Bill Blackmon’s first appearance in Cooper murder; Affidavit and photo

Some readers report having issues in getting the affidavit to load on their desktops and smart phones. Here, we’ve re-posted that document in .jpg format. Hopefully, that will resolve the problem! We’ve also included a photograph from his first appearance.

Authorities lead Bill Blackmon, of Waldo, Ark., to his first appearance at the Columbia County Detention Facility on Monday. Blackmon is charged with capital murder, aggravated robbery, theft of property, and arson in the death of post office janitor Betty Cooper, 72, of Waldo. (Photo by Aaron Morris)

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3 Responses to Bill Blackmon’s first appearance in Cooper murder; Affidavit and photo

  1. Martha Jones says:

    I hope he gets the most time possible if not the death penalty. We need to make a statement that crime especially killing someone is big time wrong

  2. Melissa Maskell says:

    Though I believe that one that commits such as horrible crime may deserve the death penality I believe that they should have to spend the rest of their days locked up for life so they have to live with the horrible deed they had done. Mrs. Betty was dearly loved and cared about by many that knew her and I know that I will see her again but I pray that Justice will be done here on this earth as I know that the final judgement lies in the hands of our creator above! May God be with those who have the final say during court to see justice is done.

  3. Dot Worrell says:

    I graduated from Waldo High School and it saddens me to know that such creatures live in a wonderful town as Waldo and murder inocent people “just because”.
    I think he deserves the death penalty. Evidently he has no remorse so spending time behind bars for the rest of his life, would have no barrier on him. I think the last face he should see before his death is Betty Coopers. They try to blame insanity on such killings but I do believe that murderers know actually what they are doing.

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