MPD Chief issues press release reminder on noise ordinance

Chief Glenn Proctor wishes to relay to the public that our ordinance, referred to in the Magnolia Code Book, Section 14-10, in reference to Disturbing The Peace, reads as follows:
Sec.14-10. Disturbing the Peace.

(a)No person shall willfully or maliciously disturb, either by day or night, the peace and quiet  of any neighborhood, family, or person by loud or unusual noise, or by abusive, violent or Obscene or profane language, whether addressed to the party so disturbed or some other person, or by threatening to fight, quarreling or challenging to fight or fighting, or shooting off any firearm, or brandishing the same.  No person shall make use of any profane, violent, vulgar, abusive or insulting language toward or about any other person in his presence or hearing, which language in its common acceptance is calculated to arouse to anger the person about or to whom it is spoken or addressed, or to cause a breach of the peace.

(b)Public performances approved in advance by the mayor, or his designee, shall not be deemed a violation of this section.

(c) Any law enforcement officer may arrest or issue citations to any person who violates this section in the officer’s presence, whether or not any law enforcement officer has previously received a complaint about such conduct from a private citizen.

Please note that loud music is included as an offense in disturbing the peace.  It will not be tolerated; tickets will be written, and reinforced in the court system.
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