Another view of the Bonanza Creek site

Look closely at the above photo . . . if you squint and put your face REALLY close to the screen, you’ll be able to read, ‘Bonanza Creek,’ at the top of the sign.

We sent our reporter Lauren Martin out earlier this week on a mission to secure a photo of the future home of Bonanza Creek. Lauren tells us she had quite the adventure finding the spot, which she did after a great deal of time studying county road maps and driving down gravel back roads.

If you’re interested in trying to find the site yourself, you’re going to want to start going south on Burnt Bridge Road, which will turn into County Road 15. Drive through the Philadelphia community, and then turn onto County Road 204 to your left. Be advised, though, there is no sign for County Road 204. Our reporter shrugged and said, “You just turn there.” (As a better description, she thinks it is the first left after the church.)

After passing it several times, she spotted the above sign and made out the tiny Bonanza Creek wording. You can find an actual photo of the dirt work underway at the site in today’s Banner-News!

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