Can you identify this photo found in Bobo’s car?

This photo of a group of school children was found in Bobo’s car after her disappearance. Investigators are uncertain of its origin. Can you identify it?

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4 Responses to Can you identify this photo found in Bobo’s car?

  1. Carol Best says:

    Obviously Central Elementary School class pic. Every pic taken of classes from early 50′s until ???? had the same backdrop. I was there from 1953 to 1957. Difficult to recognize anyone, odd that there’s not a teacher in pic, they usually posed with their class.

  2. I believe this is a photo of a Magnolia Central Elementary School class. Because of the angle and size I can’t see it clearly, but I think the girl who is second from the left on the second row may be Lydia Little. If so, it is the same year class as Bobo would have been in, although I can’t recognize her in this photo.

  3. Holly Tubbs says:

    Wish you could turn the picture straight and enlarge it. I agree it’s probably Central Elementary and Bobo’s age group – 4th from left on back row is Gary Donohoo. But I don’t see anyone that looks like Bobo in the picture, but hard to tell from the angle.

  4. Beth Rushton says:

    I am in this picture. My name was Beth Baker. It was taken at Central but I do not know which grade. I cannot see the children well enough to know who everyone is.

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