People’s Choice costume contest continues at Banner-News Facebook page

Yes, that’s right, readers – you still have a chance to help your favorite local boy or girl win in the Banner-News Halloween Costume Contest! The three winners have already been announced, but we had so much fun with the contest, we’ve extended it to include a People’s Choice award so our readers can enjoy the fun, too! All you have to do is visit the Banner-News Facebook page,, and view the 72 photos in our Halloween Costume Contest photo album. (Or to make it easier, just click this link to go straight to the photo album: Once you see your favorite photo, just comment on it with a simple, ‘I vote for this one!’

But remember, there are a few rules! You only get ONE vote per Facebook profile, so cast your vote wisely! If you vote for more than one photo – and yes, we will be checking – only your first vote (according to the time shown on the votes) will count. And remember, too, that to avoid confusion later, “likes” and random comments such as, ‘What a cute photo,’ don’t count as votes – you have to comment, and your comment must clearly be a vote for that photo! Readers are welcome to tag themselves or their children in the photos and ask friends and family to vote for them, if they like!

The winner of the People’s Choice award will receive a certificate of award from the Banner-News, gift certificates for 2 medium pizzas from Pizza Inn in Magnolia, and his or her photo on the front page of the Banner-News! Voting closes at precisely midnight Thursday, and the winner’s costume photo will be published in Friday’s edition! We can’t wait to see who you choose – we can tell you, though, that it’s going to be a difficult process as every single photo is amazing!! Good luck to all!!

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