What’s happening at the Columbia County Fairgrounds?

We’ve just returned from a tour of the Columbia County Fairgrounds with our friend Ken Sibley, who shared with us the details of recent improvements made to the fairgrounds’ riding arena, seen above. If you can pull your eyes from that beautiful blue sky, you’ll notice the new lights around the arena – and you may remember that lighting was once lacking at the arena. The lights (and the other repairs pictured and detailed below) are among repairs made to prepare the arena ready for Friday night’s Ultimate Bull Riding event. (The bull riding event will be back again in September for the county fair, by the way!) One thing we should mention about the photo above is the one thing you don’t see – according to Sibley, there was once a power line that passed over the arena. For safety reasons, that line has been buried, he said.

One goal of all the repairs and improvements is to make the fairgrounds available for an even greater range of community events, Sibley said, and we have to agree: the arena is looking fantastic! Continue reading to see more of what’s new at the fairgrounds!

Above, you can see the new bathroom facilities by the arena. There were bathrooms there already, but let’s just say these are MUCH nicer!!

Above, workers do a bit of fine-tuning as they complete the bathrooms. As you can see, there will be three stalls in each.

The concession stand, above and below, also received some fresh paint and concrete. (And again with that gorgeous blue sky!!)

The chutes at the arena received a fresh coat of bright paint, seen above.

One of the best new features at the arena is the new seating, above. As Sibley said, “No more worries about falling through!”

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