Want to know what the clues meant? We can tell you . . .

We just had a nice visit with the Official Treasure Hunt Clue Maker, and here’s the Clue Maker’s explanation of this year’s hints . . . (The explanations are in italics!)


Public space, not buried, the treasure is out!

Find it too soon and other hunters will pout!

Don’t trespass; your neighbor is bound to see red. (Part of the fence near where the treasure was found is painted red, says the Clue Maker.)

It’s in plain sight, and it won’t be found over your head. (The Clue Maker tells us that identical icons were attached to all the poles of the Farmers Market pavilion, but only one was marked – thus, the treasure was in “plain sight.”) 


“CTWG,” if you only knew, (The Clue Maker tells us the hope was for the public to think this was a reference to Wilson Garden, but it actually stood for “Crops that we grew,” which is actually a reference to what the community has done for its farmers in creating the Farmers Market.)

Stands for what we’ve done for you.

All ages hunt for treasure . . . lots of fun.

So what’s the big deal about being 21? (The Farmers Market is now 21 years old, says the Clue Maker.)


In June, under arches, couples are wed. (The Farmers Market pavilion is arched, and obviously people are fed through the veggies sold there, the Clue Maker explains.)

Sometimes the same are just fed.

If you win the treasure, it’s more than five bucks, (This is a reference to a sign on the gate near the ball fields which posts an admission fee of $5, says the Clue Maker.)

So here’s to wishing you lots of luck!


East from a tie; A star you’ll find (The “tie” refers to the railroad ties, and “east” and “star” are a reference to the Eastern Star building, the Clue Maker says.)

Searching near may yield treasure dimes.

Once a year, they come and go. (The Farmers Market is open once a year, says the Clue Maker.) Which do you like best?

Fest on the Rails, PurpleHull Pea or Magnolia Blossom Fest? (This clue is a reference not to the county’s festivals, but rather to the railroad tracks near the market and the peas sold there, the Clue Maker explains.)


Somewhere you’ll find a dozen, (There are a dozen poles at the Farmers Market pavilion, the Clue Maker says.)

Looking like identical cousins. (This is a reference to the identical icons attached to the poles, the Clue Maker says.)

If you are near a park that fits the clues, look for BF-TH, Inc.

We should also post the part number: BF-05-2011. (This final clue is a result of the icon makers’ desire for the icon to look like it was part of the pole, as in put there by the pole maker. “BF-TH, Inc.” stands for Blossom Festival – Treasure Hunt, and BF-05-2011 stands for Blossom Festival – May – 2011, says the Clue Maker.)



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