Meet one of Magnolia’s youngest humanitarians . . .

Submitted Photo

Meet West Hagaman, son of Rex and Ashley Hagaman. West, a local third grader, was inspired by the Cameroon Chapelle Campaign to build a church for the people of Betannia Parish in Nkom, Cameroon, and began saving his money and doing extra chores to make his own contribution to that campaign. After compiling his hard-earned funds in a large tin can, he turned them over (as seen here) to Rick Murphy and Drs. Pierre and Martine Boumtje, both of whom are committee members for the project and are former residents of Nkom. West’s contribution totaled $23.65, and when combined with a matching funds donation, netted $47.30 toward the goal of $33,000 for the Cameroon church. Congratulations to West and to the fundraising campaign – how proud we are to have such kind-hearted and giving young people here in Columbia County!

(Above photo submitted by Mike Morgan, pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Magnolia.)

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