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Once again, you’ll find all the local news you’ve been ¬†looking for in today’s edition of the Banner-News, including the details of a county homeowner who frightened away with a weapon two would-be burglars who entered his residence through a window last weekend. The pair, both of whom are from McNeil, are currently in custody of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office. Get the scoop in today’s newspaper!

But there were many more arrests this weekend you’ll want to read about, including the arrests of four non-residents who made the mistake of failing to appear in court in Columbia County. The four, who hail from Camden, Hope, Mt. Holly and Norman, Okla., are now in custody, and the details of their arrests are in today’s Banner-News!

You’ll also enjoy learning why Magnolia Wastewater Department employees are monitoring the smoke pouring out of sewer holes in the city today – it’s certainly an interesting explanation and photo, courtesy of Banner-News reporter Lauren Martin, who happened across the workers and their project while making her beat rounds this morning. Lauren also captured the current construction action underway on Southern Arkansas University’s Farm Road – look for the details in today’s Banner-News!

Also in today’s newspaper: a look at the hurdles for lignite in South Arkansas; the remainder of the Columbia County Circuit Court docket for Thursday; On the Record; the latest Oil and Gas Reports; and of course, the daily dose of Diary!

And of course, there’s much, much more inside, so remember, if you’re not reading the Banner-News, you’re not getting the best local news!

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