Bobo Shinn’s casefile added to missing persons website

For those readers who have continued to follow the case of the 1978 disappearance of Mary Jimmie ‘Bobo’ Shinn, of Magnolia, we’re providing you with a link to a NamUs profile recently created for her. The profile includes DNA and dental information that will make it possible for law enforcement to either eliminate or verify whether an unidentified body found anywhere in the world is Bobo’s.

Our only dissatisfaction with Bobo’s NamUs profile is that she is listed as a realtor. As our readers are well aware, Sheriff Mike Loe, who has been investigating the case for 30+ years, has said that the mislabeling of Bobo as a realtor forced investigators to spend valuable time and resources to look into the disappearances/killings of realtors across the nation over the past three decades. As Loe told us when we did the recent series about Bobo’s disappearance, after the media labeled Bobo a realtor in the weeks after she vanished, every time a realtor was killed in the U.S., Loe and other investigators got a call about it and had to work to eliminate the possibility. Bobo was NOT a realtor, Loe stressed to us – she was simply a creative person who occasionally remodeled houses for re-sale. Bobo was primarily an artist and taught regular art classes at a small studio on Magnolia Street at the time of her disappearance.

For those who’d like to review Bobo’s NamUs profile, here’s the link – and we hope you’ll pass it on as publicity never hurts:

And for those who have not yet had a chance to read the Banner-News series on her case, visit this link to read the story and view the accompanying photographs for free:

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