Mayor comments on former Magnolia Police Chief Robert Gorum

In a press release issued at 4:58 p.m. today, Magnolia Mayor Parnell Vann made the following statement: “As Mayor of Magnolia, I want to be clear that it is the City’s position, and mine personally, that Robert Gorum has faithfully served our city as Chief of Police for many years, and was unquestionably dedicated to the protection of our citizens.  In fact, I intend to submit a Resolution of Commendation at the next city council meeting in order to honor his service.  It is my duty as mayor to appoint a Chief of Police, and I have after much thought and consideration, decided to take the Magnolia Police Department in a new direction by appointing a new interim chief.  I want there to be no misunderstanding among our citizens.  Chief Gorum served dutifully and with integrity, and my appointment of Interim Chief Glenn Proctor was in no way based upon any impropriety or disciplinary issue.  Chief Gorum is a fine man.  I wish him the best in the future, and again thank him for his service.”

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