Magnolia Water Utilities has a message for customers

We received the following Customer Service Notice from Robert Baxley, general manager of Magnolia’s Water Utilities Department. We’re happy to pass it on to our readers:

“The Water Utility has encountered numerous water accounts with high water usage in the past months. The majority of these are due to leaking toilets. The flapper valves in the tank leaking through or the water level in the tank too high. We would like to make our customers aware of this potential problem.

“We encourage our customers to regularly check their toilets for any leaks.  We will provide the customer with “dye strips” that can be placed in the toilet tank that will indicate a leakage.”

Water usage fact:     A continuous leak from a 1/16” hole at 60 psi water pressure will waste approximately 24,000 gallons of water per month.

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