A few final words about the Bobo Shinn series . . .

The series about the disappearance of Mary Jimmie ‘Bobo’ Shinn ended in yesterday’s Banner-News, and with its end, we want to tie up a few loose ends for our readers.

First things first: In spite of everything you may have seen on television programs like “CSI,” not every crime scene is drenched in DNA, and that includes Bobo’s case, which didn’t even have a crime scene. We spent a great deal of time discussing that very issue with investigators, and we can tell you here that those who argue that modern forensic testing could answer some of the questions in the case should remember that there was no DNA to test. Investigators had no crime scene, no body, no murder weapon and very few clues – not even a motive. Forensic testing, especially in its modern form, can do amazing things – but only when there’s something to test. In Bobo’s case, there isn’t.

Several readers have also inquired about a Part V to the series, and our answer to that is this: We dream of the day when we can write a Part V because that will be the part that announces that the case has been solved. We hope to someday have the privilege of writing that part of the story.

The general response thus far to the series has been positive (and wide-reaching – we’ve sent copies of the Banner-News to all four corners of the U.S. this week and welcomed a large number of new subscribers). Readers tell us that they’ve learned a few things they didn’t know about the case and/or been dissuaded from an incorrect belief they’ve held for years. But more importantly to us, those readers tell us they’ve been discussing the case with their friends, families and colleagues, and to us, that means that there’s hope that someone will step forward with the missing piece of the puzzle. We think that’s a good thing.

Also special to us have been the memories shared with us by those readers who knew Bobo personally. She’s been described as vivacious, beautiful, smart, personable and any other combination of positive adjectives you can imagine. Though we never had the honor of knowing her, that was the picture we had of her, too, throughout the course of our research.

And as the series about her disappearance concludes, we hope everyone who read the story will come away from it with a renewed interest in the case. To those readers who have faithfully followed every installment in the series, we are so grateful to you for helping to spread the word about it. The more people who read it, the greater the odds that someone will come forward with new information that could bring a resolution to the case.

And that was our overall goal.

Thank you for reading the series.


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