Ribbon cutting at SAU Tech Welding Academy in Magnolia set for Thursday

The SAU Tech Welding Academy is a finishing school for professional welding. Students who successfully complete our nine month program (two semesters) can call themselves “certified welders.” Right here in south Arkansas, you can get the training needed for a great paying career.   Compared to other welding schools, SAU Tech is a better value for the high quality hands-on training you will receive. The academy will begin classes in fall 2011 in Magnolia. This Academy is the first of its kind in Arkansas and is compared to, but less costly for the student than, other expensive schools in the country.  Choosing welding as a career ensures that you will always have employment options!  Did you know that over fifty percent of all products made in the United States require welding?  Even the cell phone you carry required a welder!  Companies in Arkansas and around the globe are in need of highly skilled welders to get the job done!
The SAU Tech Welding Academy is located in the Magnolia Business Park.  The main campus for SAU Tech is located in Camden, Arkansas.  The program is nine-months in length and is a certified welding program.  SAU Tech has been delivering technical training and degrees for over 40 years and is a part of the Southern Arknsas University System.
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