Loe: Bobo is not at the ‘Hippy Hut’

The Hippy Hut, pictured above, is an infamous structure located in a rural area of Lafayette County. In recent years, the Hippy Hut has developed a reputation due to its use as a site for secret initiation rituals of local university students, and as a party location for area youths. For decades, the rumor has persisted among some locals that Mary Jimmie ‘Bobo’ Shinn is buried at the Hippy Hut. Not so, says Columbia County Sheriff Mike Loe, who has been the lead investigator on her case since May 1979. Several “digs” have been conducted at the Hippy Hut over the years, and none of them have yielded any results. According to Loe, it’s just one more myth associated with the case.

Stay tuned this afternoon for more photos and inside details about Bobo’s case. We want to wait until the story hits the news stands before we overwhelm our readers with information and photos that won’t make much sense until the story has been read.

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