The official announcement won’t come ’til tomorrow, but . . .

Our Banner-News Blog followers are often privy to information that hasn’t yet been published in our print edition (and vice versa), and today is no different. We won’t make the official announcement until tomorrow in the Banner-News, but we’re providing our faithful Blog followers with an advance link today to OUR NEW FACEBOOK PAGE!

As our readers know, we began making serious changes to the Banner-News, both in content and in design, in February of last year. We started with a general cleanup of our design to improve readability, and then focused on improving and broadening our local news coverage. In January, with those primary objectives completed, we unveiled our new re-design, and once again, we were swamped with positive reader feedback.

Now, we’re ready to take the final step in a plan created almost 14 months ago: To create a social networking presence. It’s a step that we’re making along with our sister publications in El Dorado, Hot Springs and Little Rock because to us, it’s another medium through which we can inform our readers on what’s happening in their community, and like our sister newspapers, we look forward to using it as a sourcing tool for our print edition.

So we proudly invite our readers to ‘like’ us on our new Facebook page – it’s a great way to stay up to the minute on local news and to voice your opinions on issues of local importance!

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