A few more myths you may have heard . . .

You might have heard at one point or another over the years that an area man supposedly confessed on his deathbed to having killed Bobo and putting her body in a well at Mount Holly. “Not true,” says Loe. “She is not down a well in Mt. Holly.”

You may also have heard speculation that Bobo simply “walked away” from Magnolia and her family. That is also very much untrue, Loe and Bobo’s family and friends say. According to her brother, Jay Shinn, Bobo was very close to her family, and according to investigators, there was no reason for Bobo to have done such a thing.

Another rumor is that Bobo was abducted and held for ransom. That rumor is also unfounded, investigators say. The Shinn family never received a ransom request, and there was nothing to ever indicate that her disappearance was an act of “revenge” on her or her family. In fact, in the months after her investigation, her father, Gresham Shinn (now deceased), told a Banner-News reporter that there was no reason to suspect revenge as a motive.

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