Remembering the fallen . . .

We had a wonderful time at today’s Memorial Day ceremony on the courthouse lawn, and we were excited to see such a great turnout for the annual event! We’ll have photos of the ceremony in tomorrow’s Banner-News, but for our faithful Blog followers, we’ve posted an advance photo album here!

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2 Responses to Remembering the fallen . . .

  1. Deborah Ebarb says:

    WOW! These pictures are wonderful Jamie! I only wish you would make them public in the newspaper for those that don’t compute like our generation does. I know they would enjoy seeing these fabulous captured moments. God bless you for your support to our God, Country, and Soldiers/Veterans! It is a pleasure as always having you be a part! We love ya and keep up the great job.

    • jdavis says:

      We did have several in the newspaper – we’re often sad that we don’t have more space to run ALL the photos we take at community events like this one! Thank goodness we have the Blog so we can still put them up for the community to enjoy! And thank you, Deborah – you did a fantastic job of putting the ceremony together!

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