Local little cowboys and cowgirls take arena for ‘Mutton Bustin’ Kids’ Rodeo!

Young cowboys and cowgirls filled the riding arena at the Columbia County Fairgrounds tonight for the Kids’ Rodeo – the precursor to the Ultimate Bull Riding Challenge! We had a great time watching the youngsters enjoy their debut at Mutton Bustin’ and we brought back lots of photos to share with you!

Continue reading to see what you missed if you weren’t there . . . you might even see a young cowboy or cowgirl you know! 

Above and below, future bull riders enter the arena for the Kids Rodeo.

Some riders, like the young man above, chose to ride the sheep like a true bull rider would . . .

But most, as seen here, simply lay down on the sheep’s back and hung on with all their might . . .

Who ever said girls couldn’t ride??

Above, a young rider is filled with pure concentration.

Riding like a pro . . .


Several of the young riders were “bucked” off, but a few – like the young man above and below – simply rode the sheep down to the cheers of the crowd.

And some riders, like the young gentleman above, needed a little help to get going!

A young cowboy loses his grip, above.

And at the end of the night, the cowboy and cowgirl with the best riding times walked away with brand new bicycles, courtesy of Walmart, and gift cards.

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