Fairground stands packed for Ultimate Bull Riding Challenge

Did you miss tonight’s Ultimate Bull Riding Challenge? Not to worry – we were there, and we’re proud to announce that Magnolia’s own Dusty Walker was the first bull rider to complete a qualifying ride! Walker scored 74 points and was an instant hit with the crowd! Read on to see more of tonight’s bull riding event – you might even spot a cowboy or two that you recognize . . .

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One Response to Fairground stands packed for Ultimate Bull Riding Challenge

  1. JACKY GUNTER says:

    Bull riding was GREAT!!!!!!! Being an avid fan of the PBR, was not expecting the caliber of riders and bulls that were there—WOW!!!—greatly surprised on both points!!! Clown, bull fighters, announcer, and especially the horsemen in the arena were top notch!!!! The pictures Banner News posted were some of the best I’ve ever seen!!!! Please bring more bull riding back to Magnolia!!!!! If any “downside” had to be mentioned as a hoped for regular event—–could have started the “cutest sport on dirt” the kids riding the lambs, at 6 and the bull riding at 7 — more people might have stayed for the short go — and the smokers could have a designated area for their enjoyment instead of behind the stands. All in all I give it a BIG Thumbs-up for the whole event—WELL worth the money charged for the event!!! Thanks!!!!

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