And the winners are . . .

Brent Gallaway, Ward Flowers and Ken Phillips, the three-man team that forms the United Steaks of America, accept a check for $4,000 and the coveted Arkansas Governors Cup after being named the winners of the 2011 World Championship Steak Cook-off. Presenting the check are Rep. Lane Jean, second from left, David Nelson, cook-off chairman, and Cammie Hambrice, Chamber of Commerce Director.

Winners in the World Championship Steak Cook-off were announced inside the Treasure Chest store due to rain. The winners are as follows:

World Championship Steak Cook-off:

Winner: United Steaks of America

1st runner up: Pardsy Que

2nd runner up: Smokin’ Hole BBQ

3rd runner up: Woods Place

4th runner up: Walker Tree Farms

Appetizer Division:

1st: When Ya Hot Ya Hot

2nd: Half-Ton of Taste

3rd: Blaze of Glory


Winner: Flamebroiled Steak Co.

1st runner up: A Shade of Taste

2nd runner up: Steak Busters

3rd Runner up: Billy Bob Bones

4th Runner up: Milltime Grillers


Winner: Steak Busters

1st runner up: Mulerider Steak Cookers

2nd runner up: King Farms

3rd runner up: Serenity Sizzlers

4th runner up: Beef It Up

Rig Construction

Winner: Willie’s Dream

1st runner up: Albemarle Chefs

2nd runner up: Bonanza Creek Steak Grillers

3rd runner up: Steak Busters

4th runner up: Riggs Cat

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