Magnolia Airport Commission to meet today

We’ve been advised by Magnolia Mayor Parnell Vann’s office that the Magnolia Airport Commission will meet today at 4 p.m. at the airport. We’re excited about the opportunity to visit the airport and to listen to ideas that might enhance its services!

As many of our readers have said in calls to Diary, the airport is often the first location a visitor to Columbia County gets to see. With our location here in the southwestern corner of the state, and no immediate access to interstate highways, many of our visitors arrive by private plane, which means the airport could be perceived as a deal-maker . . . or a deal-breaker . . . when representatives of large companies come into town. A good airport is key to landing some of the larger industries that may be interested in establishing companies here in Columbia County, and we cannot say enough positive things about Mayor Vann’s eagerness in improving the airport.

Stay tuned to the Banner-News Blog today – we’ll be present at the meeting, and we’ll report back to you afterwards with a brief recap of what we learned! And of course, you’ll always be able to find the best details in the Banner-News print edition!

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