Rankin says announcement to come on political plans, thanks Ross for service

We’ve received another comment from an individual who many consider to be a possible candidate for Ross’ seat when he vacates it. Magnolia’s own Beth Anne Rankin, who ran as a Republican against Ross last fall for the Fourth Congressional District, had this to say: “I have known Congressman Ross for over twenty years and would like to thank him for his distinguished years of service and dedication to the Fourth District of Arkansas. As the Republican nominee, tt was a tremendous experience to participate in the campaign process with Congressman Ross in 2010. I enjoyed the energetic exchange of ideas and opinions, and I truly loved the opportunity to travel the Fourth District and meet thousands of citizens throughout the process. I have long been in prayerful consideration regarding my own political future, and I will continue to talk to my friends, supporters and citizens across the Fourth District. The issues facing our nation which compelled me to run for Congress in 2010 are still issues today, including the financial future of our country and the need for strong, conservative leadership in DC. I will make an announcement in the near future regarding my decision, but today is the day to thank Congressman Ross for his service to the Fourth District of Arkansas.”

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