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Sorry for the delay in posting this morning, Blog followers – we’re short-handed today, with reporter Dixie Edington off until tomorrow, and sports editor Chris Gilliam off throughout the week! We’re also busy teaching the ropes to our brand new reporter, William Dillon Tripp, whose byline will appear for the first time in today’s Banner-News! Tripp is a December graduate of Southern Arkansas University, and originally hails from Texas – we’re happy to welcome him aboard!

In today’s edition, look for story of the thief who, after stripping a home, a camper and a storage building of wire, found time to “steal” a nap in the camper’s bed! You’ll also find out the details of those arrested by the Magnolia Police Department and Columbia County Sheriff’s Office over the weekend, including a 16-year old juvenile charged with three counts of 2nd degree battery.

Today’s edition also includes an Associated Press story regarding states’ budgets in the face of high unemployment numbers, which we think our readers will find interesting in light of our legislature’s recent battles over budget issues. And speaking of our legislature, look for Rep. Lane Jean’s column on recent House action, and find out the details of the legislators’ discussions of three tax cuts.

Also in today’s edition: the daily dose of Diary, this week’s “Who Am I?” contest entry and last week’s winner; school news; sports; and photos of the developments at the former Kroger location, and sadly, a heartbreaking photo and details of an incident of suspected extreme animal cruelty here in Magnolia.

It’s all in today’s Banner-News! And check out our friends at for additional local news!

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