You may have heard it, but that doesn’t make it true . . .

Some of our readers may have heard the rumor through the years that after Bobo’s car was found in the parking lot of Smitty’s, investigators found a single white sock in it. That much is true – as you can see above, that sock has been preserved for more than 30 years in the evidence file of Columbia County Sheriff Mike Loe.

And it’s also true that a green car matching a description given by a witness in the case was found in the woods south of Magnolia late in the summer after her disappearance. (Note: You’ll learn more about that in tomorrow’s article – much, much more.)

What’s NOT true is that investigators found a single white sock, rumored to be the mate of the one found in Bobo’s car, in the green car in the woods. Repeat: If you’ve heard that rumor, dismiss it from your head – there’s no truth in it.

If there’s one thing we learned from Loe in working on this series, it’s that Bobo’s case is surrounded by dozens of such rumors. Loe calls it “case mythology,” and we like that description.

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