Waiter arrested for raping child at LR restaurant

We’re sure Blog readers probably read the account in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette of the Little Rock waiter who allegedly raped a 7-year old girl at the restaurant where he works while her family dined.┬áMarco Antonio de la Rosa Gutierrez, 35, who the newspaper reports has been charged with rape, was an employee at Casa Manana.

We include the report here only as a reminder to parents that it’s never a bad idea to walk with your children to the restroom in restaurants, gas stations and retail stores. Even if you only wait for your child outside the restroom door, you not only serve as a deterrent to those who might harm your child, you’ll also be the first to notice when your child doesn’t come out of the bathroom right away. It only takes a moment for a child to be snatched and/or attacked, and we’re of the opinion that it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

We’d also like to add that if you spot a child in an even remotely suspicious situation, you should contact store security and/or law enforcement right away. A moment’s hesitation could have disastrous results in such situations!

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