Chamber needs nominations for annual awards

We’re proud to pass on the following note from the Magnolia-Columbia County Chamber of Commerce. It’s time again for nominations of community residents for the Chamber’s annual awards, and chamber staff tells us that more nominations are needed. The Chamber also requests that those submitting nominations carefully review the criteria for each award – if you have questions about those criteria, call the Chamber for more details as soon as possible . . . the deadline is looming near!

Would you like to make a nomination?

The 2011 Magnolia-Columbia County Chamber Banquet is quickly approaching and the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce is actively accepting nominations for the following awards….

2011 Citizen of the Year

2011 Public Servant Award

2011 Business Person of the Year

2011 Employee of the Year

2011 Younge Person of the Year

2011 Community Service Award

2011 Business/Industry of the Year

If you are interested in making a nomination for any of the awards listed, please READ THE CRITERIA before making any nominations.

If you would like to submit a nomination, please include on a sheet of paper your name, your contact information, the person/business you are nominating, their contact information, and why you are nominating them for that particular award.

All nominations must be FAXED to the Chamber office by 12:00 noon on Tuesday, February 8th.

If you have any questions, feel free to call the Chamber office at 870-234-4352.

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