean the president of the US.

  115. Pepper Garnett says:

    The best thing that could come of all of this is for her to be forbidden to EVER come close to any kind of animal for the rest of her life….She should be barred from all forms of competetion and anything that has to do with horses..She should have to wear an ankle bracelet till the cows come home to keep up with her whereabouts cause you now like alot of people haves stated above she probably will get off to easy for this atrocity……….. My heart breaks for Credit Cards owner who had to learn of the horrible way their horse suffered…..hope all the rest of the horses are recovering ….

  116. Chelsey says:

    There is no reason what so ever for what she did to Credit Card!!! There was no reason for what she did period! But to kill an amazing sweet loving animal like that know! I would like to give her a piece of my mind! No animal should be treated the way these horses were, I am just glad we no who did it and she should BE BADLY PUNNISHED!!!!!

  117. horses4ever says:

    I know she has not been tried and found guilty as of yet. So In that I case I will say that if she was involved in this, she is one very demented girl. Some people love their horses just as they love their family members, what happened to the horses..and especially “Credit Card” no amount of justice can repair. It saddens me to know that humans like the type of person that did this, even exist. I bet her teammates looked at her like a friend…I bet she is a psychopath…only pretending to be a friend but some other sick motive to her own benefit is in place. Isn’t that much like the profile of serial killers? I think so.

  118. JR Hansen says:

    It seems to me to be tied be each limb by four of the horses stolen and all take off in four different directions would be fair punishment. Or renew the hanging laws about horse thieves. God put us here to be caretakers of all living things. If it were my horse I would pray to see Gods vengence.

  119. Cindy says:

    There is a special place in hell for someone who would do this to a horse or any animal for that matter. This girl is nothing short of evil!

  120. barb says:

    What a sick individual. How could that even process through her mind to do such a thing. She should get sentenced for murder, just like she would if she killed a human being, animals are no different. I’m so sorry for all the families of these horses. RIP credit card.

  121. Bonnie says:

    You people are no better than she is. An eye for an eye or worse is what you want. I bet you call yourselves Christians too. It is not up to you to judge. I have followed this story and it has broken my heart. I love my animals like they are family. But this brutality that you are spewing is on one of the lowest moral levels I have ever seen.

    • iggy pop says:

      oh get off your high horse, this sicko is wasting air and space!!

      • Kristishotbuck says:

        Amen on the high horse an for the one to spout judge an Christians well now you calling Christians
        your playing a name game to so now you are as guilty no one it animal should be miss treated but if you do the crime be damn willing to pay the an do the time

        • danielle says:

          “willing to pay and do the time”??????? I think we all would like her to do her time! What you sick freaks are asking is for another human being to be tortured and murdered. If this is the worse thing you think someone can do than you are seriously sheltered. People’s kids and wives are brutally raped and tortured and killed every day. I grew up going to rodeo, I get it but to think this tyoe of punishment is ok when murder’s who buture and cut small children into pieces get off on mental insane please all the time, if you sincerely believe that the punishment for killing an animal should be less than what we ask of murder’s who kill people than you are too very sick. And you all say horses are loved more than people??? You would like to think that but if you had to choose between your kids and your horse, or your wife, or your husband and you chose your horse the rest of america would be on here talking about how sick you are. Get a life people and open your eyes to the MUCH bigger issues in the world

          • Anonymous, too says:

            I’m not sure just how many … but I know I’m not alone in saying ALL Rapists, Murderers, & the like Need Put to death ! They are non-productive, never-to-be-trusted, waste of oxygen, resources; & a financial burden !
            We can’t judge their souls; but we can judge their Actions & Choices; & dole out Appropriate Punishment. Let GOD sort ‘em out !

    • Anonymous, too says:

      Bet you wouldn’t feel the same if it was YOUR PET !
      & I’m not Christian exactly – though, I did go to Methodist church as a child.
      BUT, I was raised with better morals than most Christians, as they also tend to be Hypocrits – & I definitely believe in standing up for / defending the INNOCENT ! The BIBLE is so old – you’d better get with the times ; or thy’ll be more jailed peoples & crazies than FREE TAXPAYERS to support them ! & She’s not CRAZY – She Planned This OUT. Old England dumped their criminals on Australia the Island with ZERO help or care … Maybe we should find an Island !

      • Jesus lives says:

        Anonymous…………..I prayed for you………….Every to tongue shall confess and every knee shall bow…………I hope one day you will ask the lord into your heart

        • Anonymous, too says:

          Don’t pray for me you A** – I don’t need YOUR kind of ideals, praying for me. When YOU won’t stand up for the innocent & instead say ‘I’ll pray’ – NOTHING HAPPENS YOU IDIOT …. God & Jesus ARE NOT HERE RIGHT NOW – we must do it ourselves until their return. I stand up for the innocent animals of the earth & I WILL GO TO HEAVEN . So, Go stand in front of a BUS & PRAY For Yourself…. let me know if it helps.

          • Jesus lives says:

            Love thy neighbor …..all i can do is laugh at you , your so silly :) Ill continue to pray and you can continue to “fight for the innocent”….and you wont go to heaven if you dont accept Jesus in your heart instead of reading these posts u may need to read ur bible ………

          • Anonymous, too says:

            @ Jesus Lives
            Hey, Bible Thumper/Harry Krishna … whatever you are – Too Scared to try that BUS theory ??
            Don’t BELIEVE you can pray for that Miracle & make it happen ? Look , if it doesn’t; then you’ll be able to talk to the Big Man himself … ;)

    • curlygirly says:

      Bonnie….get off this then…obviously you do not have horses….we spend a LOT of time bonding and being a team with our horses…do you think Christians are supposed to lay down and take it…I think not, isn’t that why we have had so many wars? ….I bet if someone came and took something PRECIOUS to you and slaughtered it, (many of us consider our horses our children) you would feel differently, unless you are a bleeding heart that thinks she needs a slap on the wrist because she “had a tough life”….facts are…her family helped her do this…HANG EM ALL!!

  122. nik says:

    these kids must be a part of peta. Going around kill animals to “prove a point” what a shame.

  123. Sherry says:

    A better president??? Where did that come from??? What did he have to do with this? I have a feeling that what ever is so wrong in her mind was going to be there regardless of who the president happened to be at the time! Sorry, but I don’t think he can be blamed for this. This is a very, very sad story.

  124. nicole says:

    What an unbelievably sad story. I truely believe that horses are one of most gracious beings we get the chance to interact with in our lives. To hold such a balant disrespect and hatred for such wonderful creatures, as this girl obviously does, must be a horribly dark twisted soul to carry around. My thoughts go out to the owners of all the horses, always remember the lessons I’m sure credit card taught you, and give the others plenty of tlc.

  125. Carol Landreth says:

    As an SAU alumni, I am so saddened and horrified to hear about this terrible act. What a horrible series of events for all involved to have to endure. However, I am equally horrified by the extreme hatefulness that I read on the majority of these posts. Yes, she needs to be punished severely, and I suspect the law will adequately take care of that. Obviously, it won’t correct what she did or help those who are grieving over her actions. But expressing utter hatred and evil intent towards her only extends the wickedness of the entire situation. I personally feel compelled to pray for her. She needs help, healing, and mercy from the One to whom she will answer for this crime.

  126. anonymous says:

    Ok, This was a terrible thing to do, stealing and mistreating the animals are all wrong behavior. But how are we to teach correct acceptable behavior if we act like a bunch of idiots saying stupid things about people we know nothing about except what we read.
    Yes the people who are responsible for this should be punished to the fullest extent the law allows, but to wish torture or hell on anyone is not setting a good example, maybe it is all this kind of talk on the internet, on tv and in real life that drives kids to think it is ok to take revenge in the first place.
    Now I am not saying killing a horse you have no right to kill is ok, but as far as the horses throat being slit if it did not die when he was shot, slitting his throat may have spared him further suffering. As far as quartering the horse goes, unless it was done just to be morbid and further the pain of the people who cared about horse, it is really not a horrible crime in and of itself. It may have simply been done as a way to move the horses body (which we all agree should not have been dead in the first place, but I am hoping people will look at all this info in perspective of what it may be instead of assuming things that might not be true).
    Now that said, if the horse was quartered to cause further pain to the owners then that is where I would be more concerned with these people being released back into society, fearing for whoever may have to be on their bad side in the future.
    Maybe instead of planning revenge we should plan ways to help people before their lives get to a point where they think resorting to something like this is ok! Maybe instead of hatred we should show love and mercy, even if it is not deserved. What if this girl was you or your daughter who had made bad choices, how would you want people to respond?
    As Vince Gill sings in one of his Christmas songs “Let there be Peace on Earth…and let it Begin with Me”.
    Revenge helps no one and hurts many, maybe we can start now by showing future generations consequences must be paid, but revenge is never the proper response.
    My heart goes out to all who are directly or indirectly hurt by this unnecessary tragedy.

    • Julie Evans says:

      Did you read in an earlier post that Credit Card was her ex-boyfriend’s horse??! I’m all for praying for lost souls and being forgiving, but you’re being a tad nieve here, she could just as easily do this to a person next time she get angry at someone/something. The way the horse was killed and quartered was to inflict maximum damage and pain to the ex!!

      • anonymous says:

        I have read no where which person was her ex just that one of them was and that which one has not been released yet. I did read that “Jackson then said her mother’s boyfriend and a juvenile cut the horse into pieces “for easy transport and disposal.”" maybe like I said before wait until you get the facts before passing judgement.

      • anonymous also says:

        I read the news article that prompted all this feedback. I also took the time to read all of the responses that had been given to it. A large share that were written by people who choose to call themselves HORSE PEOPLE. The view from out here shows a very angry, seemingly cruel people. We can separate ourselves by our interests but the fact remains that God “chose” us as his interest first. Anger and frustration misplaced, get us no where. Gentle animals were harmed and lost. That is tragic. There are sick people out there, no argument. To lose another life out of it would only add to the tragedy, yet the masses will begin to throw stones to achieve their personal justice. We must love this young woman and help her to be able to deliver true justice.

        We need to be responsible when we back a cause that creates such emotion. To support or help feed that kind of fire is dangerous. Especially from a Christian standpoint. My God, wants us to learn to be patient, loving and forgiving with each other. He would like to see us practice the art of sharing grace amongst ourselves. As humans, we usually choose to see our challenges as “bad”. In this we can justify feeling sorry for ourselves because we deserve better than that but what we lose in our self pity is an opportunity to understand God’s purest love and how we can grow from adversity.

        The past 5 years has been a journey for me that has really just begun. The process of therapy and healing necessary for PTSD and Major Depression has given me a new life filled with opportunities to realize that the challenges I endured for the first third of my life are what bring me where I am today. I can wallow in self pity over the memories of a sweet baby girl being sexually abused, neglected emotionally and mentally, verbally abused and just plain ignored by society in general or I can “choose” to understand the sacrifices that Christ made on my behalf and learn to share his grace.

        Does the past define me? On a positive level, Oh heck yes! It proves my ability to forgive, not forget. To not worry about trusting mankind, but placing my trust in the Lord who will stand with me when he directs me to places I am afraid to go. I find strength through him that helps me when I do not understand all of this madness. God’s love heals. End of lecture. ♥

    • Anonymous, too says:

      Yea – I believe that & HANNIBAL LECHTER was a good guy – NOT !
      What – do you think Serial Killers can be Rehabbed, too ?
      Tell you what – you support EVERY DIME it takes to care, treat & house this woman for the rest of her years … I don’t care .. I would shoot her & let GOD deal with her.

    • curlygirly says:


    • Terri Greer says:

      This is the reason crimes such as this against animals and children are not addressed to the full extent of the law, so these creeps eventually end up back in society to repeat what they have previously done. A person who can do this to an animal is capable of doing it to children or other helpless people who can’t fight back. You can’t rehab everyone and not dealing with these types so they could never repeat a crime like this helps no one. She set her course, now let her live with the consequences, but keep her locked up.

  127. Gabriella says:

    Too bad she is not in AZ. We still have it on the books to hang horse thieves. I personally think the proper justice would be to tie a rope to each of her limbs and let the surviving horses pull her apart after she has been left to be thirsty and hungry for a week in the middle of summer in AZ.

  128. K.C. says:

    For everyone wishing bad things on this woman and wishing her an eternity in hell. You must not read the BIBLE or you do not understand it. Do you think the good LORD would agree with your remarks? who are you to judge? She will answer to a higher power when her day comes.

    • Anonymous, too says:

      Yeah – well won’t be soon enough & I don’t want to support her sorry ass in jail & I DON’T want her around my animals, or kids, or ……anything !
      So put her in jail & make her WORK for her care – she can be an EXAMPLE.
      One of these days – things will come to be ‘backcountry laws/rules’ again …. none too soon !

    • Suburban Cowgirl says:

      The good Lord said “an eye for an eye.” I haven’t noticed anyone here wishing any more on her than what she did to those horses.

      All we want is justice. And there won’t be justice unless she gets what she has so richly earned. This — beast — (I can’t even call her a woman) works for Satan.

      I don’t want any of us to judge her — I want God to, as quickly as possible.

      • Anonymous, too says:

        Suburban Cowgirl – AGREED & I’m sure there are plenty of volunteers, to send her & her accomplices; on a one way ticket to see HIM & be judged . . . . . ASAP !

      • anonymous also says:

        Many of you are responding from the old testament. God delivers justice in HIS time. He has his reasons. Our task is to (learn to) trust the word of God. Please check the new testament so that you begin to understand the “grace” that Christ has passed onto us. God the Father did not save his son from a horrific death as he chose to know and feel our pain. He followed through on his promise so that we may have eternal life. Trust that he knows how torn our hearts are.

        This situation is painful. More painful than giving your son to save the likes of anyone of us??? I doubt it. It is time to put our hearts into perspective and see and feel this tragedy in it’s entirety. This is a no win situation if God is not trusted to heal us. His work is done slowly to create a solid foundation. This bickering is chipping away at his work, putting distance between his children. His “chosen” interest.

        Anger and hostility breed rage. Rage develops into sickness. The reference to “sick, sickness and mental illness” throughout these posts should bring clarity that is mercilessly overlooked. We do not know what challenges this young woman has faced in her short life or God’s plan for her. What I am sure of, is that God does have a plan and it is not for us to question or judge.

        Try this on for size: Not the pain, First Name, or the relief. Not the answer or the question. Not the challenge or the victory. The song or the sparrow…

        Nothing is random.

        I’m like that,
        The Universe

        Now that you have read it, actually read it out loud with your name said in the appropriate place. Than substitute “God” for “The Universe”

        I close in praying for all of us. May God always show mercy on our souls.

        • Anonymous, too says:

          Personally – I think it’s time for the next FLOOD & this wretched / Evil girl – needs to be the FIRST ONE to drown ! GOD – killed the unworthy; why can’t we ?
          The Mother Mary & Jesus BOTH rode donkeys; the horses cousin; think they wanted these horses to suffer ? ‘The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth’ – means the ANIMALS, not Humans ! Your Bible didn’t teach her right from wrong apparently. & I think I speak for many – when I say, take you lectures to the Bible chatroom. I’ll stick to my version of religion, right & wrong. Have a calm heart & a clear conscious about what I believe. & deal with Heaven’s Gate when I get there.

    • Becky says:

      You are correct. Also, we need to understand that by her recent actions at 18 years old she has just ruined the rest of her life.

    • IGGY POP says:

      Yes, she may suffer in hell in the after life, but we want her to suffer right
      now on earth for her horrific actions as well!!

  129. Stephen says:

    Terrible. Didn’t know that the horse was quartered. Maybe she wanted to confirm it was a quarter horse? Seriously though, this is pretty sick. The cynical part of me thinks that she’ll only get a few months and some probation. I hope it’s a stiffer penalty than that.

  130. B B says:

    You guys all need to find something else to do.

  131. Cherie says:

    Hate to say this, but this is exactly why I stopped showing my horses. Got tired of people cutting tack, giving horses things to make them sick, or making your horse lame, or flat out killing them. This is obvious a person who has clear mental issues. I do hope that she is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and serves some serious jail time. I have had my tack and horses messed with too in the past, two even stolen, never to be found, one killed and one shot in my pasture. So my heart just breaks in reading this story. I am so glad they found the four in time. My heart and prayers go out to CC’s owner.

  132. BB Zoo says:

    Oh – BTW – ‘Oilfart’ …
    Your an idiot – when you Love & treat your Horse with Respect & Kindness …
    HE LOVES YOU BACK – & will Gladly be your PARTNER in these sports ….
    What next – are you going to say a BirdDog is Unhappy; doing what he does for his Human?
    You obviously have NO IDEA – of the relationship & Bond – of BELOVED Steed & his Owner/Rider.

  133. Karolyn K Sailer says:

    This girl is a psychopath, there is no treatment for that. She (sorry Maggie) will eventually find out that there is a Hell. I hope Arkansas law is stroger that California law. She deserves a loooong prison sentence. I am a horse owner (well, they own me) and I cannot even wrap my mind around this woman’s actions.

  134. Heather says:

    I think that she needs to receive what she did to all the horses so she can go through the pain and suffering that she put the poor innocent Horses through, she needs to be put away forever i look at it like this any animal of mine and even my horses are no animalsw they are all Human to me like us and if you kill one then you will kill anything even your own child or what thank goodness she hasnt had time to bring a child into this world and cause harm there i believe that she needs the fullest punishment and sent to the state pen and when they get a hold of her in there she wont make it either 1 thing i cant stand is someone who will sit here and kill a horse i am a very strong horse lover and how she could do such a thing she is sick minded and needs help with 6 felony charges she will be gone for life Hope she gets what she deserves

  135. Nona says:

    I hope that all of the owners of the horses file civil suits against her and the others. I would love to see her penniless and begging for change on a street corner. What an inbred piece of garbage.

  136. I really hope you rot in jail, but unfortunately you wont, they’ll let you off. You should be forced to wear a sign around describing what you did for the rest of your left, so every body will know what you did, for the rest of your life.

    Rhonda Abbett

  137. Ridinhigh8000 says:

    I can only hope she gets the help she needs. As for the crime, she should pay and pay dearly for the CHOICE she made. This is a horrible tragedy and it has to be excruciating for everyone involved. The news of this has really stirred the passion of horse lovers everywhere. I know from personal experience that there is NOTHING like the bond between a woman or girl and her horse. I hope if she is found guilty she gets the maximum punishment allowed and gets help for her sick mind!!!! Also my heart goes out to the other horses and owners who were affected!

  138. Amber F says:

    This girl is a monster. When and if she gets out of jail she’s probably going to need more security than Casey Anthony! Muhahaha!! Hope she gets what she deserves!

  139. Cowboy says:

    The person who said Hell is a fictional place may be in for a bad surprise.
    Wife and I raised and showed Qhorses for many years. Horses are a very expensive, and time consuming hobby. Not for people who don’t have the “horse disease”.
    Horses have personalities just like humans , some are sweet and some are fractuious.
    You learn to love their differences, strong and weak points, and their communication with you. A horse can teach you more in a day than you can teach them in a month.
    Just remember, when Christ returns, He will be astride a white horse. Check it out.
    I recond they think Heaven is fictional, too. What a shame to go thruogh life with no hope.

  140. Jesus lives says:

    This is a horrible thing that happened! Lets not forget that there could have been lots of contributing factors to this event. We have all done things we are not proud of but yet jesus forgave us. Gods wrath on her will be worse than any one man/woman could do to her. Lets all take a moment to pray for her because she needs the Lord Jesus Christ. God Bless

  141. Julie Evans says:

    For those of you who have commented that her parents do not share any responsibility for her actions, there is an article from another newspaper saying her mother and her mother’s boyfriend were her fellow accomplices in stealing the horses. Jaci watched her mother’s boyfriend kill Credit Card, the horse’s remains were found on her mother’s property in rural Oklahoma; as were the remaining horses. I’m betting they will be the next arrests. Just Google and you can find the article or go to FB page ” Justice for Credit Card”.

  142. Katie says:

    It is said that her mothers bf helped her kill credit card.. so she must have known..

  143. Shayna87 says:

    Praying for Credit Card’s owner and speedy recovery for the survived. I’ve seen a few comments regarding “dont blame the parents” and “good people have bad kids” blah blah blah. Here’s my take on it… I understand the instance where a daughter/son commits murder, the parents are shattered and embarrassed but still love their child and visit them in jail, because a parents love is unconditional….cant blame a parent for still loving their child.. To compare this case of parents being accomplises to this horrid act is extremely short sided and clearly you havent read the details of articles put right in front of you if you believe no guilt is to be shared by the mom and her boyfriend. First, they help by providing a vehicle to steal the horses. Second, they provide property to conceal the animals. Third, they allow these horses to be starved on their own property. Fourth, the killer of the horse wasnt even a parent, it was a BOYFRIEND! Fifth, the boyfriend mutilates Credit Card in order to secretly dispose of the body…OK so I know I have the most amazing PARENTS a person could ever ask for.. But by no means would they condone abducting a person, allow me to hide them in their basement for weeks while starving them, murder the person for me when I tell them to and quarter the body so that it cannot be found–So what really happened is with horses instead of a person, idk bout you but I dont see any less crime for all parties involved …. This girl dont have a chance at life if this is how she unleashes her heartbreaks, guess her parents shoulda raised her to be better prepared for LIFE! Anyone who thinks any different, may live just shy of reality.

    • SuadeBlue says:

      I agree here. You can’t always blame parents for when their children to horrific acts; HOWEVER, they condoned THIS on their own property and knew about it unless I’m mistaken. They promoted this act and her plot. Perhaps that is what they have done all her life growing up EVEN when they knew she was wrong. That is NOT good parenting. Loving your child means loving them, praising them, supporting them, but also scolding them or punishing them or sometimes spanking their butt when they need it–even when they mean the world to you and you hate to do it–to teach them right from wrong.

  144. B says:

    anyone who says you can not blame the parents needs a fast wake up call, im not saying that every parent who raises a horrible child is their fault, but when your a part of what she has done, there is no reason for them to be here. my parents raised me with animals and i know what kind of connection you can have with horses, its very strong, ya when our animals died we cried…… and not out of joy! her seeing that poor horse die was probably the high light of her life, seeing in the news that she is going to prison would be the high light of mine.

  145. Harve says:

    Good to know it’s still innocent until proven guilty in America.

  146. WTH? says:

    All say an eye for an eye. That would mean CC’s owner doing the same to her horse not to her. Have any of you ever killed a person? Had them stand before you and pull the trigger or kill them with a knife? Killing someone is the hardest thing I can think of having to do. It haunts you forever. You don’t ever want to know how that feels! Before you all ask for death to this person, think about living with yourself afterward. SERIOUSLY, not being in a fit of anger on an Internet comment. Literally killing her yourself. 99% of you couldn’t go through with it. And the other 1% would never forget it. Read your bibles. Or don’t. Killing her will not bring you peace. And none of you could even fathom what I’m talking about until you actually have killed someone. Stop hating and start praying. While you’re at it pray for the soldiers that kill people for your right to sit on the Internet and condemn people from behind your computer screens while they’re sitting behind an M16! This girl will be punished by the laws we fight and die for. Our justice system may be flawed, but it’s all we have. If you don’t like it get out and vote for a candidate that shares your views. This girl and her accomplices will be judged by a higher power when he sees fit.

    I am a horse lover and I own a farm myself. I am truly saddened by what has happened. My thoughts and prayers are with the owners of this poor animal. God bless you all.

    • raztaz says:

      I agree WTH
      I am a horse owner as well as a father and my horses are just like the kids the are not just animals they are family and if it came down to it i would protect them just like one of my children. And yes this girl is sick and twisted and so is whomever helped her. And i hope the full extent of the law is brought down on her and her accomplices, but to dwell on how she should be punished and meditate on how they would get revenge on this person makes them no better in the head then her and no im not saying that they are the same but think about it how did she get to the point where she committed this horrid act. She meditated and stewed about the reasons she couldnt do something or failed at something and it consumend her.
      Also WTH. U are compleatly right about your statement on killing another human being. You live with that for the rest of your life. It doesnt matter if its your job or self defince it never goes away. I know personaly but to protect my children (horses too) i would not hesitate to squeeze a trigger.

    • Jamie says:

      Killing her may not be justifiable, but putting her behind bars for the rest of her life so that she may never harm another living being again, is.

      • raztaz says:

        Verry true jamie
        she needs to be prosicuted weather its jail or someone gets hold of her on the street so to speek she brought it on herself and gets what she gets there is really nothing we can do once the law has her. And im not saying wanting her to suffer is bad because she does but this countries prison system is more like a all expence paid retreat and we the hard working tax payers are paying for it. And if anyone disagrees with me on that thats fine. But ive been a officer for 7 years and i know how our prison system works unfortunatly.

        • Anonymous, too says:

          Raz Taz – you contradict yourself. You just admitted that you would pull the trigger to defend your kids & horses … which is paramount to what the rest of us are saying – that someone should have caught her in the act & pulled the trigger. Yet you say we shouldn’t be angry at her ? & then there’s the ‘Resort’ Prison system that we pay for – that should be a WORKHOUSE instead …. Work or Starve. This is the problem – no one is Truly afraid to go to Jail … because of the Bleeding Hearts … Oh & ” WTF ” MANY of Us have the BALLS to Pull the trigger – more than you two think.

          • RazTaz says:

            no you did not read that right i was not saying we should not be mad at her i was saying that the alternative to killing her or torchering her being jail would just be a retreat for her jail would be too good and easy for her. thats all i was saying because believe me by all means she deserves it because if you reread it you will see that i said nothing about not being mad at her or wanting to kill her. i just said jail is to good for her. and also i never said anything about no one having the balls to pull the trigger i simply agreed with WTH that you live with it for the rest of your life. so read it right befor you tell some one they contradict themselves

  147. Linda says:

    I am just sick over this, how could anyone be so crule. My heart goes out to Credit Cards family. She deserves what she gets for this crime. Horses are my life and this just shocks me and makes me so sick. I am so sorry this happened to all the horses and so sorry for what Credit Card had to go threw.

  148. amy says:

    This unfortunate animal was the first to get in the way of she wanted. Or maybe it wasnt. Another perfect example of someone thinking what they want is the most important thing in the world. Cruelty to animals is often a precurser to cruelty to humans… this reminds me of that old texas cheerleader case…remember when the mother wanted a child dead because her daughter didnt make the team?

  149. ” Because she wanted him dead”???? REALLY??? What did the horse ever do to her? Who raised this demon? Horrifying!!!

    • Jenny says:

      Her parents “raised” her….they had a hand in it, along with her boyfriend. What a loser family.
      Sad what jealousy can drive insane people to do…..
      More sad when innocent animals and people suffer for it.

  150. Joanne says:

    Maybe they should turn her loose with the Rodeo Team for a little while. Let them be the first to handle it. Who knows…..they might need a new practice roping dummy. She is one sick person who should NEVER consider herself a “horse or rodeo” person. She doesn’t deserve the recognition of good people like us.

  151. horsesinMT says:

    As a horse owner, I agree that she should be held accountable as strictly as possible. Hopefully the politicians and law makers will be reading the things that you fine people have been writing here and take that into account. There is one thing that I don’t believe–she didn’t quarter that horse alone. The article said they were going to be questioning others as well. Anybody that was a part of that definitly needs to have their brain examined–not neccessarily by a therapist!! I agree with several others, she needs that smirk wiped off her face. Anti-social personality diosorder at it’s finest.

  152. NCFarrier says:

    Just goes to show you the lack of respect and morals people have. Trash like this is not worth the air she will breathe in the next breath. I only hope carma pays her a visit.

  153. Kathy says:

    I am starting to believe in vigilantism.

  154. Amanda says:

    it was a horse. what could the horse have ever done to her? to make an animal suffer the way she did was poor in sport, and in values for that matter. and as far as her mother goes, way to go on a wonderful upbringing for her and way to set an example in her life. the boyfriend, hmmmm, words cannot describe how i feel about him. i honestly hope that they all go to jail for each part of this. now Credit Cards owner is left without a peice of him. we grow so fond to our animals and they become our family. how could u do this to someones family?

  155. Reasonable says:

    I agree that what she did was cruel and horrible and deserves punishment, but woe to those who are so quick to deal out sentences and wish hell upon this person. Judge not lest ye be judged.

    • Anonymous, too says:

      Go Ahead & Judge Me GOD – I have treated your innocent creatures with love & respect. All you people who are preaching about GOD – what did he do to Sodom & Gamorrah ? & How about Satan ? (He cast him OUT of Heaven)
      He’s a busy man; we can send her up & he can pass judgement ASAP! :)

  156. Elizabeth Dixon says:

    I agree with everyone else she really needs to be treated this way for how she treated those poor innocent horses. God gives us authority over animals but in a way that is to be used for good and not evil and I really hope that her cellmates get her before she gets out

  157. Becky says:

    Well, isn’t she smart for 18 years of age? No rhyme and no reason. That’s okay. She just ruined the rest of her life.

  158. Becky says:

    Well, isn’t she smart for 18 years of age? No rhyme or reason. That’s okay. She just ruined the rest of her life.

  159. Kelley Schauder says:

    I’m a barrel racer from NY, and to anyone who doesn’t own a horse and are making this out to be less what it is you really couldn’t ever understand the relationship between horse and rider…not even worth trying to explain, no matter what happens to this person “legally”, the community, town and entire area has to make her life as miserable as possible no matter where she goes!! Do not let her hide in any way shape or form. It’s very easy to keep track of people today….keep her story alive and she wont have any place to hide and get away from what she did!! Keep these horses story going and she will never have any peace…who knows how she’ll “end up”???

  160. Ronanne Morrow says:

    Please do not meantion her as a MEMBER of the Horse Rodeo, Horse members do not do this kind of things. I have never been able to understand people who can conflit pain or hurt any type of animal, such a shame, and even as big as a horse is he still can not escape the danger that awaits him…I do pray God do put damm nation upon these people, God made animals first, than man, so this shows you the love he had for aniamls first….I pray to never have to read something like this again…

  161. Mindy V says:

    This is sickening and very disturbing. I can’t imagine ever thinking of doing such a despicable thing to any animal…especially horses!

  162. This woman’s serious psychosis will keep her hopefully institutionalized for life.
    Credit Card suffered the unthinkable to all of us who adore horses and animals. It appears the authorities will sternly handle this monster and any other accomplices. It is only human nature to want to let her have it, but isn’t this what needs to stop? Violence is not the answer. Being certain through strict law, she never will receive probation will send a message to others. Lack of mercy within the penal system will determine her longevity. Best not to succumb to any form physical or verbal close to her level,……………. EVER. Thank heavens the others were found and saved.

  163. Cindy says:

    She should have to care clean and care for malnourished abused horses and have to see and deal with first hand what those animals go thru. When they die she should have to dig the hole, by hand. Although with as hard as her heart is it might not do any good. That smirk has to be the “fame/celebritisum” she’s getting for nasty little deed!

  164. C C says:

    Well she best be glad she isn’t in Texas…we can still HANG horse theives here and it’s legal still on the books as a LAW …. God forgive her because the public won’t !!

  165. Horselover2 says:

    Even horse theifs would take care of the horses they stole…. She is even lower then that.

  166. Sharon says:

    It;s no wonder why her horse didn’t perform well. Animals can sense ones underlying nature. If she can do this to an aminal with no remorse, I can’t imagine how she treated her own horse!!!

  167. DEBRA S says:

    Our justice system stinks when it comes to animal cruelty. There is hardly ever any justice for the animal. She will get more time for the stolen trailer and tack then for what she did to the horses.

    • Beth mydill says:

      I agree. Until some backbone is put into our lawmakers to protect our innocent charges, nothing will be done to these criminals who deserve the same fate they inflict on these animals. You arecright; in the eyes of the legal system the trailer is worth more. Horrible comment on our society.

  168. Iron bender says:

    I have read all that I can, with that said, what would be wrong with putting her in the stocks on the front lawn of her courthouse for everyone to admire with food items? At some point reality is gonna sting. I would take a vacation to visit her and maybe let her chew the fat, or rotten tomatoes. Thanks for your time.

  169. Mamadux says:

    All the responses filled with such rage, and hate scare me more then this girl becoming a serial killer. It sounds like there are others out there just as hateful as her.

  170. Molly S says:

    Sad, she has just put a nail in her coffin. Her career with horses is nul and void now. How stupid can people be, what could be so bad that she’d attack animals. I hope they keep her in jail, she/anyone can hurt or make an animal suffer is poison.

  171. Jess says:

    Wow what a low life she is. Maybe they need to take here and star her and tie her up and let her prison friends kick her around and see if she likes it.

  172. Jess says:

    What a pig enough said

  173. Horseowner and Mother says:

    Obviously this girl has some real problems with being pressured to win at whatever the cost. You don’t know the thoughts that go through a person’s mind when the only thing they have been taught is to please their superiors they must win at all cost. What financial problems was she faced with as well? I think what she and her partners did was very bad but there are some real issues involved that go beyond just thinking about retribution.

    • Anonymous, too says:

      Yeah – every murderer has an EXCUSE … I was beaten, or abused ..
      Blah, Blah Blah – BS !! Not EVERYONE whos been abused or has Financial troubles is a KILLER… If that were the case; there’d be NO-ONE LEFT !

    • Beth mydill says:

      Glad you won’t be on the jury. She may come after you, your animals, or your children next. Is that ok, too, if she was pressured to do these things financially? Would it be ok to abduct your kids to make some money for whoever was pressuring her?

  174. Barb S says:

    How in the world can anyone torture animals like this? Simple justice…tie her to the same tree and leave her there to starve to death. She should never see life outside of a prison cell again.

  175. Will says:

    I am a horse owner and find that what this young did is absolutly appalling, I find equally appaling the things that are being said here. She should be punished to the fullest extent of the law and probaly needs serious psychiatric help. I too would be hurt and outraged if someone stole my horses or my dogs and tortured and multiated them but I refuse to sink to the very behaiors that I would condemn. I wonder how many of the posters would claim to be “christians”. I hope very few because I see very few truly chirstain things said here – just out of control emotionalism and rage. Shame on her and shame on all of you as well.

  176. Barb S says:

    ANYONE who had the knowledge of this crime or helped in any way……should all be locked up and prosecuted. Sick and disgusting people in this world.

  177. I am utterly disgusted & astounded that there is a woman capable of such Horrid treatment of horses, This case is worthy of full punishment to the fullest extent of the Law, She has shown her true nature, and if she were released anytime soon, She should fear for her life, She will move onto people, it was only a matter of time. May this woman remain incarcerated till the second coming of Christ, and at the very least, never own another horse or any animal for that matter. Her actions are beyond description, I am beyond words for her, well one does come to mind, Sociopath. And you could use those words for Dahmer, Bundy, Ridgeway, I hope the Hammer comes down on her Hard.

  178. John Collier says:

    They need to take her out in the wilderness and tie her and all the ones that helped her to trees and leave them without food and water.

  179. Nancy S says:

    I’m sorry but if these people could do something like this to a animal they could do the same thing to a person. I feel this girl and who ever helped her do this should go to jail for life.

  180. MuleRider says:

    Hope her cellmates are animal lovers….

  181. Jim says:

    I am really encouraged to see all the responses from all of you. I own a wonderful horse. She and I are a team together. We reenact WBTS and also are a Hunter/Jumper pair and I love her.

    Your enthusiasm to murder, mutilate, and denigrate a fellow human being for doing this to an animal is most applaudible. After all, she is only human, right? Human’s should’t have as many rights as animals, and wait, it’s Christmas too! Let’s call out the firing squad or the hangman! (Most of you already have) and celebrate the Christmas season with a good lynching!

    After all, most of you probably support abortion, which isn’t near as bad as animal cruelty. :) Let’s murder millions of babies and get in an uproar over an abused and killed animal.

    She should, and will be punished for this heinous crime, but look at yourselves. If you even got HALF as angry about the murder of fellow mankind as you do about an animal, then maybe this country could have hope, but I doubt it….

    Romans 1:25 KJV (But you all probably don’t believe the Bible either)

    • Anonymous, too says:

      MOST of us are just as ANGRY of ANY Murder or Cruelty to ANY LIVING THING ! But it’s BLEEDING HEARTS like yours, THAT DON’T HEAR US !!
      Monsters commit the crimes & live out their lives in a Resort Prison or Psyche Ward – I hope you make oodles of money to support them; cause I don’t – & soon they’ll OUTNUMBER US ! If they Cannot EVER be productive memebers of society & are Dangerous …. The Death Penalty should be enforced – when a Court of Law deems it; & not 10 yrs down the road – 30 Days !

  182. T. L. Priest says:

    cl lewis:
    Are you kidding me? This woman is crazy and she does deserve the worse punishment allowable. Do you have children? Or a family member you love? Because if left to run free with a slap on her wrist she will continue killing and then next time it could very well be someone you love and just because you have compassion for her doesn’t mean that she would have compassion for you. These types of people can’t be cured.

  183. CLB says:

    What a sick demented girl to mutilate a poor innocent animal… I say eye for an eye… See how she likes mutilation but don’t give her the pleasure of the bullet to the head…Let her live limbless rotting in a jail cell & no food or water but once a week… I hope they sentence her to the max & have no sympathy for her… The world doesn’t need people like her. Ughhhh….sick to my stomach after reading what she did…

  184. Hannah says:

    I’d just like to shed some light on the fact that horrors the same as these happen to adults and, more importantly, CHILDREN and those get cases get no where near this amount of outrage. Maybe point your anger other places as well people… I agree, this woman should rot as long as she lives, but there are even more vicious people out there, and those people are those who we should be grilling.

    • Terri Greer says:

      I disagree with you. I think there is great outrage on cases involving children, there is great outrage at any creep who harms helpless animals or children. They should all be put in the deepest darkest place we can conceive, but until then, at the very least we can keep their names in the public eye and remind everyone what they did.

  185. KWoods says:

    Whatever punishment she recieves, it will not be justice enough for the horse owners that have to revive their horses from the punishment she endowed on them and certainly not the justice for “Credit Cards” owner, for the loss of such a great and devine animal, that they were blessed to of had for the love of the sport they both enjoyed together. Justice has its many downfalls, tho she (and whomever else helped) may not get the punishment we all hope they get, but they will have to live with the kind of person they really are, of which is clearly defined in each reply! All my prayers go to the families of each horse..God Bless.

  186. Anne Meczywor says:

    My heart goes out to Credit Card’s owner, and to the other team members who had to go through this nightmare. I cannot fathom how a person could have so little conscience as to be able to live with themselves after these horrific acts. I would think her parents are in shock at this stranger they raised. Please let’s keep this in mind and not let hate and name calling be the result of this monster’s actions. If we resort to that, then the evil behind her actions takes on greater power. She will find what goes around will come around….hard. Is anything being done to start a fund to help Credit Card’s owner get a new horse?

  187. omg says:


  188. D Scott says:

    I feel worse for the horses tied up and left to starve…at least Credit Card was shot and killed….put out of his misery…The others suffered for how long….tied up without food or water…Just can’t fathom this…

  189. T Salls says:

    And to think she might be able to pass these terrible genes on to her offspring!!

  190. tj says:

    Damn it is sad, but why are we treating this like another witch hunt. Let our justice department take care of it and may God have mercy on her tormented soule!

  191. carlarw_08 says:

    Someone asked what kind of parents she had….. fact !!!!! MOM AND STEPDAD were also involved……. pathetic….

  192. Dillon Swanson says:

    tie her to a tree in the middle of yellowstone and leave her for the animals to eat!!! an eye for an eye

  193. ksperformancehorse says:

    Ok so I guess I missed something. Where did it say the parents helped with this? In the starter of Colorado it is still a hangable offense to still a horse. They have tried several years to remove the law with no success so obviously people still believe their animals are worth more than some humans life!! Also dummy who said its just a horse blah blah blah first of when ours are not being used they are in mountain pasture with grass that’s probably higher quality food than any human eats and those other rodeo animals (rope steers, bulls, broncs, etch) get treated like royalty as they are just as much income for the contractor as the horse competeing is to the rodeo contestant. And these ranch animals to get paid for their assistance in our everyday lives!! They are fed grains that they would never receive in the wild, cozy warm places to bed when its below zero outside and would only have to rely on the warmth of others if in the wild. And what the hell would a horse do with payment!!! They also receive our unconditional love and admiration for the hard word they do.

  194. SuadeBlue says:

    Yeah–what an evil little smirk on her face. You can clearly see what she’s thinking, “Yeah–I did it and proud of it. So, how about that?” The first thing I thought of too was to smack it off her face! She did it to get “even” with people she hated most likely, and took it out on the poor horses in revenge! I hope the owners file some HUGE A** CIVIL SUITS against her. I would be searching for one hell of an Equine Attorney for justice for my horses!!!

  195. Jenny S~ says:

    Totally unbelieveable…I hope they tested her for drugs, because she had to be on something to do this! If I were an attorney licensed in this state I would not represent matter what, I would go to jail first! I hope they also arrest the mother and boyfriend for their parts, once they are in jail they will need to be held in solitary, because the other inmates will take matters into their own hands! I can’t ever ask God all mighty for have mercy on their souls, there is no mercy for something like this! Not only was this horse a companion, but someone loved him and cared for him and looked forward to seeing and hearing him, and now he’s gone, the rider may find another horse, but it will never be the same. I know my old gelding was put down after 27 years and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of him in some way…he was my buddy and always happy to see me or go for a ride. This selfish family destroyed the team’s dreams for a few years, I hope hanging is still law in the states that are involved in this horrible act! I hope them take them somewhere horrible and tie them to a tree pour honey all over them and leave them there for the creatures to deal with, hopefully they have bears in the area! Let Gods creatures be the excutioner!

  196. Kim H. says:

    I am one of those people that is terrified of horses, but consider them a very majestic breed of animal. They are so beautiful. I can’t believe someone would be so cruel as to do what she did – not to any animal. These people are right; it starts with cruelty to animals and progresses to cruelty and killing of people. This girl has some real serious issues.

  197. Michelle says:

    She obviously has mental problems. No person in their right mind would do something so cruel to an innocent animal. She and all involved need to get the maximum punishment.

  198. TCraig says:

    I pray for the girl who did this. Pray that she suffers just as much as each horse did & especially Credit Card & the pain his owner is enduring now. This is so sickening! Murder is murder & she should pay & suffer severely in my opinion.

  199. Jamie says:

    I hope they still hang horse theives in Oklahoma. What a sick sick sick individual. I recommend the three S’s for this woman.

  200. ronnie says:

    Send her to to Texas for court they still have hanging in law books for horse stealing

  201. Terry says:

    Beyond any concerns for the horses, I would guess this young woman, and it sounds like several others, are sociopaths. That can not be “fixed”. A sociopath is usually born that way, with the moral compass part of the brain missing. They present a serious danger to society for their entire life because they have no feeling or empathy for anyone but themselves. They often become serial killers and she seems well on the way. Unfortunately, she won’t be locked away forever. As a horse and dog “owner”, my sympathies to the people who call these horses “friend”. To Credit Card’s owner and those who loved him, he is now grazing and playing in ever green pastures , forever free from pain. Prayers for you.

    • SuadeBlue says:

      It is very, very sad. I can’t imagine the grief and heartbreak the owners of “Credit Card” are going through. If this happened to my horses, I would want personal justice served! I would seriously take her to court, but my personal dream would to have 20 minutes in a room with her to beat her a**!

  202. Sarah says:

    Wow! This is so horrible. I feel so bad for the families of these horses. This girl definitely deserves to go to jail for a LONG time, but I’m shocked at some of the comments people are making about what should be done to this girl. She should definitely be punished but my goodness! My grandparents were murdered by someone and I surely don’t wish all these things on that person. I hope that the good Lord moves in both of their lives somehow.

  203. Janae says:

    This girl is sick and if her parents were in on it they are very sick as well, I am very happy that the 4 horses were found and had a chance to live but I am so disgusted as to what has happened to Credit Card. People do these things because prison doesnt scare them but if you were to cut peoples hands off for stealing obviously they couldnt do it again and it would make others think twice about it. But to me that is the easiest thing they could do to that family right now, if i had say on their punishment I would take them to Idaho tie them to a tree and let the wolves feast on them and rip them apart like they did Credit Cards family and then they would know how Credit Card felt when they commited this disgusting act of pain because he could do nothing to protect himself! I dont care if anybody comments or thinks anything negative about my post cause you know what if we were as cruel with punishment as these kinds of people are in their acts this horse may still be with his family because people would actually think twice before they committed something so horrible. Whatever those people get they deserve every bit of it if not more!

  204. Jennifer says:

    Isn’t horse rustling a hanging offense in Oklahoma. I for one am a firm believer that punishment should be equal to the crime, especially to slash a horses throat and shoot him in the head……REALLY and for what purpose, jealousy????

  205. Charly says:

    These people that killed Credit Card are truely messed up! Don’t know the horse but have been around animals my whole life! My horses have always been a big part of my life. This girl should be ban from Rodeo and punished for what she did. If you have ever been around horses they all have differant personalies, and they have unconditional love for the ones that care for them. You can get pretty attached to these critters too. My heart goes out to Credit Cards owners. Thank God they caught this girl before she tried to eliminate more compitition! I am so thankful they found the other horses before they suffered anymore. In the race horse world and the rodeo world, everybody helps everybody, and we respect each other weather we win or lose. She has no place in our world and apparently neither does her family! They all made really bad choices and it came from jealousy. Jealousy comes from the devil! We need to pray for these twisted people to get back on the right track and pray for the people that are suffering the loss of their friend, Credit Card, and thank God for the recovery of the other horses.

  206. Whether any of you that posted your judgemental comments towards this young lady
    decide to forgive her or not, she still can find a place of forgiveness and redemption with God. He allowed his blood to be shed for people just like her. Peter denied him, but he still forgave him and loved, then gave him a 2nd chance when he entrusted him to set up the apostolic church. I was just wandering, who are you people to condemn this young lady. I think Jesus said it best when he said “Let whosoever among you that is without sin, cast the first stone”.

    • raztaz says:

      Speek for yourself on that comment because if you are going to be self righteous about how others react to something they care deeply about are you yourself not being judgmental and hypocritical in your own statement. Not to be rude but to go throwing around bible versus and calling people judgemental is to slap yourself in the face

  207. Pam says:

    tie her a– to a tree with no food or water. That’s just punishment. Put her into solitary for the rest of her life. Defenseless animals. She makes me SICK!!!!!

  208. Janae says:

    ” Let whosoever among you that is without sin, cast the first stone”
    Well I have never killed a horse so I guess that means I can throw as many stones as i damn well please! I guess the only sin i have is i dont pay to be apart of a church.

  209. HorsesAreLife67 says:

    So that’s how they make Quarter Horses! In all seriousness though, they should do this to the kids she’ll have one day and see how she likes her children messed with. Horses are our children and WE DO NOT LIKE THEM MESSED WITH!!!.!!

  210. Horse Lover says:

    Does anyone know the owner of Credit Card? Does this kid have another horse to compete on?

  211. Canadiangirl says:

    It’s a form of bullying!!! She should never be able to have own any animal ever in her life time. She’s very disturbed not to have feelings for another living soul!

  212. Brenda says:

    People need to stop bring up the Bible on this. What her and her sidekicks did was very wrong and sick. Yea, I’m a horses owner myself. I love my 4 horses to death. If someone ever did something like that to my horses. I would hang them personally. Horses help out alot of people with disease and that. I know that for a fact. I have a small vessel disease in my brain and my Dad health isn’t good. All my friends and my doctors tell me that my horses are a physical therapy for me. Since there is no cure for my disease. I even had one horse bucked me off and broke my back. So does that mean I should kill him? Well I don’t think so. Cos I’m going to get right back on him and ride him again. I feel for Credit Card’s family and my heart goes out to them. For the rest of the horses. I’m glad they are alive and I hope they are with their family’s now. All the owners should get together and tell the judge to hang them for what they did. Bring back the old laws.

    • Kay says:

      Why? Who do people need to stop bringing the Bible into this? Why? Who are you to make that judgement? What gives you the authority to tell people to not quote the book they live by? Have you say and let others have thier’s and don’t tell them what they can and can’t say.

      • Jenny says:

        Brenda says “bring back the old laws” yet she wants God and the Bible left out of it…most of this country’s “old laws” COME FROM God and the Bible, given the fact that most laws were written by Christians who settled here in search of religious freedom. Nice contradiction there, Brenda…..

        • Mad says:

          K.C. says:
          December 5, 2011 at 11:21 pm
          For everyone wishing bad things on this woman and wishing her an eternity in hell. You must not read the BIBLE or you do not understand it. Do you think the good LORD would agree with your remarks? who are you to judge? She will answer to a higher power when her day comes.

          This is what she was talking about leaving the Bible out of it. Now can I ask a question “Who give Jaci the right to judge the horses?”

          • Mad says:

            Jesus lives says:
            December 6, 2011 at 12:01 am
            This is a horrible thing that happened! Lets not forget that there could have been lots of contributing factors to this event. We have all done things we are not proud of but yet jesus forgave us. Gods wrath on her will be worse than any one man/woman could do to her. Lets all take a moment to pray for her because she needs the Lord Jesus Christ. God Bless

            And like this one.
            Kay and Jenny did you read the whole thing before you made the comments? Do you think she really needs to read them remarks with her disease? God has plans for her. Brenda I wish you the best of luck.

  213. cody says:

    they should have ate the horse……….. its not bad really…. when i was stationed in afghanistan we ate it at times…. pretty stringy meat though

  214. HorsesAreLife67 says:

    Why is everyone so upset that some kids cut up a credit card? Isn’t that the responsible thing to do when you’re in financial trouble? Maybe I’m confused.

  215. SuadeBlue says:

    Let’s not forget about that “sicko” boyfriend. He did ALL the grunt work of slaying this innocent horse with Ms. Sociopath agging it on…

    It’s just demented! I just can’t imagine the thoughts racing through Credit Card’s mind as this was happening. He was raised to TRUST people–what did he get for it??? Poor little thing…

  216. Casey says:

    I can’t believe this even happened. It goes to show you can’t trust just anyone. Looking at this girl it is so hard to believe she would be the type of person to do this. Such a tragic story. Not too be too interested in details, does anyone really know her motive? Jealousy, I understand is a definite possiblity of course. But I am curious what her relation was to the owners of all horses…..?

  217. Noel says:

    I’ve followed this story from the beginning. I am absolutely shocked and appalled that someone could be so demented. Being a horse owner myself and the owner of a boarding stable, I know tht grief of losing such a magnificent animal due to old age or injuries, but I can not and will not try to imagine the pain that comes with losing a loved animal in such a manner of this. I can only hope that everyone who was envolved is brought to justice and recieves the maximum penalty for such a horrible disgusting crime. They also should count there blessings that the animals involved in this were not mine, because they would meet a much worse fate.

  218. Nikki says:

    God have mercy on her soul. Many studies have shown a correlation of animal/human killing. They have proven that children and even adults who have viciously killed animals for gratification of some kind went on to be cold-blooded killers. I am not speaking of animals for food consumption….Most all of the top serial killers tested had had a history of killing helpless animals….so, yes I do condemn this woman to hell. Not up to me, but it is my opinion. I can’t imagine what kind of sick person could do such a thing, and for a competition…

  219. Anon from TX says:

    This is for Oilfart, you must be with those PETA nuts! You are obviously very misinformed. We raise bucking bulls and just like horses, every one of them are unique and have their own personalities. Also for your info, horses are grazers so grass is something that they need! As far as them being abused by being “slaves” and rodeo clowns is the most ridiculous thing that I’ve ever heard! Rodeo stock love what they do! Example every time LYJ bucked a guy off he would turn towards the crowd and look at each side of the arena before he left the arena because he was proud of himself and if he got rode, he was clearly ticked! Also these animals are truly loved like children and are treated better than most humans! There’s a lot of money spent to keep them happy and healthy! My point is you have no idea what you’re talking about and I’m sure you’ve never been on a ranch or even gone to a rodeo in your life!
    As far as this girl is concerned. She’s truly a sociopath and if the parents are involved they are to! Only a sick individual could do something like this! It’s beyond my comprehension how someone could do what they did. She does deserve to be severely punished because it would deter others. I honestly think that, that’s what’s wrong with this country! We have gotten to politically correct and heaven forbid we actually make people accountable for their actions! If her parents weren’t involved (which I’m pretty sure they were), then I feel for them because as a parent of two I’d be agonizing over what I did to raise such a sick person! No one with a conscience or one ounce of basic human emotions could do such a thing to all five horses!
    Also for the person that doesn’t think there’s a hell, you’re sadly mistaken and someday you will find that out. I feel sorry for you.
    For all of those that say they are just animals, then you must’ve never owned any type of animal in your life! I love each and every one of our “boys” and “girls” like my own children and my dogs to. I’ve watched them be born. I’ve felt the pride when they do great and the sick feeling of when they don’t. I’ve also held some of them as they passed and I’ve sat in the mud and the muck trying to save a calf. I’ve gone out to take care of them no matter what kinda weather it is (including trying to secure them when a tornado was coming). Trust me when I say, that these horses were these kids best friends and their love for them was truly unconditional!
    As far as I’m concerned, every person involved needs to be hung because it wouldn’t be a far leap for this to be a person next time!

    • A says:

      :) right on – u tell em.

    • Brenda says:

      Thank you Anon from Texas for those GREAT words! My daughter rodeos, over the years I seen and heard so many night mare stories of what contestants and parents have done to “hurt” their Competition. It’s insane. It does happen in all completive sports. You just hate when the hurt imposed is so big/bad that they make to national 6:00 news.

  220. Jennifer says:

    To think up ways to bring about the most suffering possible is pretty antisocial. If she could enjoy slaughtering Credit Card and torturing several other horses then I’m sure she could immunize herself to other forms of suffering as well. After all, this was probably perpetrated as some sort of revenge for the humans as well. It seems sometimes that reprehensible acts of violence towards animals are glossed over by our legal system so hope this gets handled well. However, if we allow ourselves to hate this girl, we are taking a step towards violence ourselves…but God bless Credit Card and his stable mates!

  221. SuadeBlue says:

    A Response I pulled of the Internet since I read some responses to send her to Texas:

    Hi, Chappyski, and welcome to WebAnswers.

    Horse theft is no longer a capital crime in Texas, as it is a third degree felony, for which the punishment is a sentence of not more than ten years and not less than two years, under Texas Penal Code Sec. 12.34. A fine of up to $10,000 can also be assessed.

    Moreover, under the U.S. Supreme Court decision handed down under Kennedy v. Louisiana, 554 U.S. 407 (2008), the death penalty cannot be allowed for a crime in which no victim died, although it can still be given for espionage or treason.

    I hope this clarifies the matter for you. Thank you for your question.

  222. Kay says:

    How about Christians say whatever they want to and bring the Bible and God and Jesus into any conversation they want to and the rest of you who don’t like it shut up? How about that? How about the rest of you cuss, threaten, hate, judge, condemn, and do whatever ungodly, filthy thing you usually do, and whoever wants to talk about God do whatever they usually do? How about that? How about everybody say what they want to and whoever does not like what they say, move on? How about that? Christians can talk too. You don’t have a right to judge them or tell them to shut up, whoever you are. You got a problem with the Bible? Tough! You can’t do anything about it. The Bible, Christians, God, Jesus…they are not going away and they like to talk about God. You don’t have the right to tell them to shut or leave God out of it.

  223. Jaylene-W. Jordan, Ut says:

    I say not let her rot in jail, then we just have to pay for her to be there, a more harsh penalty needs to take place. As a few have commented, she should be hung for horse theft, but first starved and abused. In the long run she will get her penalty from someone with a lot more power than we have here on earth. Good riddence to her forever. i would like to say to the owner of all these horses, good luck with the ones who need your help more than ever now, and to Credit Card’s owner I am so sorry someone so mean and vindictive has taken your precious friend from you, will his memory live with you forever and may he RIP.

  224. char says:

    Back in the old west days…horse thieves were hung. How can anyone do what she did. Give her the max penalty because she wasn’t gonna give any of them horses a chance to live. As for Credit Card…..God Bless his soul….My heart goes out to all the owners of the horses.

  225. Cathy says:

    Growing up on a ranch, my family rodeos~~~ So lucky to have been able to ride very good horses~~~ & a major horse lover, I am so outraged, mad, only very bad words come to mind~~~ Maybe, just maybe someday this “person” will have to face God & Credit Card~~~~~

  226. Erin says:

    Tineuta, I agree that we should not judge this girl, however we should also not allow her to roam the streets and prey on our animals and children! I don’t feel that we are passing judgement here. I feel like we are just speaking from experience! it has been proven that people who can mutilate and torture innocent animals, move on to mutilating and torturing people.

  227. plato says:

    what a waste of perfectly good glue

  228. paul says:

    I wud have to say what that girl did wasnt even right n she will get punishd….but glad none of yall sitting in the judges seat!! Maybe yall should pray for her instead of bringin what yall opinion to the table!!

  229. ben green says:

    hang the woman

  230. rich says:

    stone her to death ,he or she who has not sinned cast the first stone

  231. Idaho Cowgirl says:

    There is something seriously WRONG with this girl. How devastating to see! I am sick. This girl has the potential to kill a person down the road. She is sick. I feel so bad for the owner(s) of these horses! :(

  232. Western Horseman says:

    I hope she is sitting in jail where it is nice and safe, thinking about what she has done, and the fact some day she will be released and will have to face whats waiting for her on the outside!

  233. Patty says:

    I’m so tired of hearing people say that things like this are not so bad because “it’s just a horse” or “it’s JUST an animal”. Premeditated murder is premeditated murder, and abuse is abuse, whether it’s a human or an animal. Human beings are the most arrogant species. Where along the line did we get this idea that we’re better and superior to other species? Guess what? We’re NOT, and we have no business treating other species like they are less important than we are. Every time we kill, something inside of us dies. It’s in the place where compassion used to be. The more we kill, the harder our hearts get until it either kills us in return or we shake off the evil ways we have adopted. Here is a quotation that I just love because it is totally true. THINK about what this says about the human race. ?When are we going to get a clue?

    “The earth we abuse and the living things we kill will, in the end, take their revenge; for in exploiting their presence we are diminishing our future.” ~Marya Mannes

  234. Lisa says:

    The whole thought of someone doing what she did to those horses makes me sick. She is obviously seriously deranged. It is too bad that the laws aren’t stronger for animal cruelty. Far too often animal abusers don’t get even close to what they deserve to serve justice. It may be an animal, not a human but they still FEEL and they HAVE to rely on people and when people are crazy the poor animals can’t do anything about it. So sad.

  235. chase beggs says:

    that is wrong if she likes to hert animales the she should not work with them, i have alwased loved horses even after i was kicked in the mouth by one, well all i want to ask is why

  236. Lisa Korell says:

    What a discusting sick person that makes a choice to brutially kill a horse that does its job. The horrific and painful death that this loved horse had to endure at the hands of such a deranged person/persons. I will pray as this sentance is handed down that it is not pardoned in any way and that these peopole get the max. As it is well know that if they can do it to an animal they can do it to a person. I for one wish that I was the prosecuter in this case because this person who organized this should not ever see freedom again.

  237. Calina N says:

    Horses are a part of a family, no matter how you look at it. I have a 34 year old Morgan mare that has been my best friend for 26 years. I pity the poor fool who ever laid a hand on her to bring harm. For someone to carry out the henious crime as she did to Credit Card, well, prison is the place for her. Just think of all the possible animal lovers in there! Jaci Jackson, may you burn in the pits of hell for what you did to that horse. You deserve no less.

  238. Sharon says:

    Having had horses for years, I only have one thing to say! It may have been addressed above, but I found many of the comments disgusting and quit reading them. My family loves horses and truthfully all animals so finding an excuse for such behavior is way out of line. There are no excuses good enough to justify such actions, but while reading what was done to Credit Card I stopped and did some thinking. Competition! Competition! Competition! Having been involved for many yrs in the competitive area of horses I find nothing other than this to say! In every sport there are winners and losers, some deal with it fine, while others do not! I do not know this young lady’s history nor that of her parents, but such anger will either come from, or be derived from someone being very angry over not coming in first. Today, so much money is spent in order to be FIRST and then when it does not happen, it is a very harsh lesson in life! It happens in all areas of sports now days and it is the saddest thing in the world. I am amazed at how today it isnt about talent and dedication, it is about who’s daddy can spend the most money! What lesson is this teaching our children? Then when something like this happens and it is brought to light, the action is so lost in what really happened and why! I personally believe that the WHOLE situation needs to be looked at carefully, and those who know this young lady personally will know exactly why it happened as well as her parents. If there is blame there, then look at the price to be paid! Competition needs to be brought back to talent, time spent, and the love of doing both, NOT who’s daddy has the most money and tries to buy that first place ribbon let it be earned then the lesson is complete and will be carried on in their lives!

  239. Unknown says:

    Stacey are you crazy? Do you habbve anillmals? animals are a a persons best friend ecspially if you have had them since you were 6 yers old!!!! Sometimes thats all some people have to talk to ! And you think she donesny deserve what she is fixing to get You are NUTS!!! How rude!juss shows people what kind of pearson you really are!

  240. Dru Mills says:

    Know what’s sad? Jaci is a human being and you talk about her like she’s a savage beast. I’ll have you know that I graduated with her and yeah maybe she screwed up big time but you don’t have the right to sit here and judge her. That’s for the courts and God. I don’t know what’s worse, you guys or her. She may have hurt and animal, but you’re talking about murdering a human being. If anyone should rot in Hell, it’s probably not her.

    • Anonymous, too says:

      Umm – HURT an animal is a SERIOUS UNDERSTATEMENT !
      She DELIBERATELY STOLE & MURDERED an INNOCENT beast out of anger & revenge … AND left the other FOUR to STARVE !
      You think GOD’s gonna be happy bout that ? WAKE UP & Get ur Head out of ur A**, Dru. WE are not the ones who have done a Horrible, Shameful thing !
      If she had Kidnapped, SHOT, & Quartered your fellow Students / Friends –
      would that make you want REAL justice ?

    • Sandra says:

      Dru, you have to understand people are angry and hurt and are just expressing that anger. She did a very horrific act agaisnt animals that depend on us for care. I agree she needs some serious psychological help and that may not help and yes God will handle this. She is the one who made it personal. She carefully planned and even said herself she wanted Credit Card dead all because she didnt get her way and she was angry and jealous. So yes just like you have the right to express your feelings and opinions so do everyone else. It is the anger and pain that are speaking right now.

  241. Sarah says:

    #1. I’m shocked that a person who is on a rodeo team would be doing something like this anyway. Beings how they would have horses of their own.
    #2. Sounds to me, she and her mother are people who have gotten away with other hatefulness in the past. Growing to this because of a lack of punishment.
    #3. Nowhere, did I see that the Stacy gal, said that this girl wasn’t wrong.
    #4. These people should be in prison, not killed. If we are worried about tax payers $ being spent? Put to dealth all the human murders, child molester, and rapest first. Then it won’t be so expensive to feed the other criminals.
    #5. All you people out there that think she should be killed, I would like to know your thoughts about abortion. I’m guessing your probably for it.
    Because (even though the Bible states that humans come before animals, and no I don’t like animal cruilty or killing them for no reason at all, and it acually says that in the Bible.) No one can say I don’t know anything, because I came from a cattle ranch, that also raise Reg. Horses, and dogs. AND I have had just about every kind of farm animal as a pet and so have my husband, son and daughters.

  242. LMoon says:

    Unfortunately, she will probably go to prision, then be released early and put on probation! While she is in prision, she will be treated with kid gloves, fed, tv, books to read, maybe even a computer for her to play games or whatever. They may even provide education or degrees for her!……………Sickining! Send her parents to the hole also! Wonder what she has done in the past!!!!?? Any unsolved murders in the area???? Hummm!

  243. Terri Greer says:

    Jaci Jackson, you are an ugly person who very likely can’t even ride a stick horse much less compete in college rodeo. You should be forever blacklisted from every horse related organization in the US. You should be barred from owning horses, dogs or anything living because you don’t have the skill or the soul to adequately do a good job. I hope for your sake as well as these poor animals you make suffer you never get out of prision and if you do I hope everyone who looks at you turns and walks away. Karma has a great way of getting even and in your case, you really deserve it. The one thing that is evident to everyone is that the people you stole these horses from are 100 times the horseperson you could have ever hoped to be. Maybe some nice big girl will take you under her wing in prision, we can all hope so.

  244. Dee Dee says:

    She is sick, but she deserves full punishment. I know if it had been my horse, or any other beloved animal, I would make sure she pays for the rest of her life, maybe not in prison, but certainly that wherever she is, everywhere she goes, everyone KNOWS what she has done. Is she DOES go to prison, she better hope there are no animal lovers in there with her because she just might get the pay back she REALLY deserves.

  245. Horse Lover says:

    Stupid Goat Roper Girl! Why in the hell be on a rodeo team if you want to kill horses? She needs to be hung!

  246. Cara says:

    Did she honestly think that by doing this she was gain the love or a relationship of the one who in her mind caused her the pain? She is a very sick individual and what she had done to Credit Card was horrific and she deserves a punishment compareable to what she put them horses thru. Starvation, no water, painful death how horrible. The parents need to stand with her for being a part of it and take their punishment as well. What kind of adults are they???

  247. lin says:

    What makes a person do such a horiific act? Do they somewhere “snap”? To read about these horses treated this way is beyond sad. I do wish the court to make laws tougher on people who hurt animals for whatever reason. small fines are not enough. time in prison, resititution and a forever criminal record. Very sick person who had help doing this. I hope they all rot in hell.

  248. M Washington says:

    I cannot imagine a punishment strong enough for these people that would make them actually “get it” and feel the FULL impact of their actions (not a legal punishment, anyway).
    In this world of “plea bargaining” I can only hope they get the maximum that is allowed and that there is enough public outrage that this will follow them the rest of their natural lives….and beyond.

  249. M says:

    So… there have been an awful lot of people throwing stones here. I’m not saying it wasn’t absolutely awful of her to do what she did to the horses, but tying her to a tree?? What in the Hell (which, consequently, does exist) do you think that would accomplish? “An eye for an eye” is in the bible, but I believe it comes just after the words “do not take”. And then there’s the obvious fact that these are horses. HORSES!! The last time I seen this many haters post their spitting comments was on a site with pictures of the starving CHILDREN in Africa… oh wait… I DIDN’T see any of that there!
    Besides, how many people who, in the comments, want to kill this girl, have killed or tortured bugs?? SHAME! I say we rip YOUR legs off!
    How many people threw toys from high places (obviously because of some mental glitch which will someday lead to murder)? SHAME! The same should be done unto you!
    Yes, it was horrible. Yes, she deserves punishment. All I’m trying to say is that having the desire to brutally murder this girl means that YOU are the one to be prayed for. YOU are the kind that give Humanity no hope. YOU are the one who will murder a person just because they killed animals. YOU are the one who’s face will be up on a blog like this, with spitting comments below saying “The last girl just killed horses… this one killed a person…”

  250. Skyla says:

    I can not believe this girl stole five horses and Brutally KILLED one of them,,, trying to kill the otheres, slowly… :( My horse iss my baby. any horse ive had has been my baby… Horses are raised to be our family,pets and companions when we get lonely… These poor horses loved their familys and their familys loved them..they didn’t deserve this… no horse deserves to be killed… i just don’t understand some people !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  251. Lil Morgan says:

    Sadly, animals have little “value” in the legal system. To his owner he was priceless. I sincerely hope poor Credit Card didn’t suffer…hopefully she didn’t miss when she shot him in the head. Slitting his throat doesn’t sound promising. Putting the owner through the hell of the reality of how his horse died makes me think this was personal.

    I don’t know why we think animals should have justice…people don’t. When I was held at gunpoint in my own bed while one guy robbed my husband and others took items from the house downstairs, the cops said I should have known better than to move to that neighborhood, and I should be glad my husband, kids, and I were still alive. They never even looked for the men. We never got our belongings back.

    Poor Credit Card. All he was guilty of was being better than her horse, maybe. I hope we get the full story.

  252. Anonymous says:

    Essentially, this girl and her family did this to cause pain to the owners of the horses and did it most likely because of jealously or some other self serving reason because they felt that they were wronged and that this was the reason why they weren’t the best or better than everyone else. You read about this type of stuff in the news all the time. People taking the “easy way out” to get ahead of someone else, and in turn taking the quickest route to cause another pain and grief. If all else fails, get rid of the person that is better than you and then you’ll be at the top, never mind all of the work and time that went into it to get where they were at. As a horse owner, I am apalled that this type of thing happens out of jealousy and some sick need to be the BEST. What happened to practicing, hard work, and training? To compare this to opening up the slaughter ban is ridiculous – there is no comparison, this was a thoughtless act of revenge. My heart grieves for the horses and the owners for the pain suffering and sorrow through the entire ordeal. We talk about what they are going through now, but what about the days and sleepless nights while the horses were missing? And this girl likely sat there with them faking concern when she knew where they were and what had happened to them all the time. These kids’ lives have changed forever out of this, and I only hope that the four horses still living are able to trust in humans again. May this girl and her accomplices live with this for the rest of her life and let it eat at their minds.

  253. mocha says:

    I cannot believe this person would go to such extremes stealing horses then abandonment/starvation and the killing of CC…so sad..get help girl and stay away from my ranch

  254. Margaret Curtis says:

    This is very sad indeed. I love these gentle giants, and the little one’s too. Yes, I am heart sick over each and everyone of these horses that followed her trustingly into that trailer for the nightmare of their lives and their owners too. I believe everyone has a right to say what is on their mind. It makes me mad as hell that our LAWS do NOT work. The LAWS must be changed!! She may never, ever go to jail, if she does maybe the inmates will assist what our Laws lack. Many of the folks are correct, if an individual will inflict this type of pain on any animal, high priced or plain beloved pet, the pattern is to move on to children and the elderly. The only way to stop this is to make our voices heard, to change the laws! There could be dozens of other sick people waiting to get their name in print, to do what has just happened, “what the heck nothing happened to her”. Use your voice, let your congress KNOW how you feel!! This is something that horse and animal lovers never, ever want to hear about again. Please, I see your passion for this! Get your clubs, 4-H, FFA, families, friends, co-workers, TV, Radio Stations, Facebook, emails. United we can make a difference to stop this! This story will fade off of the news and media, but not if we don’t let it.

  255. Michelle says:

    As an owner of a large indoor facility in Oklahoma, I have had the honor to meet and become friends with many kids from all parts of this country that make up the college rodeo family. It really disturbs me to read some of the comments that have been written. When I first heard of this happening, my first thought was “hang the guys that did it”. As the story unfolds, I not only feel ill, I feel great sadness. These kids stall together, live together, practice together, travel together and compete with each other. They become close friends and take the place of their family away from home. Although I know that there was alot of anger when these horses were first found and alot of sorrow with the loss of Credit Card, I personally feel that these kids would be ashamed of how outrageous some of society is expressing themselves. They have faith in fact that the justice system will punish this young woman accordingly. In addition to that, they have their faith in the Lord and as it has been written, she will have to stand before him for this. Lets be real people….she is not going to get the death penalty, nor will she do life. She will be out in society again so the outcry should be “for help” so that she may return someday and not become the monstrous killer of humans as you are all claiming.

  256. Lori Lynn Christiansen says:

    This kind of horrible criminal behavior will continue as long as our horses are treated as property and not as living creatures. This woman will spend more time in jail BEFORE her trial than after. She will get a small fine, and probation. This disgusts me. I would serve more time for beating her up than she will for killing someone’s beloved riding partner. Laws must be changed and updated to reflect the meaning of the animals that we have in our lives. Thank you for reading this and please, make a letter to your congressperson.

  257. Janet says:

    I agree…. An eye for an eye! I bought my horse Duke a year and a half ago… He was about 250-300 lbs under weight. My vet says I saved his life… His prior owner didn’t know how to properly take care of him and didnt seek help and unfortumately will never be punished for the harm he did to Duke. Anyone who says they don’t have feelings never had a pet. I believe Duke knows I saved him… He is still has about 50-70 lbs to gain. But he is on the right path and gaining at a heathy rate. He is happy and loving, a sweet boy who knows he’s living a better life. I will never forget the emptiness in his eyes when I first saw him… I couldn’t leave him there. Now his eyes are bright and when he looks at me it’s with his heart and soul.

  258. Stef says:

    Remember Michael Vick only got 3 yrs for killing all those pitbulls, and the abuse…this girl probably won’t get 2 yrs in jail.

  259. Cheryl Petree says:

    I read all of the comments posted. All of the hows and whys that will probably never be answered. How could someone do something like that? It goes beyond being human, and if humans can do things like that it makes one ashamed to be part of that race. What kind of a society is developing when a man can slit the throat of their own two year old child, or slit the throat of a horse, both of which are innocence in the rawest form? This act goes beyond murder, murder is killing someone. This was a heinous act of demented minds. Our country is in dire straits and it seems that TRUE horse people are holding on to the last thread of sanity in a country going berserk. Horse people, country people, rednecks, whatever you call them, still have the old fashioned devotion to family and country, family includes animals. Respect, compassion, honor, integrity, and hard work all seem to be fading out of what this country was built on. I hope that this event will bring all of us ‘horse lovers’ closer and stronger in the fight for what we believe in. I think our voices are being heard as to the outcry of the people wanting justice for this absurd, horrendous act. Hopefully the powers that be will hear our cry. If justice to the extent of the law is a slap on her hands then we need to work together to get the law changed.

  260. Sophie says:

    The death sentence would be too good for her – she needs to suffer the same way the horses did. It makes me Mad Mad Mad when I hear people killing animals for the sake of killing them!!!! Animals are far more intelligent that we give them credit for and far more spiritual than we’ll ever be – they are on a completely different level – they have a much deeper sense of every feeling that we think we have – their instincts and feelings are raw and real! The human instinct is dead. Lets face it – you always know where you stand where animals are concerned!!!

  261. Victoria says:

    Jaci deserves prison! And needs to be in the company of a tough inmate that loves horses! Sometimes some of the inmates take care of things in their own way. This girl will have a lot tougher time living the rest of her life than she did the first 19 years. One thing about this era, we have internet. She will be followed by many of horse lovers for a very long time. She may never have any peace, seems she doesn’t deserve any. Premeditated is what magnifies this. Cold blooded and cruel. Heartless.
    What kind of a monster spawns an offspring that is so mean? Even animals in the wild don’t create monsters like this.

  262. Too much hate says:

    I spent time as a youth gathering hay with a team of horses in northern Minnesota. We also used a couple of tractors. I grew up on a farm with horses, cows, cats, dogs, mice, and flys. If someone would of stole our team, it could of been a cause for something else to die. Today my wife has a couple of horses. They, and the dog are fed before we eat. We have them, therefore we have to be their caretaker. In the earlier days, If anybody would of stole any animal, they would get jail, to steal a horse, you got the noose. I think the actions taken by the thieves shows that it was premeditated, get rid of the whole bunch, so you won’t have competition. Too kill and quarter the horse, now was that done to dispose of the animal? or to make the owner suffer more? Either way, their actions were both cruel and unusual. I think, actions taken by people not quite sane. I don’t know the whole story, but it seems that the actions were taken to both better themselves (stealing), and to get back at an old flame. I wonder, was the accused (Jaci Rae) thrown off her horse a while back, and suffer a concussion?, mabe brain damage? I would say that that could of been possible, but with her mother, and mothers boyfriend working with her to carry out this terrible deed, I have to believe there a mean spirit that runs amok in the group. Now, the point of all this mandering around, it seems like this spirt has gotten loose on most of the posts. I do not like the deeds that were done, but all the vile hate being spewed out is also worrisome. This is like a Tea Party out of control, I think just “String them up” is enough said!!

  263. barrelchaser77 says:

    What has been a common action of persons that go on to kill humans? They kill animals first. This girl has some kind’a heart in her. And this was a horrible kill and after the kill…cut him up. The look on her face is one of uncaring…… Pray for her. Pray hard. For right now she doesn’t know the damage….when she realizes…if she ever does….that look on her face will be filled with shame. It is hard for me to believe a person….and a rodeo person at that, would kill a horse because he was special. I wouldn’t want to be her. My heart goes to the owner….not the killer

  264. Appycountrylover says:

    I am in totally agreement with all the comments I have read. This girl involved needs some serious mental counseling, needs to be removed from the college, needs to have a court order never to be allowed within 100 ft. of a live animal and needs to pay restitution to each of the horses owners for the pain and suffering caused to each horse AND their owner. The mother needs counseling too for raising a manipulative daughter who has such deep seated problems and be ordered to sell everything she has to raise the money to help pay for restitution and the boyfriend…well, he should be secreted away to the backwoods, stripped naked, bound, gagged and left to die but if that can’t happen, then he should face jail for a very long time. I, of course, am all in favor for the least expensive and fastest way of saving tax payers money. Just take them all out in the woods, strip them naked, bound, gag and tie them to trees far enough apart but close enough so that each one of them can watch the others die.

  265. cindy.worman says:

    Put her down like we would a mean animal!!!

  266. annette martin says:

    This chick is pure evil and is definetly a menance to society. May she rot in hell for her crimes, but first, she needs to be tied to a tree, spray painted, starved and THEN have her throat slit!!!!!!


  267. Tracy says:

    This is very sad, and should never have happened.

    Acts like this and far worse are happening on factory farms every day. Those who wish to truly end animal suffering should directly look at what’s on their plates.

    Go vegan, please.

  268. JUST WONDERING says:

    After reading all this…. and following the story it claims she didn’t pull the trigger or cut the throat of poor CC…why is her mother and mother’s boyfriend not have a warrant for arresst or anything they are just as guilty too!!! I feel like she is still hiding something…

  269. anonymous says:

    Pray for Jackson, pray for her salvation, and for her acknowledgement of what she as done. Justice will prevail, but more important than the loss of a horse, is the loss of a human soul to Satan, pray that she will turn from her ways, and instead of hate, show love, to her and to the horse owners, in God’s eyes, we all nailed Christ to that cross, no one more than anyone else.

  270. danielle says:

    So this girl killed the horse to get revenge on the owner and of coarse she is awful? You want to hang her, drag her, torture her, and beat her to get revenge and you are all happy go lucky Christians????????

    HAHA what a joke you all are, your hatred is sick. You are no better than she is

  271. dan says:

    it was just a horse. get a grip. it was a crime and she should pay…she will just get probation like any other thief……thats all. it was just a horse

  272. No Name says:

    i think that this is just sad and upseting to read- and her being hung is not the anwser either-she deeserves to sit and rot in jail- yes the animals suffered because of what she did to them – but she should have to rot in jail and think about what she did to those poor animals- hanging her would be the easy way out- she wouldnt have to think about what she did yes she would suffer pain and loose her life but is it really the best way to take care of her? i dont think so. but this is just my oppion

  273. Dianne Anderson says:

    I knew from the start that this was an inside person who stole these horses! Shame on them–punish to the highest level. Jealousy is the evil of this and I knew it when I heard the news!

  274. cody nebraska says:

    Well Mr anonymous up there! Hypothetically speaking……if it was ur horses or ur dog or the next victim was a family member of yours…..would u still say she just needs help??

  275. Paula Price says:

    This is definitely a girl that has no feeling or no thought … definitely not someone I would have as a friend. Rodeo family does NOT do this to anyone or any animal. She definitely has more than a few screws loose.

    If “treatment is what she needs” than she needs to work with “dangerous horses” as she won’t learn anywhere else, what she needs to learn. This is definitely an act of JEALOUSY … and ENVY … that got her to the wrong place. If her horse wasn’t “as good” as her team mates, than maybe she should have learned and practiced the love and training they spent to have the great horses they had … rather than act out in irrational behaviour. And yes, her behaviour and thinking are the problems.

    Those loving creatures didn’t stand a chance … they trusted her and she ABUSED them. This is ANIMAL CRUELTY … number 1 offence.

    Lock her up and throw away the key! We have no use for people like her!

    I rescue and rehabilitate animals … people are a whole different set of rules in my books. I have no exceptions to any of my rules for ANIMAL ABUSE … this is why I rehabilitate the animals I do!

    I am so sorry for the loss to Shaun Smith and to the loving Credit Card. In the Rodeo family … this should have never have happened. Peace, be with both Shaun & Credit Card.

  276. Dolores King says:

    The fact of the matter is any person who commits an act like that is a mentally ill individual, whether you agree about the seriousness of the crime or not because it was against animals…….an individual who performs an act like this is also an individual who could and would kill a person. It is an act of a sociopath, this person should be confined to a mental hospital for life, there is no cure for people who are born wired this way they have no empathy, no morals, no value for life period, most individuals who do things like this become serial killers………

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