SAU increases tuition in 2011-2012 budget

We’ve just returned from a meeting of the Southern Arkansas University Board of Trustees, where approval was granted to a budget that will increase undergraduate in-state tuition by 4.49 percent. Tuition will be capped at 15 hours, with hours above 15 costing $100 each.┬áThe university also approved fee increases, including a $1 technology fee and a $3 facility fee. Data presented today indicates that students will see a total change of $120 to their tuition costs.

According to data presented at the meeting, a comparison of tuition revenues revealed that in 2010-2011, SAU had $16.7 million in tuition revenues. For the 2011-2012 year, those revenues are projected to increase to almost $18.5 million.

We’ll have the total breakdown of the figures – as well as those of SAU Tech in Camden – in tomorrow’s Banner-News, but we did want our Blog followers to have advance access to some of the information presented today. Look for more tomorrow!

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