Welcome aboard!

Welcome to the Banner-News Blog, the best place in Columbia County to find the latest in news pertaining to our area! In the coming weeks, as we become more familiar with the concept of blogging, you’ll see more additions, including video footage, links to Columbia County-related news, photographs of local events and people and most importantly, the opportunity for you to comment on local news.

In order to comment on any blog entry, you must first be a Banner-News subscriber. If you don’t have a Banner-News subscription, contact our Circulation Department at (870) 234-5130 to purchase one today. If you do have a subscription, but aren’t set up with online access to our website, our Circulation Department can help you set up an online account.

We encourage readers and area residents (both current and former) to comment on local news, but please keep in mind that any inappropriate comments will be removed immediately. We believe in freedom of speech – and obviously freedom of the press – but we do want to keep our blog as family-friendly as possible to allow readers of all ages to participate in the dialogue.

With that said, welcome aboard! We hope you’ll enjoy reading this added feature of the Banner-News as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it. And please, check the Banner-News Blog often . . . you never know what’ll be added next!

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