Hey, deer hunters: Will you win the Triple Trophy Award?

From the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission newsletter: A reward, in addition to personal satisfaction, awaits hunters who qualify for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s Triple Trophy Award. Hunters who qualify for the Triple Trophy Award must, within a single annual deer season, take at least one deer by each of the three legal hunting methods – modern firearms, muzzle-loading rifle or pistol, and archery/crossbow tackle. Certificates suitable for framing are given to qualifying hunters.

The program was started in the mid-1980s to encourage primitive weapons hunting. It was intended to accomplish two things – to increase the harvest of antlerless deer, and to spread out hunting pressure and reduce crowding.

Primitive weapon hunting increases antlerless harvest partly because antlerless regulations are generally less restrictive for primitive weapons seasons, and partly because hunters seem more willing to take antlerless deer with primitive weapons than with modern firearms. Harvest of antlerless deer is essential for maintaining the health of a high-density deer herd, as is present in most of Arkansas. Applications are available from the AGFC, 501-223-6351, or online by clicking here.

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