Remember William ‘Bill’ Dear?

Many Columbia County residents may recall William “Bill” C. Dear, the high profile private investigator hired in the autumn of 1979 by the Shinn family to investigate the disappearance of Mary Jimmie “Bobo” Shinn. We spent a day with Dear at his Mount Calm, Texas, office – that’s near Waco, for those wondering – and enjoyed digging through his case files and discussing the case with him.

Dear has many fascinating tales to tell, and not just about Bobo’s case. (You’ll get all the details of his investigation into Bobo’s disappearance in today’s Part III.) His office itself tells a few fascinating tales, and we are obliged to include a few photos of it here for those readers who remember him. 

Dear’s office is a renovated bank building, and it definitely catches the eye from the highway, partly because of the gallows in front of it, seen above.

Inside Dear’s office are a number of western-themed mannequins and stuffed wildlife figures.

Dear has had several books published. Here, you see the cover of one of those novels: “O.J. is Guilty, But Not of Murder.” Dear told us during our visit that he has a second book coming out soon on the subject of the Simpson case – in this book, he will pose the theory that the killer was actually Simpson’s son. (We’d also note here that behind Dear’s office and in front of the penned buffalo is the vehicle he believes was used in the crime – it’s Simpson’s son Jeep.)

Dear is well known on the media circuit and has gathered several well-known friends along the way. Here, he is seen with a few movie stars you may recognize.

Above and below are just a few of the thousands of items decorating Dear’s office walls. We found them all quite interesting.


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One Response to Remember William ‘Bill’ Dear?

  1. Geri Lynn Hardy says:

    I vaguely remember William Dear being in Magnolia. I recall that he and his son, Michael, attended First Baptist, where I went, a few times. I knew that he was in town for the Bobo Shinn case. I remember one of my friends telling me that Mr Dear was so rich that he had access to his swimming pool through his bedroom. I was really young then.

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