Winners in children’s divisions of Sidewalk Art Show announced

Janet Rider-Babbitt, director of Magnolia Arts, sent us the following complete list of winners in the 2011 Sidewalk Art Show. We’ll be publishing the complete list in tomorrow’s edition of the Banner-News, but our Blog followers are getting advance access to it! Read on for the list of winners in each category and division . . . 

SideWalk Art Show winners in the youth division-

1st & 2nd Grades

2-D Art-

1st-Aiden Pittman

2nd –Avery Moore

3rd-Emma Grace

Honorable Mention-Sinclair Black

3-D Art

1st-Iasiah Williams

2nd –Ayden Moore-Snakes

3rd-Natlie Boyd

Honorable Mention-Kaitlyn Johnson


1st-Kaitlyn Johnson

2nd- Riley Payne

3rd-Makenzie Green

Honorable Mention-Claudia Ray

Best of show honoring Marjorie Chamberlain-Aiden Pittman


3rd & 4th Grades

2-D Art

1st-Carter Ray

2nd-Kaitlyn Disedare

3rd-Kristyn Hardy

Honorable Mention-Alexis Martin

3-D Art

1st-Carter Ray

2nd-Noah Weston

3rd-Amy Wooldridge

Honorable Mention-Shannon Edgar



1st-Madelyn Mitchell

2nd-Madelyn Mitchell

3rd-Carter Ray

Honorable Mention-Braden Green

Best of Show-honoring Marjorie Chamberlain-Carter Ray


5th & 6th Grades

2-D Art

1st-Loman Ferguson

2nd-John Wade

3rd-Abby Pieratt

Honorable Mention-Alyssa Cranston

3-D Art

1st-Trentice Beasley

2nd-Armani Bonner

3rd-Chenel Bailey

Honorable Mention-Sullivan Stockwell



1st-Chloe Phillips

2nd-Abby Pieratt

3rd-Chlode Phillips

Honorable Mention-Abby Pieratt

Best of Show-honoring Marjorie Chamberlain-Trentice Beasley


Junior High

2-D Art

1st-Brook Fort

2nd-Courtney Curry

3rd-Riley Jordan

Honorable Mention-Nicholas Couch

3-D Art

1st-Madison Fogo

2nd-Lilly Giles

3rd-Brook Fort

Honorable Mention-Claire Welch



1st-Brook Fort

2nd-Brook Fort

3rd-Ali Van Benthousen

Honorable Mention-Sydney Sanders

Best of Show-honoring Marjorie Chamberlain-Brook Fort


High School

2-D Art

1st-Johanna Baker


3rd-Alexis Welch

Honorable Mention-Alexis Welch

3-D Art

1st-Jenny Couch

2nd-Chris Miller

3rd-Chelsea Melon

Honorable Mention-Alexis Welch



1st-Alexis Welch

2nd-Alexis Welch

3rd-Ben Warner

Honorable Mention-Camilla Card

Best of Show-honoring Marjorie Chamberlain-Johanna Baker

Best of Show Sculpture-Honoring Dirk Williams-Kayh Rockett






Adult SideWalk Art Show Winners

2-D Art

1st-Glen Wooten

2nd-Inna Bagaera

3rd-Sarah Morrow

Honorable Mention-Sarah Nikolai

3-D Art

1st-John LaCour

2nd-Copper Unlimited

3rd-SStephen Wilson

Honorable Mention-John LaCour



1st-Lisa norris

2nd-Stacy Howell

3rd-Steve Nipper

Honorable Mention-Lisa VanDonsel


1st-Linda Bailey

2nd-Stephen Gooden

3rd-Betty Null

Honorable Mention-Betty null

Bobo Shinn Merit Award-Mandy Creed Green

Bobo Shinn Purchase Award-Lisa VanDonsel


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